The Sham

Hey, look everybody, Bill Clinton’s coming to town. Let’s turn off our brains and participate in the sham.

One of the neatest tricks in politics occurs when former Presidents get out there on the stump for candidates currently running for political office.

Bill Clinton is coming to a town near me.

Barack Obama may be coming to a town near you.

It’s not just Democrats though; Republicans will play the same game.

So, when you see these politicians getting out there, it’s only natural for you to believe that the elections are real and that the elections matter.

Otherwise, if the whole game was rigged, why would they be out there?

I’ll give you a couple of reasons.

Number one, they have to continue the sham that your vote matters. If the sham is exposed as a sham, they would have to change the system. This they do not want to do. They are making too much money by it.

Number two, they don’t give a damn about your vote; they only care that their faction of the corporate gang gets to divvy up the perks.

What they’re saying is this: If our party wins, we get 2/3 of the perks. If the other party wins we only get 1/3.

Either way you the American people lose.

The government always gets in power.

It’s a gentleman’s agreement between the two parties.

Democracy is a sham.

It only exists to give you the illusion that you have a choice.

Unfortunately, you don’t have any choice at all because they’re both going to rip off the system, promote war as an economic model, and continue exploitation of workers abroad.

Hello, suckers!

You know this to be true in your guts.

You are in denial.

You are furiously pumping yourself up with slogans.

Consequently, there is this force that draws you to vote.

It is an inexorable force.

You say to your self: If I don’t vote, I can’t complain, and I can’t have any opportunity to change things.

Here’s a ticket on the clue train: You can complain, and even if you do vote, you won’t change things.

There are other ways to change the world.

Don’t get suckered into thinking that the only way is through politics.

You can change yourself by having a measure of self-respect.

Stop disrespecting yourself by participating in a sham.

Actually the elections have been shams since the day democracy was invented.

Over 200 years ago Napoleon and his brothers rigged plebiscites in France. Naturally they would win. They were so brazen they would rig the votes with even numbers. So Napoleon would win the elections by 16,000,000 to 4,000,000.

Talk about comedy!

The comedic act continued its roadshow into the United States during the last election of Joe Biden.

No serious person could possibly believe that a man sitting in his bunker, a man who had not energized his base, could possibly win.

I can tell you a stone cold fact. The success, as defined by turnout, of every party that I have hosted at my house or office has been directly correlated to the amount of energy that I put into promoting the party.

When you promote yourself, you have a greater chance of success. When you don’t promote yourself, you lessen your chance of success.

Joe Biden energized nobody in the 2020 election. He was not out there on the stump to any significant degree. His opponent, Donald Trump, no matter how much you detest him (and I do), did go out on the stump, and he did energize his base.

And yet, we are told that Joe Biden won the election.

That does not comport with reality or anything in my own experience.

The purpose of this letter is not to justify the illegitimacy of the 2020 election. The purpose of this letter is to demonstrate that democracy is a sham.

The elites figured out a long time ago how to rig the elections.

As Mark Twain stated over a century ago: If voting mattered they’d never let us do it.

Elections don’t matter, and they don’t care.

You won’t change a damn thing by voting.

The politicians didn’t go into politics to do what you want; they went into politics to do what they want.

They don’t see themselves as servants of the people; they see themselves as rulers of the people.

I don’t care what the Constitution says. I don’t care about the way it’s supposed to be.

That’s not cynicism; that’s hard earned reality.

Now, there’s an argument to be made that at least voting gives you the opportunity to change things.

That would be true only as long as the political class cared about you.

But when the political class has been hijacked by a Harvard Cabal that considers its own interests and its own immortality first, a place where noblesse oblige does not exist, that representation is not possible.

And that is the state of affairs in the United States today.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Our Elections

Are our elections legitimate?

It depends which ones you’re talking about.

If you mean the ones for dogcatcher and your local representative, yes, I think they are.

If you’re talking about presidential elections and elections for senator and governor, I would say that the significant races are not legitimate.

Let’s just say that if the power elite want a certain person in power, they will move heaven and earth to achieve that result.

That doesn’t mean that they will always prevail; but it does mean that they will try to rig the election.

I don’t know why this should be a surprise to Americans as elections have been rigged for centuries now, not only here in the United States, but abroad as well.

