EU and US

Does the US really really want the EU to succeed?

Or does it just say that it does?

Is the US really broken up over Brexit?

Brexit benefits the US.

Maybe the US wants to hem in Europe with Great Britain as it hems in Asia with Japan.

Why would the US want a competitor in a unified Europe?

As a regular American, I would want a unified strong Europe for many reasons, first being that a unified Europe would have prevented the US from monkeying around in the Middle East.

That would have saved me a lot of money. My leaders would not have been able to rip me off by printing up money at the Fed.

Instead of war which was does not benefit me, my country could’ve invested in infrastructure.

Alas, my American leaders do not think like me.

My American leaders are a greedy lot.

And so they play games with people.

I think they only want the EU to succeed to the point where they can make a lot of money.

They see a common market as an easy way to make a lot of bucks.

Unfortunately, the common market brings much strength to Europe. And this my American leaders do not want.

My American leaders want their cake and eat it too.

And so they will fuck around with Europe to keep it strong but not too strong.

This is a bad thing for me.

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved.

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