Fragile Unhealthy World

We are living inside a bad dream. This world is not happening. This world cannot be happening.

The world has gone unhealthy.

We have the coronavirus. We have hundreds of thousands of deaths. We have Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci.

Let’s not forget the hysterical governor of New York – the canary in the coal mine.

Businesses have collapsed. The economy is destroyed worldwide.

Restaurants may never recover.

At the same time that the economy is being destroyed on Main Street, the bozos at CNBC are whooping it up with every new stock market high.

Did I forget the George Floyd riots? Did I forget the Kenosha riots?

Hey, baby, we’re not even talking about Donald Trump.

But now, comes the most bizarre act of all.

Comes a comedian named Elon Musk with his Neuralink demonstration.

He’s fun to watch, but I was ready for some serious science.

He shows up with three pigs. One of them has a brain implant. As the pig moves its snout around the pen, we hear a series of beeps. It sounds like a Geiger counter.

Then Elon, with a straight face, shows us the implant up close. The movie, Alien, comes to mind. The device looks like a cross between a battery and a squid.

The audience of masked zombies nod as if this is the new normal.

Even scarier is the device that is going to implant this thing into our heads.

Will we will sit in this contraption in an upright position?

It looks like a giant milkshake mixer with a spike.

Elon, sans mask, assures us not to worry, that the operation will be over within an hour or so. Then we will be able to go home.

Umm, will there be a neurosurgeon?

Shouldn’t there be a neurosurgeon?


Is anyone there?

This computerized device will implant a control chip and battery near the vertex of our skull and then snake these “wires” into specific neurons somewhere in the deepest recesses of our brain.

This is Elon‘s vision for the future.

As I’m watching this, I’m thinking to myself: What is the purpose of this implant? What does it hope to achieve?

One of the guest automatons in the audience asks a similar question.

Elon gives a pretty good answer. He says that this could be used for people with spinal cord injuries. A person could think a thought, a neuron would be activated, and this would send a signal to another device that would be located on the spine. This device located on the spine would then be hooked up to a nerve ending that would control a muscle.

This technology would then act as a neural bridge.

It sounds like a workable idea if you were living in a nightmare which we are.

But how about a healthy world?

In a healthy world we might want to ask some questions.

In the world where people wear facemasks on government whim, asking questions might be a dangerous undertaking.

One obvious question might be why the person would have to think the thought. Why couldn’t the person just activate the sequence by saying: Move right leg?

Shouldn’t we get that down first before we implant stuff into the brain?

Other questions might be: Where are you going to do this operation? And who’s going to supervise it? Who will handle the complications?

Since we aren’t pigs, what are the complications? Will there be an increased risk of seizures? Will we be doing more harm than good?

Don’t neurosurgeons have enough on their hands with VP shunts?

Since you, Elon, brought up the example of a neural bridge for people with spinal cord injuries, are there any animal studies to suggest that this might work?

Lastly but not least-ly, do we have any good theories as to where thought begins and resides?

Do we even know where and how memory resides. How about complex motor routines? If we don’t then are we wasting our time and money?

Maybe what we need is more basic science and less applied science.

Ah, but all is not lost.

While Elon’s stated vision may be far off, we do know that such a device could be used to deliver pain to an individual, especially one who does not conform.

And that notion does not seem fantastic or out of line with what we are experiencing today.

We are living in a bad dream, and Elon Musk is part of that bad dream. He, like Gates and the rest of the well-heeled utopians, is an overpaid billionaire who has too much time on his hands and not enough thought or experience in his mind.

If Musk, Gates and the rest go unchecked we will pay the price.

They’re unhealthy.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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