Napoleon and his brothers rigged plebiscites in France in the early 1800s. They wouldn’t even bother to use numbers that would indicate legitimacy. They would use rounded numbers such as 16 million to 4 million.

Now, that’s audacity.

Unfortunately, in the United States we have a ruling power elite that insists on prosecuting this Frank Capra mirage of honesty upon our presidential elections.

Many Americans are happy to live in this fantasy world despite evidence to the contrary.

There is no convincing true believers that the election of Joe Biden in 2020 was illegitimate just as there is no convincing true believers that the election of George Bush in 2000 was illegitimate.

The myth of election integrity is a vital part of our American culture now.

The ruling elites need you to believe in this myth so that they can continue their policies which enrich them and impoverish you.

Numerous examples abound. Look at the problems around you.

Better yet, look at what isn’t around you.

Where is high-speed rail that can safely take you to another city 250 miles away in one to two hours? Wouldn’t that be a lot more convenient for you in the age of Uber and Lyft? Wouldn’t it be better for you to save all that mileage on your car while taking the train, and then taking an Uber when you get there?

That’s one example. I’m sure you can think of more than a few off the top of your head.

Where is the economy that makes its own useful things for its own citizens? Instead we are given a war economy which makes things to be used for killing other people in far away places like Yemen and Ukraine.

Why is that?

Why can we not fix homelessness? You know, of course, that homelessness is a racket now. Yes, that’s right. Most of the federal money that goes to fix homelessness largely goes not to the people who need it, but to the hucksters who profit off the homeless. Those would be the slumlords who kick out long term renters and convert their units to $100 a night bonanzas.

A real solution would entail preventing homelessness by giving people real opportunities with well-paying jobs. But, you see, that doesn’t profit the power elite who profit off misery, thus they will never undertake measures to help you.

A legitimate electoral system will never be a panacea to fixing our problems, but it is a step in the right direction.

There is no reason why we cannot have a secure electronic method of voting which includes a reasonable method of secure identification.

My various banks over the years have not made a mistake by even as much as a penny in over fifty years, so why isn’t that possible in our elections?

It’s isn’t possible because the ruling elite don’t trust you.

They think you are a bunch of schmucks who are too stupid to understand basic issues.

To a certain extent that may be true; there are a lot of stupid people out there. But, there are a lot of smart people out there too who don’t get any opportunity to express themselves except through an election.

An illegitimate election process disenfranchises them.

A legitimate election process is a threat to the ruling elite who are focused on money-making rackets such as war, welfare, and the prison industry rather than your welfare.

What would a legitimate election process look like?

It would not only involve electronic identification of voters but also a decentralization of the electoral process in the manner that our Founding Fathers had envisioned.

Our Founding Fathers weren’t stupid, you know. They weren’t born yesterday and dried under a leaf. They had a lot of experience with elections and corruption, and they knew a thing or two.

They devised a system that has been gradually transformed over the past two centuries. Your senators are not elected in the manner that the Founding Fathers had intended. That was all changed with the 17th amendment. That was a mistake.

Under the old system, your US Senators were chosen by your state legislature, not by direct vote. While it may seem to be an improvement to have you choose your US Senator, it really is not. It really works to your disadvantage. In several ways.

  1. Your state representative, who you can know, knows the global issues of your state better than you do. Your US senator is supposed to represent the interests of the state in which you live, not what the national conversation is on abortion or homelessness. Does this make sense? Under direct vote by citizen, the national media can pivot the election of the senator on national issues – not local issues more relevant to you. Under direct vote by citizen, your senator becomes a viceroy from Washington – which is what the power elite desire.
  2. You can easily know your state representative who in turn will know the senator who will represent you in Washington. Thus you are one person removed from knowing a senator – which is pretty good. You can then know the guy who knows the guy. Currently, you don’t know your senator; your senator doesn’t know you. Furthermore your senator doesn’t have the time for you because you are one amongst millions. Your senator currently has more time for Hollywood celebrities and leaders of corporations who he or she assumes represents you.

It’s no coincidence that America has become a centralized war-making machine since the 17th amendment was adopted. If we are to return it to a decent republic that 17th amendment needs to be modified or repealed.

