The Empire Strikes Back

So Neil Young and Joni Mitchell are opposed to Joe Rogan. Check it out.

They don’t like what he has to say about COVID-19.

Remember, boys and girls, be stupid and obey.

Your government knows best.

When Ike told you to get under a desk when a nuclear weapon hit, he knew what he was talking about.

Likewise, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Scott Gottlieb speak the truth. There is no need to listen to anyone else.

Your government will now control the vertical; your government will now control the horizontal. Do not adjust your television set.

You know, when I was a boy, people like Joni Mitchell and Neil Young were against “The Man.”

They were part of the generation who said: Never trust anyone over 30.

I guess they were talking about their future selves.


Archer Crosley

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Studies Gone Wrong

Here’s a study from early of last year.

Many academics are pointing to this study as a reason to use the face mask. According to them the face mask increases the humidity of your airway.

They claim it does so because the mask traps water vapor which is then breathed back in to your lungs. Now, the reason they did the study is because they noted that people who live in moist humid environments have a lesser chance of contracting COVID-19 or experiencing the serious side effects of COVID-19.

Of course, this was already known during the first SARS epidemic; there was nothing new in knowing that humidity protected people, although you wouldn’t have known that from our government who failed to protect people when the pandemic began in 2020.

All Dr. Fauci had to do was tell you to turn off your air conditioner. He could have encouraged the elderly to move to a more humid environment. He could have encouraged people to purchase room humidifiers. I don’t remember him doing any of that.

In this study, individuals breathed into a box with a mask and without a mask.

What they discovered was that the humidity of the box went down when people wore a mask.

The researchers thus concluded that the mask would retain and increase humidity in the lungs.

This makes sense. If we aren’t wearing a mask and we are breathing into a box, the box then becomes an extension of our lungs. Of course the humidity will rise.

The problem with translating this experiment to the real world is that we don’t walk around with a box around our face.

When we walk, we walk at approximately 2 to 3 mph. it’s also likely that we’re encountering a wind current of another 2 to 5 mph. If we are walking outside we are also encountering the sun. Remember the sun? It’s that round thing in the sky that’s hot.

The sun and the wind tend to have a drying effect on the mask which will decrease markedly the water vapor that is retained within the mask. It’s very similar to placing a wet bath towel over a tub at night. You come back in the morning and the towel is magically dry.

Taking this into account, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me that the mask is having the effect on humidity to the degree that they think it does. If you want to increase the humidity in your lungs, you’re probably better off by drinking a glass of water. Better yet, turn off the air conditioner.

So what’s the take home message?

A) Be careful about extrapolating studies to a real world experience. B) Many medical academics (not all) are often lazy thinkers and repeaters who are there to go along, get through the day, and make a few bucks.

Furthermore in our modern era, too much grant money is at stake for the professor to be truly objective. What is happening today in academia borders on extortion: Say what I want you to say, and I’ll leave you alone.

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COVID-19 and Governor DeSantis and I

What is the goal of CNN?

Read this. Watch this.

This is a very clever story and headline intended to damage Governor DeSantis. However, the video in no way undermines Governor DeSantis. Nor does the doctor in the video in anyway undermine natural immunity as a pathway toward becoming immune to the severe side effects of COVID-19 in subsequent infections. If you listen to the doctor carefully in the beginning, he doesn’t answer the question that is posed to him.

What people want to know is whether natural immunity is as good as the vaccine in preventing subsequent COVID-19 infections and subsequent severe infections with COVID-19. As a physician, and as a person who has studied this pandemic, I would think it would be.

Now, this does not mean that a variant cannot cause disease in either a person with natural immunity or a person who has been vaccinated. Clearly this has been borne out already.

The doctor in the video begins talking about the number of Omicron infections in Floridaas if this is supposed to be an indictment of Governor DeSantisand natural immunity. Why would this be? To begin with, Florida has a healthy percentage of people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19. So what is the doctors point?

He has no argument that can be fairly used against Governor DeSantis.

