The Evil Nature of Tom Hanks

I have written before of Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and their stories of the coronavirus.

 I do not believe that either had the coronavirus in March of 2020.

I believe that Tom Hanks is a corporate shill. I believe that Tom Hanks will do what Corporate America wants him to do. 

And why will Tom Hanks do what Corporate America wants him to do? Because Tom Hanks still wants to make movies.

So Tom Hanks has once again come forward to regale us with his coronavirus story. Only this time, he has given us more information.

Good. I like more information.

What we have learned from this latest article is that he has type two diabetes and a stent in his heart.


Does it seem likely that someone who has a stent in his heart, type two diabetes, and crippling cramps will get down on the floor of the hospital room and do exercises?

Remember, Mr. Hanks stated that while in the hospital in Australia, he got down on the floor of the hospital room and did exercises.  These exercises winded him. 

I suppose it’s possible he did get down on the floor. People can be stupid.

It’s just that I’ve never seen this in 35 years of taking care of patients, and I don’t think Tom Hanks is this stupid.

Of course, I don’t think our politicians are stupid either. But as I have been reminded by my medical biller: “Yes, they are that stupid.”

So maybe Tom Hanks is stupid.

Well, he certainly is stupid if he thinks he can get away with this shtick over time. He may derive short term gain, but the pain is coming. His day of reckoning is not immediately at hand, but it is near enough.  

I figure it will take ten years for this cultural revolution to play out, but Mr. Hanks will most likely be alive in ten years to be punished for his transgressions.

Ten years comes in the blink of an eye.

Now, there’s something else about Tom Hanks’s latest revelation that is interesting. He alludes to the amazing cramps that he suffered.

The cramps do not occur out of the blue. The latest thinking by our men of science is that the cramps are caused by the body’s immune response to the virus. I would imagine that if Tom Hanks had crippling cramps there must’ve been a sufficient load of virus in his system.

I would find it extremely unlikely that he would have crippling cramps without any fever.

And yet, he minimizes the amount of fever he experienced.

Also, I would not think you would have a huge immune response unless there was sufficient damage to the tissues of the body. Remember, it is the damage to the tissues that causes the immune response. The immune response does not occur independently of damage to the body.

And yet, we see Tom Hanks performing admirably on Saturday Night Live only one month after the coronavirus.

What do you think, soldier?

I don’t think Tom Hanks had the coronavirus at all.

I think he is a corporate shill who was used to sell the disease because everyone trusts him. I think Corporate America knows this, and I think he knows this as well.

Shame on him.

His father was an itinerant cook who supported young Tom Hanks no doubt by working in small mom and pop restaurants that were and are the life blood for many ordinary Americans who work there hoping that one day their own children might succeed beyond them.  

Well, not any more.


Archer Crosley, MD

PS. I did not post the original article regarding Tom Hanks on this site, but on YouTube.  I will endeavor to post that article here.



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