The argument for the 17th amendment was that US senators were chosen in smoke-filled rooms, and that, because of political conflict, some US senator weren’t seated at all. My response to that would be the following: Yes, senator were chosen in smoke-filled rooms, but it was your smoke-filled room with representatives that you selected. It’s far better for it to be your smoke-filled room than Washington’s smoke-filled room. As for US senators not being seated at all, a simple tie-breaker methodology could fix that. It would be far better to have a coin flip to elect a US senator than to adopt the 17th amendment which has given us this dysphoric war economy that we now live under.

Likewise the presidential election was changed also. You the citizen as originally intended did not vote for president; that was done by members of Congress – which was the superior way, because, again, they know the issues better, and secondly, because you can know the guy who knows the guy. With direct vote, it’s virtually impossible for you to know the president. With direct vote, the president is elected by the media, controlled by the power elite, who are only too happy to chaperone you into the cattle pens of opinion that they desire. Additionally, the presidential campaign becomes a joke, a silly contest of one-liners and tearjerker rejoinders.

It would be far better, and cheaper, to have our president chosen by members of Congress than by us. Do you see why? You will know the guy, who knows the guy who elects the president. The presidents in turn will know the guy who knows the guy who knows you. When you know someone they are more responsive to you because they know who butters their bread.

You aren’t getting that now. What you’re getting now are senators and presidents who are too far removed from you.

An electoral system of indirect election of senators and presidents is the superior model. That combined with rational and reasonable secure voting should make for a better life for Americans.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

My Retirement Plan

What is your retirement plan?

Are you a 401(k) person?

I will tell you right now that I’m a lousy planner. When I was young I put money in a simplified employee pension plan, but then took it out.


Why did I take it out?

Because I had needs.

I paid a penalty on that early withdrawal and so I decided that I was not going to invest in a retirement plan ever again.

And I haven’t.

I don’t understand these retirement plans.

They’re too confusing for me. Additionally, I’m not that kind of person.

It seems like they have too many rules.

Are you that kind of person also?

I suspect that there are many types of retirement plans.

I read once where someone asked a taxi driver what his retirement plan was.

The taxi driver put his finger to his head and pretended to shoot a bullet. He said: That’s my retirement plan.

I don’t wanna go down that route, but I don’t wanna go down the route of a 401(k).

I don’t trust the government, and so I don’t trust anything that they set up.

Usually what they set up turns out to be a rip off for me.

Maybe they’re not, but that’s the way I feel about them.

So here is my retirement plan.

I’m going to trust the process and do the best I can for the benefit of my patients and my employees.

I’m going to trust in the principles of Jesus Christ.

That may sound like a crazy plan to you, but I don’t know any other plan that works for me.

And if Jesus should decide that I live my golden years as a pauper, I will have to accept that.

I don’t trust the plans of men.

In the past, I’ve tried thinking of things ahead of time, and none of those things have ever worked.

To tell you the truth, thinking about retirement gives me unhappiness and anguish.

My plan right now is to work until I drop dead at work.

I want to drop dead at work. Why wouldn’t I want to die in a place where I feel comfortable?

That’s my retirement plan.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Four Centuries of Dishonor

“The defeat of the Pequots must be ascribed to the wonderful Providence of God, who did (as with Jacob of old, and after that with the children of Israel) lay the fear of the English and the dread of them upon all the Indians. The terror of God was upon them round about.”

–Increase Mather, Brief History of the War with the Indians in New England (1676)

Increase Mather was a Puritan clergyman who not surprisingly attended Harvard University. He begins the proud tradition of four centuries of dishonor that Harvard University has committed upon our nation and the world.

He begins this dishonor by embracing a messianic mission of tyranny upon people with inferior technology.

Why be fair when you can beat people up?

That’s the Christian spirit, eh?

If you want to know how and where America began its imperialism, you can hardly start with a better man.

He was a loser.

He is a loser.

And he was a Harvard graduate to boot. And a future President of Harvard.

Big surprise.

His books and writings were instrumental in laying the groundwork for the subsequent Salem Witch Trials, which he of course embraced and refused to denounce.

Not to be outdone, his son, Cotton Mather, another Harvard graduate, undoubtedly influenced by dad, personally participated in the Salem Witch Trials.

He was a loser too.

The Pequot Indian massacre in which many hundreds of native Americans died was but the precursor to the century of dishonor that our “enlightened” leaders engaged in with the purpose of colonizing and destroying the Native American culture.