Here are the stats state by state. Read ’em and weep.

Florida’s vaccination rate is 74 and 63 for the first and second vaccine. Needless to say the People’s Republic of Massachusetts leads the way with 90 and 74.

California, another bastion of intolerance has rates barely better than Florida at 82 and 66. Pennsylvania has rates of 78 and 63.

So where is the beef? What in fuck’s name is this doctor talking about?

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Omicron and Air Travel

Now, of course, if you have read any one of my articles, you know that there’s no rationale to cutting air traffic because of the pandemic.

The virus is no more spread within a jet cabin than it is anywhere else. And that’s because the virus spreads by hand contact. The virus is not spread by respiratory droplet transmission. That’s just something that the elites have conned you into believing.

You have COVID-19, you cough on your hands, you shake hands or exchange money or a credit card with others, they pick up food and put the virus on the food, then they swallow the food, then the virus is in their system.

That’s how it works.

Your mask is virtually worthless in preventing the spread of COVID-19. What will work is washing your hands. If you haven’t noticed, there have been no super-spreader events (a phony term propagated by the New England Journal of Corporate, Fascist, Tbird Reich Medicine) reported on jet airplanes in the past two years. This is not because of mask wearing. The idea that everybody who traveled on a plane had 100% efficiency in mask compliance is utterly ridiculous. It would mean that no one adjusted their mask, no one snuck off their mask while they were asleep, no one took off their mask while they were in the bathroom, and nobody took off their mask to eat or slosh down a beer.

We’ll, of course they did. So then why haven’t there been any superspreader events? Because that’s not how the virus transmits.

The mask is worthless. The studies on mask use and transmission are worthless.

If viruses are spread on an aircraft, and they most certainly are, but in no greater frequency than anywhere else, it has to do with the lack of enforcement of handwashing and use of hand sanitizer on an aircraft.. The flight attendants don’t to help by passing out cokes and peanuts to customers. Customers and flight attendants regularly transmit the virus through credit card and food package exchange. The latex gloves are worthless because they aren’t changed between customers.

OK, then, Archer, then why don’t we see superspreader events? We don’t see superspreader events because the people go home, get off the plane, go about their business, and might get sick another day. Who’s to know where their illness came from? Plus, not everybody eats on a jet. Not everybody eats without washing their hands first.

The term superspreader events exists for the authorities to jack up the fear.. They don’t occur and haven’t occurred in COVID-19.

The term superspreader event came after Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation. It was an outdoor event. The flag in the background was moving at anywhere from 2 to 5 mph.. There’s no way on earth respiratory droplet transmission caused that so-called superspreader event. If there was a superspreader event, it occurred because the people were eating hors d’oeuvres and didn’t wash their hands. Got it?

In summary, there is no reason to cancel jet travel because of the Omicron variant. It’s just part of the bullshit.

Some clown who the elites hired borrowed this term Omicron from the Greek letter “O” because it sounded ominous and cool.

It’s all designed to scare the shit out of you for one reason or another.

The elites want this pandemic badly.


Archer Crosley

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COVID-19, What’s Next?

What’s going to happen with the pandemic?

Lately the authorities have been talking about the Omicron variant.

They’ve been sending out mixed messages.

On the one hand, they talk about the devastating effects of the upcoming pandemic with the new variant.

In the same breath they say that the Omicron variant may portend the end of the pandemic.

They’re talking out of both sides of their mouth.

Bill Gates is talking this way.

Anthony Fauci is talking this way.

It’s confusing, isn’t it?

So what will happen?

Well, whatever happens, it will happen the way the elites decide it will happen. Nobody, outside the cabal, including me, can predict the future.

I can tell you this though: Harvard and Yale have deferred in-person school attendance until the spring.

This is an ominous sign.

It’s not an ominous sign that the pandemic will be real.

It’s an ominous sign that the authorities are going to manufacture a fake pandemic for another nine months.

I hope it isn’t so, but I fear that it might be.

Let’s face it: the authorities can’t afford for both Harvard and Yale to look stupid – even though they are.

