The Slaves of California

Today the state of California ruled that children will not go to public school, that they must engage in on-line classes.

Forget the facts.

Forget the AAP’s recommendation that children will do better in school.

Forget about the social isolation and depression that tele-education engenders.

Forget about the incredibly low risk children have of suffering death from the coronavirus.

Children may not attend school.

Its Lord Governor and royal ruling elite have spoken.

Truly the state of California is broken as it has proven time and again.

Whether you look at CalPERS, the homeless, the mismanaged forests, its broken electrical grid, the soon to be de-platformed farmlands, California is broken.

Let’s not even talk about its runaway gang factory.

California is broken because there is no true representation in the state of California.

There exists taxation without representation.

Mob rule is king.

Currently 80 assemblyman and 40 senators represent 40 million Californians. That yields one assemblyman for every 500,000 people and one senator for every million people.

Under such a system it is not possible for the assemblyman or senator to meet with his or her constituents in a meaningful way.

Because he or she can not do so, the star-struck representative meets with lobbyists, activists and Hollywood celebrities.

There is always plenty of time for Jay-Z.

Thus the representative grows further away from his constituents.

To bridge the gap, plebiscites are initiated to hear the “will of the people.”

In California they call them propositions.

These propositions, the more contentious ones, descend into political sporting events where the opinion makers financed by Corporate America usually win the day.

Public opinion, mob rule really, is pretty easy for Corporate America to shape, especially with a landslide of Holly-puppets ready to do their bidding.

And so with their puppets in a row, Corporate America sets the policy under which the Cali-slaves must live.

This is a horrible way to rule.

It is horrible because an informed electorate is not deciding the issue.

Who is carrying the day is an uninformed mob herded into the cattle pen of corporate opinion.

Cleverly so.

Corporate America controls the newspapers; Corporate America controls the radio stations; Corporate America controls the Internet; Corporate America controls the celebrities.

What appears to be a consensus of opinion is no consensus at all – although the clueless representatives seem to think so.

What exists is a false consensus among opinion makers controlled by Corporate America.

Now, if California truly cared about its citizens it would empower them.

One way to achieve that would be to allow the citizen to speak to his assemblyman again. 

Now, of course this cannot be done directly because the assemblyman simply cannot meet with 500,000 citizens.

But, it is possible for the citizen to meet and know the man who can know his assemblyman.

This can be achieved if we divide each assemblyman’s district into nine subdistricts – each with an elected sub-assemblyman.

Each citizen would then get to know his sub-assemblyman who in turn would elect his assemblyman.

In this manner, the Californian would know the man who would know the man.

This would allow better communication between the people on the farm and the high and mighty who, better tethered to the people, would no longer be so high and mighty.

Better ideas would gravitate to the top.

The assemblyman would have a better sense of his people’s needs.

He might be tempted to listen to them in preference to Bono, Clooney or BLM.

Who knows what good may happen.

Maybe children might one day be able to return to school.




Archer Crosley, MD

McAllen, TX

Monday, July 13, 2020

Copyright 2020   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved


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Did you like the column? How about a buck? Thanks much.


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Did you like the column? How about a buck? Thanks much.


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Did you like the column? How about a buck? Thanks much.


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