More enlightened plebes lived peacefully amongst the Indians.

Indeed, the American concept of egalitarianism has its roots in the relatively nonhierarchical method of living exhibited by the people whose destruction Increase Mather so gleefully celebrated.

It certainly didn’t come from Harvard.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

A Different Political Party

How about if you and I start a political party. But this will be a different type of political party.

We won’t have any formal organization which collects money.

No one will sit on a platform above us.

Nobody will be the leader.

Nobody will be in it for the money.

There will be no complex political platform.

No awards will be given out.

Nobody’s picture will be put on display.

Regular people will be listened to.

Flexibility will be built into the system so that intelligence can prevail.

What would that political party look like?

What can we agree upon?

Let’s start with some basic principles, and we will only select three of them so that we can remember them. After we develop these principles, we will give them a catchy name so that we can remember them.

Then we will give the party a name that makes sense.

A few days ago I was thinking of the name Lincoln Christian Party, or Christian Lincoln Party.

Of course, you wouldn’t have to be a formal Christian to join it; you would just have to recognize that Christ’s principles do have value.

You can be a Jew if you want. You can be a Muslim if you want. You can even pray to a tree stump.

You only need to accept that somebody, somewhere articulated these principles that we know today as Christianity.

You don’t even have to accept the resurrection.

This of course would go contrary to our elites who are working 24/7/52 to ensure that Christ is a speed bump in history.

With that stated, what would our guiding principles be? And we can only develop three.

What would be the three most important principles?

In developing these principles, we are striving to develop principles that will utterly defeat Corporate America, stop Corporate America in its tracks.

The first principal would undoubtedly have to be tolerance.

What’s needed badly in society today is tolerance that has been lost on both the right and the left.

We need to be able to tolerate each other’s differences and imperfections.

Tolerance invites respect.

Intolerance invites divisiveness, rage, and rioting.

Corporate America fosters all of these negative attributes.

Tolerance defeated the Roman empire; tolerance will defeat the American empire.

What would be the second attribute of our new party?

How about honesty in celebration of Honest Abe.

Honest Abe was smart enough to know that honesty is the best policy even if it hurts you in the short run.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have politicians who told people the truth?

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if politicians said: We are fighting this war for oil?

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if politicians said: We are in Southeast Asia for cheap labor?

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if politicians said: The civil rights movement exists not to help black people but to empower the political class?

Of course, they don’t say this. That’s the point.

When you bind yourself to honesty, you don’t engage in malfeasance because you do have to engage in honesty.

If we placed a premium on honesty and booted politicians out of the party when they were dishonest, then the government would become more honest.

But we don’t do that. We don’t do that because we fool ourselves that it’s okay to lie for short term gain.

It’s not.

What would be the third pillar of our party?


No secret meetings.

No need to know basis.

If we need to hide things, we probably shouldn’t be engaged in that activity in the first place.

Lack of transparency is what promotes the cloak of corruption.

When transparency exists, when the light can shine through, the cockroaches scurry for the floorboards.

Transparency is not an event which comes later after events have happened; transparency is built into the system in order to prevent corruption.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

So there you have it.

Tolerance, honesty, transparency.

Those are three pretty good principles to begin with.

If we can’t make things better with those three principles, if we can’t get our act together with those three attributes, then what’s the point of cluttering up our message with other principles.

Tolerance, honesty, transparency.


Now imagine if we had a government that practiced those principles.

If you want we could make it TTT.

Tolerance, truth, transparency.

If our politicians don’t practice it, we boot them out of the party. We refuse to vote for them no matter what their political position is.

Process is everything.

If the process is bad, the results will be bad.

It’s better to have a politician who abides by the correct process even if he differs from you politically than it is to have a politician who advocates your position but behaves in a manner that violates tolerance, truth, transparency.

Process is everything.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Blowhard

Since the big blowhard showed up at CPAC I thought it would be best to devote a whole column to his performance.

Trump stood up there and once again stated that the election was rigged.

Hence my letter to him:

Dear President No-Game,

If you believe that the election was rigged, why don’t you do something about it?

Why don’t you lead a full-blown insurrection against the government of the United States of America?

You certainly have the megaphone.

You certainly have the followers.

Why wait?

