Jack and Lee 12

Lee was known to us.

I think I may have even run across him a time or two when I was serving in Europe.

A bright boy he was.

You wouldn’t know it by looking at him or listening to him talk.

He had perfected the persona of white trash.

It’s the little touches that make the difference.

Like saying aks instead of ask.

That’s the embellishment a good undercover operative needs.

As an aficionado of good magic I can appreciate a nice flourish.

It’s like adding picante to your entree.

I liked Lee.

He was just a kid when I first met him, only 22.

He was staying in Fort Worth; I was holed up in Big D.

Sometimes we’d meet at a local restaurant, but mostly we met at at the Y.

The Y was safer.

The Y was ours.

As well as other organizations.

Check out history, my friend.

I was Lee’s handler.  He would report to me.




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