True Believers

What’s the deal with Sidney Powell?

One day she was a darling of the Trump administration, and now she’s seemingly out.

What happened?

What happened was that Sidney Powell was most likely a true believer.

She apparently came upon information that she was thought was relevant to overturning the Biden election.

This is a dangerous thing to the elites, to have a true believer looking into things.

Does it seem likely that Sidney Powell would work her entire life only to get to this point where she would throw away everything she had worked for on baseless accusations?

This seems unlikely.

What seems more likely is that she did encounter substantial violations.

What also seems likely is that Donald Trump decided that he didn’t need any true believers on his team.

As I have mentioned before, if Trump is contesting this election it is because Corporate America wants him to contest this election.

I can’t tell you yet why they want to contest this election, because I am not the one calling the shots.

Maybe they want to provoke a constitutional crisis for the purposes of opening a constitutional convention where they can alter the fundamental framework of the Bill of Rights.

Or maybe they want to create a distraction like the Russia scandal, something they can carry forth for four more years.

Distractions are essential to the elites. They don’t want people focusing on foreign wars and CIA interventions overseas.

It’s much better to have people battling over issues they can’t resolve.

If the people protest foreign wars as they did in Vietnam, the elites will lose. They sure don’t want that.

It’s much better to have a distraction, but nothing with too much substance. They want just enough to whet the appetite.

They certainly don’t want true believers like Sidney Powell coming up with credible evidence that she can use to prosecute an agenda that they don’t want.

If they can’t buy her off, they’ll destroy her.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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