What’s the problem?

What are you waiting for?

Shouldn’t you strike while the iron is hot?

If you believe that the election is rigged against you, how will waiting four years help?

What will change in the next four years that will make the election process any more legitimate?

Have you heard of any fixes being put in place which will prevent election fraud in the future?

Have you heard the Democrats talk about any initiatives like this?

No, you haven’t because the Democrats think that the election was fair.

It’s reasonable therefore to conclude that we will have the same election process in place in four years.

Well, if you got screwed out of the election this time around, why won’t you get screwed the next time around?

If you can accept that, then why wait, Mr. President?

What the fuck are you waiting for?

Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is?

Don’t you care about all the people who were arrested in the insurrection that you encouraged on January 6?

Don’t you care about Ashli Babbitt who died at the Capitol insurrection on January 6 fighting for a cause which you encouraged?

Or is it just a big game you are playing with us, Mr. President?

Isn’t that what’s really going on?

Aren’t you really just a tool of Corporate America to keep the same mindless left versus right game going while the corporate elites, your benefactors, steal from us through foreign wars financed by a compliant Federal Reserve?

Isn’t that what’s really going on?

Aren’t you nothing more than a big fake?

Isn’t that why you showed up at CPAC, to keep the con going, to keep people hoping for a savior that will never come?

Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

You don’t really care, do you?

You’re just another low-life pagan thug, like your buddy, Jeffrey Epstein, aren’t you?


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Elections, Judges and Persuasion

Many people on the left reasonably ask how there can be election fraud when so many Trump appointed judges rejected the claims of election fraud.

This seems like a reasonable question, so I will give you a reasonable answer.

These judges rejected the claims because they did not want to buck the tide.

They did not want to see their careers end.

Only Supreme Court justices have lifetime appointments. But even they can be influenced.

No one is immune from being influenced.

We are people, not machines, and people have weaknesses.

Not only do we have weaknesses, our family members have weaknesses.

We break down, and many times through no fault of our own we get into a predicament.

We either have a problem ourselves, or our family member has a problem.

This might be a money problem, a sexual problem, a drug problem or a legal predicament.

Naturally, we would like this problem to go away.

This problem will go away quicker if Corporate America makes it go away.

Corporate America through its thug agency the SD – er CIA – has a lot of money.

Corporate America also has an agenda.

If you are a lowly judge in a small county, and you are the fly in the ointment, the guy who is standing in the way of Corporate America and what they desire for the affairs of this nation, you are in a lonely spot.

You are small, and they are big.

Corporate America is going to put pressure upon you.

They can either do it personally or through the friendly advice of one of your friends who they have already corrupted.

Now, they aren’t going to put $100,000 in your freezer; nobody does that anymore.

They are going to sit down and convince you that it’s best for you to go along.

They’re going to explain to you what I am explaining to you now, that there is going to come a day when you’re going to need your problems solved.

They may even choose to create problems for you.

Or they may remind you that people who play ball get lobbying positions and seats on corporate boards that pay a lot of money.

Now, it may be that you have a cocaine addiction; or it might be that you were a rabble-rouser in college and forced yourself upon a woman.

Or your child may have gambling debts.

Perhaps your family member is sick with cancer and has drained your bank account.

Corporate America can make all these problems go away.

That’s why all these judges rejected the various claims of election fraud.

It’s not hard to do.

And it is done.

And it was done.

The decision by the judges to reject the evidence put before them does not make election fraud go away.

A man who turns his back as a crime is taking place does not make the crime go away.

The evidence for election fraud lies within the testimony of the people who witnessed the crime.

Those citizens chose not to look away.

If we do, then we are only fooling ourselves.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Im Not Unhappy

Im not unhappy at all that these insurrectionists attacked the Capitol building yesterday.

I am quite glad they did.

Hopefully they sent a message to the knuckleheads in Congress and the prevaricators in the media.

Of course I am probably expecting too much, but there is always hope.

The mainstream media will of course lie their asses off and demean and besmirch the insurrectionists, but who cares?

The main stream media, the admirers of Joseph Goebbels that they are, cannot change reality.

And the reality is that there are a lot of intelligent people out there who support what these insurrectionists did.

The insurrectionists attacked the Capitol building because the dimwitted, cowardly John Roberts would not give them legal recourse.

