What The Cowboys Need To Do

First, Jerry, it’s not the other team’s job to lay down for you and give you a Super Bowl victory.

It’s a tough league, sport, and you need to man up and recognize that.

That’s your first strike.

Second, you can’t humiliate people in public like you did with Jason Garrett a week ago. The George S. Patton school of management doesn’t work. You think by slapping that soldier around, you can inspire him to do better? You can’t.

That’s strike two.

Third, you’re too nice a guy, Jerry. You don’t discipline effectively. You don’t want to be the bad guy, so what you do is under-discipline, get frustrated, then deliver an some aggressive statement like you did last week. It doesn’t work. You have to discipline firmly, quietly and consistently.

When Wade Phillips was the coach and Dez Bryant didn’t carry the veterans pads during his first training camp, you didn’t send Dez Bryant home. That was a mistake. When Zeke Elliott went down to Cabo San Lucas and wouldn’t honor his contract, you should have sent him home. You didn’t. That too was a mistake. A contract is a contract.

You caved.

So what the players learned was that Jerry is too soft. They’ve learned that they can get away with acts of petty selfishness.

It’s a team, bub, not a collection of individuals.

Strike three, yer out.

I could stop here and say no more but you need an education.

Here’s the bottom line. Your players just aren’t all that. You talk as if they’re the greatest players in the league. They’re not, not the way you’re disciplining them.

An effective management team turns B players into A players. An ineffective management team turns B players into C players.

Dak has trouble hitting secondary and tertiary receivers. Yet you throw more than you run. Why would you do that when you have two fine running backs plus a quarterback who can run? You don’t even know your team. You should be using these guys in at least 1:1 or 2:1 run/pass ratio – and heavily with screen and play action passes added in for good measure.

Your team needs the right identity and quick. That’s your job, dude: setting the identity and scope of the team.

Right now, I don’t see it.

Hurry, Jerry. The fans are waiting.

Copyright 2019 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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