The Price of Conformity

When I was a boy we asked ourselves in school how the German people could have been conned into going along with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

This question is asked today.

How could the German people possibly have gone along?

Accompanying this was the self-confident notion that we Americans were better and that such a thing could never happen here in the United States.

Well, it can happen here, and it is happening here.

We are now getting a first class education and experience in how the German people were convinced to go along with Nazi junk science and its hatred of the Jews.

Apparently it wasn’t difficult at all for the Nazis to get people to conform.

Indeed, you can get people to believe in just about anything if you have a media and a pack of compliant celebrities that are willing to indoctrinate people.

This indoctrination occurs in every day events such as entertainment and sports.

We can see this today on television as we watch the NFL on its first day of action.

We see broadcasters alone by themselves in front of a camera wearing a face mask.

Up in the booth, we can see an assistant coach all by himself wearing a face mask.

We can see umpires on the field out in the open air by themselves wearing face masks.

Never mind that the players are not wearing facemasks in the huddle, the umpire must wear a face mask.

He must wear that facemask in order to sell the facemask to you.

Wearing the face mask has nothing to do with science or workability but propaganda and indoctrination.

The purpose of the facemask is to invite you to go along.

First the government will start with a simple request, then it will graduate to something more serious.

First they will invite you to wearing a face mask, then they will invite you report on people not wearing a face mask.

It’s all about the public safety.

In time they will ask you to arrest people not wearing a face mask in order to protect the public safety.

Eventually they will ask you to kill people who the government deems a threat to public safety.

Just as Hitler asked the Germans for permission to kill the Jews in order to protect the public safety so our leaders will select a group here to be killed in order to protect the public safety.

So you think it can’t happen here? It is happening here.

People place a premium on conformity.

People value conformity over confrontation.

Your leaders have exploited that human tendency to get you to go along with their programs.

They are already implementing critical race theory in the upper levels of government and corporate America.

They will ask you to go along with that also.

The employment of critical race theory will demonize white people because they are white.

The effects of that should be obvious.

Little by little we walk miles.

Little by little we learn that we aren’t so different from other peoples and nations that have lost their sense of right and wrong.

Little by little we learn the price to be paid by simply going along.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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