Jack and Lee 12

Do you know how you become an assassination architect?

By not training to be an assassination architect.

How do you become an actor?

By not training to be an actor.

You can only be yourself and go where life leads you. If it leads you to be an actor, you’re an actor.

If it leads you to be an assassination architect, you’re an assassination architect.

Your  life and your experience elects you to be what you are.

No one can steal that.

Ulysses Grant said something similar. He said the office elects the man.

That is so true.

Such peace of mind comes with this.

 If I had tried to be an assassination architect, it would’ve taken me longer.

I was born to do this job.

I was born to kill the President.

Of course, I can’t go around telling people that.

So when I talk to Lee or the other people I use, I don’t tell them what the goal is.

I give them false objectives. They think they’re doing something else.

Ha ha.




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