The insurrectionists attacked the Capitol building because the dimwitted, cowardly Mike Pence would not give them legal recourse.

These boobs in Federal Land just dont get it. They operate at the pleasure of the people.

The people are their employers.

And if the men and women in Congress do not respond to the needs of the people, in time people will take matters into their own hands.

Life is a big hockey game.

If the referee does not call the game fairly, in time the players will take matters into their own hands.

This seems obvious to most people.

Here is the take-home message from my one political science course in college.

Our professor taught us that it did not matter what form of government was in place – be it theocracy, monarchy, democracy, dictatorship; if the leaders did not respond to the needs of the people, in time that leadership, that government would be overthrown.

So will it be with these poor leaders in Congress.

After the insurrection yesterday, I was appalled.

I was not appalled at the insurrectionists.

I was appalled to see Mitch McConnell carry on as if nothing had happened.

That man, Mitch McConnell, just didnt get it.

He was and still is as clueless as can be.

He is as clueless as were Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI when they were being carted off to the guillotine.

This insurrection will be the beginning of the end for our leaders if they do not respond to the needs of the people.

If the leaders carry on as if this last election was legitimate, in time the people will take them out.

That is exactly what they deserve.

These self-serving dunderheads have fucked the American people for the last 50 years, and yesterday they only got a small taste of a comeuppance they so richly deserve.

Carry-on insurrectionists.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Tricks and Games

Infiltration is a trick that the machine uses to control subversive elements.

Your federal government is not stupid.

Your federal government is not as dumb as you may think it is.

Your federal government is as clever as Fidel Castro because your federal government is a thug every bit as much as Fidel Castro.

Oh, yes, the thug, Fidel Castro, still lives, perhaps not in body, but certainly in spirit.

His spirit lives in Washington, DC.

Im sorry to burst your bubble, but this is the reality of our country.

Here was one of Fidel Castros games.

Fidel would encourage a fake insurrection against himself. Then he would wait until the insurrection had attracted many followers. Perhaps he would plan a fake assassination upon himself. He would wait and then at the proper moment round those people up and put them in jail or maybe even execute them.

Very devious, that Fidel.

Our federal government is no different.

Our government begins by placing its men out there on the Internet to attract followers. Then the Feds watch who watches these men. Now, the government doesn’t need to round you up, because they know where you live. They even know what you think.

So given that, given that you know that the Feds are watching you, how do you know whos legitimate and whos fake?

There is no 100% rule, but one good rule currently is that anyone who benefits off our national fascist agenda should be suspect.

Two of these frauds are Glenn Beck and Bill OReilly.

They revealed what fakes they were yesterday when they came out and opposed the insurrection that took place in the Capitol building in DC.

How clueless can hosts possibly be?

Both OReilly and Beck stated that the insurrection was illegal.


Of course it was illegal. This is what people must resort to when legal avenues are not afforded them.

Our Founding Fathers engaged in illegal acts. Our Founding Fathers were subversives. Our nations greatest president, Abraham Lincoln, understood that this subversive activity is necessary if the government does not respond to peoples needs.

When our coward Chief Supreme Court Justice, Justice Roberts, will not even listen to a legitimate case that the state of Texas raises with regard to the integrity of the election, the people must take matters into their own hands.

There is no other way.

Now, if Beck and OReilly don’t understand that, they either don’t belong where they are as so-called leaders of the conservative movement, or they are puppets of the same federal government who are oppressing the people by certifying this dishonest election.

Im not surprised at the viewpoints of Glenn Beck and Bill OReilly. Both have been beneficiaries of the machine. Glenn Beck attended Yale and Bill OReilly attended Harvard. Both are cowards. Both are weak. Both of them said: I dont want to hack it out in the wilderness on my own; I want a namebrand school behind me to help me. I cant make it on my own.

Naturally, both men did what the machine expected them to do: lead their followers into the cattle pen of opinion that the machine desires. And what the machine desires is for the people to passively accept this dishonest election.

I say no to that.

Your Founding Fathers talked the talk and walked the walk. OReilly and Beck are all talk and no walk. Why? Because they made the big bucks that the machine doled out, and they still make the big bucks. They are both creatures of the machine. They took the dog biscuits of empire, and they still do.