This is one of the elites’ weaknesses. They have to project the superiority of their phony schools.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that it will happen this way. But it’s a good bet that it will.

Are there any other signs that indicate that we are in for more nonsense after the holidays are over?

Remember, the pandemic didn’t begin in the United States until March of 2020.

So there’s still plenty of time for the elites to manufacture a pandemic.

Never mind the fact that the Omicron virus has been with us for sometime now.

Here’s something you should know: pandemics don’t work this way.

I think I’ve told you that before.

When a highly infectious pandemic spreads around the world, it spreads within weeks.

It doesn’t take a Chinese junk around the world.

In other words, if we haven’t had a massive pandemic by now, in a real world, it isn’t going to happen.

The only way a massive pandemic can happen now is if the pandemic is a fake.

But let’s get back to the question. Are there any other signs that indicate that we are in for rough times ahead?

To know this, we have to look at what Corporate America is doing.

We should take our lead from Corporate America to see what the phony elite are planning.

I suspect that if the elites are going to put a phony resurgence upon us once again, we will start to see mask mandates within corporate-owned enterprises.

If we see celebrities beginning to tell people to stay at home, this will be an ominous sign.

I’ve noticed a few commercials on this already.

Let’s see if the elites ratchet this up.

Already, we’ve seen a lot of sports personalities getting COVID-19. Remember, it was the sports personalities who initially contracted COVID-19 back in 2020.

If we are to see a ratcheting up of the pandemic, look for this to begin after the holidays beginning in mid to late January with full ballistic status in mid to late February.

Will they be able to do this and get away with it?

Never underestimate these people. They can do it, and they can get away with it.


Archer Crosley

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Another Lockdown

Europe is on lockdown again.

Its incredibly sad to watch one government after another screw up the management of this COVID-19 crisis and then once again commit the same mistakes only to have their citizens overwhelmingly support their leaders.

This can only happen when people are indoctrinated to believe that their leaders are smarter than they are.

That’s why the Founding Fathers set up the United States the way they did, to put power in the hands of the people.

Unfortunately, over the centuries doofus schools like Harvard have infiltrated and dominated all our major institutions.

They have accomplished this through propaganda and indoctrination.

That’s not what the Founding Fathers desired.

If they had desired such a system, they would have instituted such a system in the first place.

They didn’t because they knew they would be replacing one tyrant with another.

And that’s what Harvard and the Ivy League have become – a tyrant.

They have cozied themselves up to the flawed system that exists in the United Kingdom where another tyrannical school called Oxford dominates their political system.

Oxford is the school that promoted and perpetuated Queen Victoria’s murderous, imperialist regime which killed millions around the globe.

Oxford wrote the book on oppression.

Oxford accelerated the famines in India.

Oxford enslaved the citizens of India with a thumbprint during the 1800s and shipped them off to British slave plantations in Guyana.

Oxford starved out the people of Ireland in the 1840s while stating that the Irish had brought their calamity upon themselves by overpopulating. They called it the hidden hand of God.

Oxford said the same to the people of Bengal a a century later. Winston Fuckhill was on the scene for that mass murder.

Oxford enslaved the people of China through opium in the 1850s.

Australia exists because Oxford-trained tyrants shipped Irish and British undesirables down under to Van Dieman’s land where they wouldn’t be causing much trouble.

Oxford is the school of the Rhodes Scholarship, named for the bigot and oppressor, Cecil Rhodes.

Africa is where Cecil Rhodes made his mark and fortune. He and Oxford exploited the people of Africa.

Oxford attempted to create the British caste system here in America prior to the American revolution. Thankfully the more egalitarian Native American population helped put a stop to that.

It’s fair to say that Oxford is the Queen’s school.

And the King’s as well.

This is where British nobility is trained, just as Harvard is where American aristocracy is schooled.

The majority of American institutions are dominated by Harvard.

Harvard also trains leaders of many other countries around the globe.

Harvard and Oxford are partners in dominating and controlling the world.

