The Big Debate

Who won the debate?

Given that both men are equally corrupt, given that both men lie freely and are incapable of speaking the truth, Joe Biden won the debate.

The Republicans know that, and we know that they know that because they are whining like a little bitch.

Already they are making up excuses for the President.

LOL. Their god has revealed himself as false.

They are even claiming that Joe Biden cheated with a wire or a special contact lens that can project talking points into the air.


Using their own logic against them, if Joe Biden is confused with his own thoughts, wouldn’t he be even more confused by an outside party interjecting commentary as he is speaking?

Losers always make up excuses.

Losers never accept responsibility.

Joe Biden projected himself as a calm individual who is in control of his mental faculties.

He emphatically debunked the notion that he was in an advanced stage of senility.

Sure, he was a little slow. Sure, he wasn’t as mentally agile as Trump.

But a little slowness is not necessarily a bad thing. Slowness might reflect thoughtfulness.

Biden’s slowness also may have come about because Trump was constantly interrupting.

Chris Wallace was correct in calling the President out on that.

Who wouldn’t be agitated by an opponent striking low blows as you are trying to give an intelligent response?

Because of his bullying, Trump hurt his cause.

Citizens were clearly able to see that Trump was cheating. And it is cheating to interrupt the opponent while he is trying to answer a question.

It’s not the American way to not give your opponent a fair opportunity.

Trump violated our sense of American fairness.

Process is important.

Americans will take note of this regardless of what the pundits say, regardless of how Trump supporters try to spin his performance.

Sure, Joe Biden may say crazy things according to his opponents. And sure, many of us believe that it doesn’t matter who gets elected, that both Biden and Trump are flip sides of the same coin.

You can even make the argument that Trump took a dive.

But so what?

Trump lost; Biden won.

Eat the pain, bitch.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Polarizing Sham

So I heard the other night on television that this was the most polarizing election we’ve ever had.

I’m pretty sure it was Sean Hannity who said that the choices couldn’t be more clear.

Is that a fact?

In what way is this election polarizing?

Both Democrats and Republicans are all on board the global killing machine. Whether it’s Bush, Obama, or Trump, they all love war. I don’t see any polarization there.

How about Internet tyranny by media giants like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple? Nope, there’s no polarization there either. Both parties couldn’t care less what these Internet giants do. They don’t care whose rights they trample on. Did anyone speak up when Alex Jones was banned from all the media giants on one day? Did Trump say anything? No.

Too big to fail? Wrong again. Both parties are in solid agreement that corporations should get bigger and bigger and bigger. Your Founding Fathers didn’t feel that way.

Healthcare? Nada. No splitsville there. Both parties silently do nothing to address rising insurance premiums and oppressive bureaucracy. Say, where is the competitive market place that the Republicans were barking about for the eight years when Obama was president?

Okay, how about Julian Assange? Is that not a big deal for you? Well, maybe it should be. If Julian Assange is presumably going to be extradited to the United States, wouldn’t he enjoy all the protections that the Bill of Rights provides him even though he’s Australian? I think so. Well, what do our illustrious candidates say about the sixth amendment? Do they even know what the sixth amendment is? Do they care? Do they care about a person receiving a speedy trial? Apparently not, so there’s no polarization there.

Alrighty, maybe that last point was a little esoteric. Let’s talk about immigration. Although it might appear that this issue might have some polarization because one party is for the wall and another party is against the wall, there really isn’t any polarization at all because both parties embrace an immigration policy that’s brain-dead. A proper immigration policy would involve giving the people of Central America a stake in the game. Since that’s obviously out in our two pro-exploitation corporate parties, let’s chalk up another goose egg for polarization.

Let’s see, let’s see, there’s got to be something out there. How about the old standby issues of abortion and transgender bathroom rights? Ya, that’s sounds pretty good. Well, actually, those issues are ploys and tricks that the elites and the two political parties put forward to rope you into participating in their scripted pro wrestling match.

Those social issues exist to con you into thinking that your vote really counts when as you can see it doesn’t.

I take that back; your vote does count. Every time you vote in their sham election, you give legitimacy to that sham election.

It is a sham because there is no difference between the two political parties. Your country is run by the Corporate Party, no different than the Communist Party in China. They are both totalitarian unipolar states convincing you that you have real freedom and choice.

You don’t.

There is no choice. There are no polarizing issues. When the elections over it’ll be back to business as usual.

You will have been suckered again.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

A Precious Thing

A vote is a precious thing.

Now, you may not think so because you have been deceived these many years into voting for the lesser of two evils.

