Dear Jerry

It’s not Jason Garrett’s fault.

It’s an attitude problem, and it’s organizational.

That’s right, you heard me.

You and the Cowboys have an attitude problem.

As stated before in another epistle, you and the Cowboys think you are all that.

You think that the rest of the league has to lay down for you because you believe yourselves to be America’s Team.

You’re not. That was an illusion that was created by Tex Schramm and Pete Rozelle. Brent Musburger more than anyone else helped this myth along. He was its chief promulgator.

The problem, Jerry, is that so many Cowboy fans along with you bought into this lie.

You’ve come to believe your own press clippings.

Helping this along were the five Super Bowl victories.

You got spoiled.

And lazy.

You now consider yourself football royalty.

You expect to be treated like royalty.

You expect the rest of the teams in the NFL to comply and lay down before you.

But they don’t.

They get out there and work their asses off, whereas your players don’t work nearly as hard.

Sure, your players have the talent, but talent alone in this league won’t make it.

You need to work. You need to be alert. You need to hustle.

That’s what’s missing in the Cowboys.

It’s an organizational problem. It involves the players, the coaches and most importantly you.

You all need to get off your asses and start working.

The blame game is over.

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