The result is an ossification of society that produces poor policies like lockdowns, masks, and the avoidance of natural immunity.

Of course, the policies are intentionally poor.

One goal is to enable Big Pharma to reap a bonanza.

The other goals are to promote conformity and de-individualization.

Compliant people are more likely to obey useless Harvard/Ivy League buffoons who fight useless wars to benefit themselves – the owners of Corporate America.


Archer Crosley

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Carry on, Aaron Rodgers

While I did choose to get the COVID-19 vaccine, I fully support Aaron Rodgers, Carson Wentz, and their choice to not get vaccinated.

Those players and people who choose to not get vaccinated have every right to make that choice.

They are right to be wary of our government.

Governments have killed in the past, and they will kill in the future.

Men like Dr. Fauci and Dr. Gottlieb are arrogant beyond comprehension.

They and their cheering, fascist press-puppets are ignorant of a basic truth in science and healthcare: Our interpretation of the human body changes with each generation.

Most honest clinicians and academics will communicate this basic truth freely and openly.

Our knowledge changes. Our interpretations change.

What we thought to be the truth twenty years ago is not necessarily the truth today, and will not necessarily be the truth twenty years hence.

Compounding this is the reality that politicians often bend the truth to fit their political aims.

This has never been more obvious than in the age of COVID-19.

Most honest clinicians have come to the conclusion that our government has desired to push us into getting this vaccine to fight COVID-19.

Why not? Big Pharma stands to make a lot of money off this.

Unfortunately, this has caused many agents of the government to bend the truth.

And so they in turn have put pressure upon their academics to develop studies which support their aims and goals.

Careful questions and thinking however are in order.

One of the big black boxes in medicine today is our immune system. We are scratching the surface when it comes to understanding how our immune systems fully work, what causes people to be immune, and how this immune memory is stored and brought back to life to combat future infections.

Yet you will hear articulators from the Daily Beast, and Vox, fascist puppets, speak about such science as if it is settled.

Settled science? There is no such thing.

The government, in its effort to convince you to get the vaccine, is trying to sell you on the idea that their vaccine is better than natural immunity.

They say that there are studies that show that natural immunity does not always produce antibodies. This seems possible.

In the same breath, they want you to believe that their corporate vaccine always produces antibodies.

On the surface, this seems possible but unlikely.

It’s also important to remember that their vaccine only produces antibodies against one particular protein – the spike protein.

On the other hand, only natural immunity has the potential to produce antibodies against all the proteins that the virus might produce.

Therefore it seems much more likely that natural immunity will produce a better immune response.

And, if we do not see the antibodies in people who have contracted the natural infection, it may very well be that the body doesn’t work that way and that we have an imprecise understanding of how the immune system works.

Just because antibodies are not produced and circulating does it mean that the immune system has not memorized the proteins of the natural virus.

As I say, there is no such thing as settled science.

When it comes to COVID-19, we should be wary of those who believe that there is.

Carry-on, Aaron Rodgers. Carry-on, Carson Wentz.

Do the right thing, and exercise your fundamental right as an American.


Archer Crosley

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The Lies of COVID-19

Our leaders are a joke.

If you notice, I haven’t written that many articles on COVID-19 lately.

Partly that is because this pandemic is a joke in terms of the lies being told.

It’s very difficult to evaluate the pandemic because our leaders are stone-cold liars.

They lie about everything.

One hardly knows where to begin.

The idea that people are upset with Aaron Rodgers for lying about his vaccine status is amazing when you look at all the lies our own federal government has told.

They told us that hydroxychloroquine was dangerous.

It’s not.

A great many people with lupus in United States take hydroxychloroquine safely.

I have a nine year old patient who takes hydroxychloroquine.

Nearly every dermatologist and rheumatologist in the nation prescribes hydroxychloroquine.

Not to be all done, the government hysterically called ivermectin a horse dewormer.

Maybe it is, I’m not a veterinarian, but nearly every practicing physician in the United States has prescribed ivermectin at one time or another, and quite safely.