Glenn Beck and Bill OReilly are as fake as those fake insurrectionists that Fidel Castro churned out. And they are just as dangerous.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

PS I shall begin to exercise my subversiveness by rejecting the use of the apostrophe. After all, we don’t say apostrophe when we speak, yet we can all figure out what people mean. Why should we use it when we write? Yes, I know, its trite; its stupid; but its a start.


Seccession is all the talk right now. You hear it on Glenn Beck’s show; you read it it on the Internet.

What should be done?

It’s a serious business, made more serious by the weak Supreme Court justices who didn’t have the spine to take up a legitimate beef that the state of Texas had with other states who it felt had enabled a fraudulent Presidential election.

The media not surprisingly supported the fraudulent election by endlessly repeating the word baseless whenever a citizen spoke up about the lack of integrity in the election.

The media, fervent followers of Joseph Goebbels that they are, sincerely believes that saying something makes it so.

Of course they would believe this; they’ve been getting away with it for years.

Baseless, they screamed. Show us the evidence, they charged.

Mayor Giuliani complied with hours upon hours of testimony by average Americans who came forward to tell stories of fraud.

Show us the evidence, the media countered.

Feckless pseudo-Republicans like Mitt Romney joined in and supported the media lie.

Baseless, they screamed. Trump is a sore loser.

Blah, blah, blah.

The time for talk is over.

There is no more room for talk.

If the people who oppose the election of Joe Biden allow this election to stand, then nothing else is relevant.

There is no point to participation in government when legal recourse is denied.

All that remains is action or submission.

If the aggrieved parties will not stand up now, when will they stand up?

Submission on the other hand is death.

Glenn Beck raises the subject of secession. He asks aloud whether we the secessionists have enough grievances to secede.

He then goes on to compare our situation to that of the Founding Fathers in 1776 and implies that we do not have enough grievances.

Glenn Beck (Yale) is wrong in two ways. First, as to whether we have enough grievances, let’s review our grievances.

The useless Vietnam war of the 1960s, the stagflation of the 1970s, the Savings and Loan debacle of the 1980s, the outsourcing of jobs to China commencing in the 1980s, the .com bubble collapse of the 1990s, the endless wars in the Middle East commencing in the early 2000s, the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis, the OxyContin crisis of the 2000s, the COVID-19 crisis in 2020.

Let’s not forget the sweeping under the rug of Hillary Clinton’s financial shenanigans in Haiti, the killing of Jeffrey Epstein in prison, the murder of Seth Rich, and the imprisonment of Julian Assange and the subsequent denial of his basic right to a speedy trial.

Through their immoral leadership the elites took away our lives, our savings, our houses, the value of our money, the unimpeachable nature of our Bill of Rights, and now our jobs and businesses. Is that not enough?

Second, the question of secession is false.

We are not seceding from anything.

It’s our country that has been surreptitiously stolen from us by the arrogant, avaricious fools from the Ivy League who are led by Harvard University.

The cowards on the Supreme Court are in large part Ivy League graduates. John Roberts is a Harvard fool. Bill Gates is an honorary Harvard fool. Anthony Fauci is a fool from Cornell. Chris Fredo Cuomo is a fool from Yale. Ditto to Anderson Vanderbilt. Fareed Zakaria, chief defender of Bill Gates, is a fool from Harvard. The leader of the Hearst Corporation, Steven Swartz, is a Harvard fool. Jeff Bezos is a Princeton fool. Mitt Romney is a Harvard fool. Chuck Schumer is a Harvard fool. Amy Klobuchar is a Yale fool. Ben Sasse is a Yale fool. Warren Buffett is a fool from the Wharton school. Bill and Hillary Clinton are Yale fools. Gerald Ford was a Yale fool. Barack Obama is a Harvard fool. Bush 41 was a Yale fool. Bush 43 is still a Yale fool. The list goes on and on.

Of course, it is not just people from the Ivy League who are hurting us. This immoral cartel has their wannabe puppets who will gladly suck Harvard’s cock for a nickel.

They are the society destroyers. All of them contributed to the demise of the American republic. They are the secessionists.

They seceded from the Constitution.

They seceded from the American republic that our Founding Fathers gifted us.

They seceded the day they in person or in spirit vouched for the honesty of this election.

Shame on them.

Gentlemen, fix your bayonets.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved