Impure Thought

The current thinking coming from lofty places such as DC and New York City is that we the people were of impure thought. 

That’s what Dr. Fauci is peddling.

It is because of our behavior that the lockdown was not a success. 

On the contrary, the lockdown was a stupid idea right from the beginning. It is typical communist behavior to blame the people when silly policies from the Politburo don’t work. 

Aha, you see collectivization didn’t work. It’s the people’s fault they are starving.

Yes, I think Joe Stalin must have thought that.

No, Dr. Fauci, it’s your fault.

Which one of us did not obey the law?

Every one of us wore our face mask. We went further than that. We voluntarily agreed to sacrifice our livelihoods, our businesses.  

We sacrificed our daily pleasures.

Who did not obey the law?

Yes, even teenagers obeyed the law – millions of them.

And yet, the surge is our fault.

Fortunately, the panic that is gripping the nation today is unjustified.  One only needs to do the math.

In Texas we have 3,340 deaths, many of which were falsely padded in through federal incentives in order to jack up the panic.

When you look at the average daily death rate in Texas, you can see that 639 people will die on any given day. Over the past 103 days of lockdown beginning on April 1, we can expect that 65,817 should have died.

Dividing 3340 x 65,817 yells a percentage of 5%.

Does a 5% increase in deaths, assuming that all these deaths can be attributed to the coronavirus, seem like a crisis to you?

Not to me.

But since you  may believe it to be, let us follow that argument.

If we do have a surge, it is not because we were impure of thought. It is because your notion of lowering the  R0 value, Dr. Fauci, was flawed.  

Given that the coronavirus is not going away, hiding inside our house was never a viable option.

What was a viable option was the pathway you chose not to take.

What we should’ve done was stick to basic epidemiological principles, the principles that have been followed for the past 100 years.

And what are those principles?

Protect the elderly.

Quarantine the sick.

Protect the immunocompromised.

Allow the healthy to get on with their lives so as to promote herd immunity.

But our highly educated know-nothings from the Ivy League, who presume to know more than the rest of us, chose to use a designer boutique solution to solve the problem.

What the professors did was write down the following observation:  When epidemics are contained, the R0 value drops.

Then they reversed the observation and concluded:  If we lower the R0 value, we can contain the epidemic.


Big Mistake.

Life doesn’t work that way.

Tails don’t wag dogs; dogs wag tails.

In a nutshell, that is why the lockdown is a failure; that is why the next lockdown will be a failure.

When you lock people up in their houses, the virus doesn’t go away. The virus waits outside the door until the people come out.

Alas, this is not the first time that academics have fiddled with the lives of the American people.

It seems as if every generation gets to receive the fruits of Ivy League brilliance.

My mother who is still alive at 94 has seen three such occurrences.

The first occurrence was when FDR was convinced by his braintrust to raise prices of goods by creating artificial shortages.  The thinking was that low prices were causing the Depression.  Forget about fear; forget about the increased fear engendered by raising prices.  The thinking was that by raising prices vendors would have more money with which to employ people. 

Naturally, this policy did not work.  It did not work because it was not in accordance with reality and how people think.  Dogs wag tails; tails do not wag dogs.  Fear wags price.  Price does not wag fear.

The second occurrence took place in Vietnam where Robert McNamara noted that a characteristic of wars successfully fought was that the winning side generally killed more men and won more battles.  Our Harvard genius, Bozo Bob, then decided that if we killed more people and won more battles, why then surely the war would be won.


Big Mistake.

Life doesn’t work that way. War doesn’t work that way.

There is a lot more to winning a war than killing people and winning battles – as any experienced general can tell you.

By fighting the Vietnam war this way, Bozo Bob made our enemy stronger.  By burning villages and killing people, two million of them, McNamara only strengthened our enemy’s resolve.

And so what the North Vietnamese did was wait.  And wait, And wait.

Americans couldn’t wait in Vietnam forever.

And we didn’t.

Yes, our men killed more of their men than they did of ours.

Yes, our men won more battles.

But we lost the war.

We lost the war because the strategy was flawed, as it is today when battling the coronavirus.

The lost battle we see today against the coronavirus isn’t the fault of the people any more than the loss of the Vietnam war was the fault of our soldiers.

Yet, our impotent leaders blamed the soldiers then even as they blame the people today.

Losers always do.

Losers, which is what our leaders are, never accept responsibility.

They always blame the other guy.



Archer Crosley, MD

McAllen, TX 

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Copyright 2020   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved



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