And these lies only scratch the surface.

The government also told us that the only way we could beat this disease was with the vaccine. To make sure that we had to take the vaccine, they locked us down, forced into idiotic mask wearing, and created immense fear in society.

Now with a huge number of people either having received the vaccine or having gotten the disease naturally, the media controlled by the government is bringing out reports of outbreaks in northern states where people are vaccinated to a higher degree.

I’m confused.

Didn’t you tell us, Mr. Government Official, that the vaccine was going to beat this disease.

Where is the beef?

Are you now telling us that the virus has mutated again and that we will now have to take another vaccine next year, and the year after that.

Maybe we would’ve been better off by protecting the elderly and the immunocompromised while allowing people to contract the disease naturally all at once.

Of course, had we done that, your buddies in Big Pharma wouldn’t have made a fortune selling vaccines, right?

That’s it, isn’t it?

Your lies have been nothing more than a tool to advance another one of your money making scams.

Thank you, government. Thank you Corporate America.

Thank you for wasting our time.

Thank you for all the extra deaths that you caused.

You know, can we even be sure that these viral outbreaks are being initiated via person to person transmission?

I didn’t want to seriously consider the idea that you were jumpstarting these COVID-19 outbreaks through frozen food, but are you?

I suspected such because the virus seemed to appear at will, as if a switch was being turned on.

I even suspected a particular frozen food plant in the Midwest that might be the source of this, but there’s no way that I can prove it.

I know that there were outbreaks at that plant.

Is this the case, Mr. Government Liar?

Did you create the virus and then find a way to package it through frozen food in order to create a pandemic that you could cure with a vaccine that you had already developed?

Has this pandemic been a contrived dog and pony show from the beginning so that Big Pharma can make the big bucks? I don’t think the question is unreasonable given that you clowns are willing to jumpstart wars so that defense contractors can make a fortune.

Why don’t you just tell us the truth, and we will pay you money to leave us alone.

That’s right, you don’t have to create another pandemic this year or the next year.

We will pay you protection money to stay out of our lives.

That’s what people pay to mobsters and cheap lying thugs like you.

Thank you.

PS: Ceran, Mexico. They are the light.


Archer Crosley

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Airlines and COVID-19

There is always something to write about during COVID.

You don’t have to go looking for it, it finds you.

Currently I’m on a flight to Las Vegas, and I am wearing my mask.

The gestapo who work for Allegiant are vigilant in assuring that I wear my mask between bites as I eat my potato chips.

I can see them walking craftily through the aisles moving their head from side to side, lurking behind the adjacent seat, ready to pounce upon a mask violator.

It’s a game of cat and mouse between me and them.

I’ve already figured out one tactic. I can just hold one chip in front of my mouth indefinitely, and they will never be the wiser.

Of course, I am a law abiding citizen.

But why should I have to be?

The idea of respiratory droplet transmission of COVID-19 on an airplane is inane.

There is no rational logic to it.

Let me make my case.

In the past year, or rather, the past 18 months, have you heard of one case where a plane full of passengers came down with COVID-19, a so-called superspreader event?

No, you have not.

If it had happened, it would’ve been all over the news.

Now, why is that? Why have you not heard of such a superspreader event?

Is it the use of the mask?

Don’t make me laugh.

Does anyone rationally believe that there has been 100% pure mask use by passengers on airlines in the past 18 months?

How about all those people who are sleeping with a blanket covered over their head during the flight?

How many of them have taken off their mask underneath that blanket?

Probably all of them.

How about all the people who are temporarily removing their masks to drink and eat?

That’s nearly everybody.

Have none of them even coughed at least once?

Let’s not forget about the overt mask violators who get into arguments with the flight attendants. They aren’t wearing masks.

Nor should we forget all the bathroom users. Are people who use the bathroom taking off her mask when the door is shut?

Is the bathroom a confined space?

Does nearly everyone use the bathroom?

Does a bear shit in the woods?

