Poor Choices

Why did the Kenosha riots occur? Was it just a matter of shooting Jacob Blake?


The Kenosha riots were a long time coming.

They were inevitable.

The Kenosha riots are a culmination of four decades of poor choices in the United States of America.

You are only as good as the choices you make in life. If you make poor choices, poor results will ensue.

These poor choices began with the outsourcing of jobs beginning in the 1980s. We permitted greedy people to buy family and regional manufacturing concerns with junk bonds, bundle them together, lay off employees, sell the factory parts, and then ship jobs to China.

This translated into immense wealth for corporate raiders and the people at Bain Capital. Mitt Romney and Carl Icahn made a fortune as did others.

But what about the people who were laid off?

Since the best alternative to welfare is a steady job, it was a mathematical certainty that eliminating jobs would lead to increased welfare.

As we would say back in the 60s: “No shit, Sherlock.”

Because welfare strips the soul of dignity, we could have predicted that increased drug use was right around the corner.

And so it came in the form of crack cocaine.

The introduction of crack cocaine into the black community by Colombian drug dealers was enabled by our own Central Intelligence Agency. This was documented by Gary Webb in his Dark Alliance series in the San Jose Mercury News.

Mr. Webb was talking about the importation of drugs into Los Angeles, but why should the CIA have stopped there? It seems logical that they would’ve imported these drugs into every black community in the United States. Whether they went to every city and did it or ran the whole operation through LA is immaterial. It was done.

It was also about this time that Corporate America got into building and supplying prisons. They saw prisons as a cash cow.

With the elimination of manufacturing jobs in the United States, small communities were eager for business. The prison system provided that business. Instead of people making productive items like glassware and textiles, they would now guard each other.

Oh, but where would the prisoners come from?

Well, they would come from the black community that was being devastated by drugs.

Gradually the black community descended into chaos and disorder as more black youth became incarcerated or addicted to drugs. Gangs grew in force.

Many people in the black community recognized this. Movies were made about this growing danger. The movie New Jack City arrived in the 1990s detailing what was going on.

Ditto to Boyz n the Hood.

A siege mentality begin to develop within the black community as its members could sense that something was wrong, that outside forces were in play.

When people feel that they are under siege, as they were, they begin to circle the wagons. They begin to dissociate from the culture at large. Thus the rise of ebonics; thus the rise of rap and hip-hop music which focused on the violence that was ravaging the black community.

Increasingly the music from the black community became violent and dark. Prior to 1980 artists such as Barry White, the Stylistics, The O’Jays, and Smokey Robinson sang of love. The hip-hoppers and rappers didn’t sing of love at all. They sang of bitches, whores, Compton, crack, and guns. This transformation was eagerly aided and abetted by Corporate America whose music industry promoted this type of music. The clothing industry also controlled by Corporate America helped by making thug-wear.

Hollywood thought gang life was cool and began to increasingly glamorize it. White kids began copying the gang culture, flashing gang signs and even changing their voice patterns.

This phenomenon went worldwide.

Meanwhile in the inner city young black kids born after 1980 assimilated the gang culture into their bones. Gang life and gang speak became normal. What resulted was this odd phenomenon in which the parents born in the 50s and 60s spoke the King’s English while their kids could barely utter a coherent sentence – usually slurred and populated heavily by the f-word.

Rapidly gangs began to take over the inner city. Drugs became business, practically the only business.

Other legitimate businesses moved out. Nobody felt safe there.

The people who remained found themselves in a hopeless situation; and this is where we find ourselves today in the black community.

The community has been totally devastated.

Rage and violence are now the norm in the black community. This is stoked by race hustlers who work on behalf of Corporate America. Corporate America is invested in keeping the rage and the violence going. Corporate America is invested in keeping the rage going precisely because Corporate America makes too much money off the impoverishment of the black community.

If the black community prospered, how would the prison system prosper? It wouldn’t. No prisoners equals no prisons.

If the black community prospered, what would happen to the Marxist welfare racket and patronage system that exists within the inner city?

If the black community prospered what would happen to the drug trade?

There is a built-in incentive to keep the system going the way it is. There is too much money in it for Corporate America to change it.

Yes, there is systemic racism in the United States, but it’s not coming from your average white guy who lives in some small little town in the middle of Pennsylvania. No, the racism is coming from Corporate America and their thug agency the CIA.

Cui bono?

Corporate America. That’s who.

That’s why Corporate America backs up Black Lives Matter. They know that if they keep the rage going in the black community, the black people will never focus on education.

We made a poor choice in this country by allowing corporations to grow too big. That was a huge mistake.

We became enthralled with the stock market. As clueless CNBC hosts whooped it up with every new high in the stock market, we invested and became excited. Everybody became a day trader. My sister became a day trader. As we invested, the stock price jumped, and the CEOs started thinking.

The CEOs realized that they could buy up other corporations with junk bonds and then award themselves hundreds of thousands if not millions of stock options out of thin air. They begin to stack the board room in order to rip off the shareholder. Mergers soon became the order of the day.

We never should have allowed these corporations to merge. We never should have allowed them to get too big – certainly not too big to fail.

We now have giant corporations that dominate our lives. We have failed to regulate them. We have failed to break them up.

These behemoths exist in every facet of our lives. They dominate us in banking, real estate, commerce, farming, entertainment, food, healthcare, transportation and communication. The internet and the use of the smart phone has enabled them to extend their range and power.

Together they are an unelected monarch that rules us. We didn’t intend for this to happen, but it did happen.

The internet giants in Palo Alto through their artificial intelligence can now control every news story we see. If they desire to foment a riot, they can do it by pushing a particular story to the front page. The celebrities they control can be counted on to comment. They can make Americans believe or do anything they want them to believe or do.

They can even make us believe that we Americans are the racists who caused this to happen.

Well, they are half- right. We did cause this.

We have made poor choices, and we are still making poor choices.

As long as we continue to make these poor choices, the riots in Kenosha will continue.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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