So with all these people, nearly everybody, who are imperfectly wearing masks, are you going to tell me that none of them have ever had COVID-19 while flying, that none of them have ever coughed during a flight, and none of them have ever breathed in air when their mask was not in place?

I thought so.

If the authorities were correct, we should have had dozens and dozens of experiences of so-called superspreader events on jets.

Yet we haven’t had one.

On the other hand, I’ll bet that there have been many, many people who have contracted COVID-19 while on a jet.

How could this possibly be if I am saying that respiratory droplet transmission is not possible?

As I have stated many times before the mask is 100% worthless. That is not how infections are spread. The reason why Dr. Fauci and Dr. Gottlieb do not know this is because they are not clinicians.

Infections are spread by hand-to-hand contact or hand-to-fomite-to-hand contact.

I have COVID-19, I cough on my hands, I shake your hand, you pick up a cookie, you put the cookie in your mouth, you get COVID-19.

It’s a game of Frogger.

That’s how you get COVID-19.

That’s how you get almost every respiratory infection.

It happens this way because when you cough on your hands, you put a higher viral load on your hands. If you cough into the air, the respiratory droplets are dispersed widely throughout the air which lowers the viral load.

But that’s only part of it.

Read this at your pleasure.

Mild to moderate infections do not produce droplets that have sufficient viral load that will be able to get down into your lungs. That’s a fact that has to do with the size of the virus, the intensity of the infection, and the ability of certain size droplets to get into the lower lung tissue.

Will somebody out there please tell Dr. Fauci.

Will somebody please tell Dr. Scott Gottlieb.

Finally, will somebody please tell the airlines.

Then the airline gestapo can start treating us as paying customers, not as threats to their job performance rating.

Thank you.


Archer Crosley

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It’s Airborne!

It’s airborne!


Maybe not.

Maybe all the talk you hear from MSM and their puppet masters at Harvard is bullshit.

This is a very technical article, but if you read the introduction and the conclusion you can see what the authors are driving at. What they’re saying is that people with mild to moderate infections of COVID-19 are unlikely to be transmitting the virus in an airborne manner.

This is because droplets below 20 µm are unlikely to enter the lower respiratory tract. Droplets below 20 µm are limited by size as to the number of viral copies they can carry. You need a certain number of viral copies in order to induce an infection.

The authors do say that people with severe COVID-19 infections could possibly transmit an infection in an airborne manner. These people however are unlikely to be walking around or eating at your local restaurant.

This article validates my own personal experience in healthcare, and it most likely validates the experience of hundreds of millions of maskless people who have congregated safely in restaurants, ballparks, and jets without getting sick. It also validates the CDC’s position prior to 2020 which was that a mask was pretty much useless.

The virus isn’t transmitted it in the way that our medical leaders think that it’s transmitted.

The virus in my experience is transmitted primarily by hand to hand contact and by fomite; the implications of this are that handwashing is far more important than a mask.

This also helps explain why the mask is useless.

If COVID-19 viruses are not transmitted it in an airborne manner, but instead by fomite and hand to hand contact, how can a mask possibly work?

Now before you respond, let me leave you with this: How many of you wearing a mask have sneezed into the mask? How many of you when feeling the need to sneeze have removed your mask and sneezed into your hand?

Assuming that you sneezed into your mask, how many of you removed that mask from your face without using your hands?

I would be remiss and negligent if I did not mention that this article represents a total condemnation of the New England Journal of Corporate Fascist Third Reich Medicine, their lackeys in academia, Harvard University, MIT, their flawed politically correct junk science theories, and the silly, laughable terms, like “super-spreader events,” that they bandy about.

Do not send your bright children to Harvard.

Do not send your bright children to MIT.

They will only become more stupid as these institutions engage in reverse engineering.

There they serve up the stupid juice in copious quantities and thus transform diamonds into lumps of coal.

If by chance you have made that mistake and sent your children to Harvard or MIT, there is hope.

Sequester them away from Cambridge (and their stupid classmates and professors who are still indoctrinated) and their intelligence will return.



Archer Crosley

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