A vote is a precious thing because you are selecting a person who will set the nation’s agenda, an agenda that will affect you, your children and grandchildren.

What kind of country do you wish to have?

Will you have a country that’s focused on God and treating your fellow man properly, or will you have a country that’s focused on greed and personal glory?

The President of the United States enjoys the unique ability to set the agenda for the nation simply by choosing what he or she speaks about.

Have any of these candidates in recent years spoken to the substantive root causes of the problems of our nation?

Or have they given us one-liners, snappy retorts, slogans and temporary fixes to stanch the bleeding?

If we are going to fix the affairs of the nation, would you agree that we’re going to need deeper thinking than what we are getting?

Are there any candidates that provide that or are willing to provide that?

When you vote for the lesser of two evils, which these days is usually a candidate who does not or will not provide substantive thought, aren’t you really saying that mediocre is okay?

Well, is mediocre okay?

Beyond that, have any of these candidates earned your vote?

As I say, a vote is a precious thing. That you do not realize such does not make it any less precious.

You have been deceived these many years into voting for the lesser of two evils. You have been deceived into voting for mediocrity.

A vote for the sake of voting is a vote for mediocrity.

Can you really say that you are a good citizen by voting for mediocrity?

It’s Important to ask because the powers that be have convinced you that you are not a good citizen if you do not vote.

I disagree.

When you choose not to vote for the lesser of two evils, you are voting against mediocrity.

You are saying to the leaders that your vote must be earned.

By not voting for mediocrity, you are casting a vote for quality.

Instead of you downgrading your game, let the politicians upgrade their game.

Let them find you.


Archer Crosley MD


Political Atheism

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Is political atheism, not voting, acceptable?

As a young man, I would find it incomprehensible.  Given the lies we now know our government has fed us over the past seventy five years, I would say political atheism is mandatory.

Yes, you may argue, but how will things change if one does not vote?

Well, how will things change if we do vote?

Currently we vote for change, but nothing happens.

And it matters not if we are Democrats or Republicans.

The wars continue, important issues are trivialized and the poor get poorer.

Worse, no intelligent discourse is forthcoming from our intelligentsia.  They’ve been coopted as well.

Political correctness has strangled academia.

This phenomenon is not unique to the United States. People in Europe are feeling the effects of poor leadership also.

What has happened is that the elites figured out how to game the system.

They figured it out a long time ago.

They created think tanks which are less think tanks than good old boy networks controlled by multinational corporations.  These think tanks populated by Ivy Leaguers and Oxbridge types, control the think thanks and stand ready to fill cabinet positions in various governments around the globe.

The elites control the networks which feed a steady diet of lies to the masses.

The elites also control the phony polling companies which tell us what we are thinking.

And here we thought we knew what we thought.

Well, we did seventy five years ago.  These days, we are told what we thought.


Furthermore, we, the voters, only exist to validate what the elites want.

In other words, our vote really doesn’t count.

Of course, Mark Twain noted such over one hundred years ago when he said: If voting mattered, they’d never let us do it.

Now, if Mark Twain didn’t say this, he should have.  It sure sounds like something he would say.

Never was this wisdom more in evidence than the recent Brexit vote in the UK.

The elites in the UK called an election to see if the people wanted to exit the European Union. Of course the elites never wanted to leave. Their position was to remain in the EU.  They fully expected the people to dutifully follow as they have reliably done in the past.

Much to their surprise, the people voted to leave.

What did the elites say to that? They said no. And so for the past two years the elites have pulled every trick in the book to negate the will of the people.

In other words, they don’t give a rat’s ass what the people think.

So if the elites don’t care about us, why should we care about them?  Why should we participate in their phony sham of a democracy?

We shouldn’t.

We don’t exist to serve the elites; they exist to serve us. If we can’t get that through elections and representative democracy, then it’s time to try something else.

Political atheism is a start.



The Smear

Well, I’ve talked about the Confederacy before. It’s probably time to talk about it again given that CNN and the liberals are using it to smear Cindy Hyde-Smith.

Hyde-Smith is running in a special election for Thad Cochrane’s Senate seat in Mississippi.

First, the Civil War was not a war to free the slaves. You can slog through my prior posts to see why.

Now, of course, the liberals, true to form, want it to be that way, but wanting does not make it so.

The Civil War was about economics. Saying that the war was about slavery gives far too much credit to the bankers and industrialists who must finance a war. These guys do not go to war for social justice.

The social justice narrative is constructed to loan nobility to the elites who begin these wars.

Now, once the war was begun, slavery was used as a weapon against the South. But hold on, let us not think that the North really cared about black folk. They didn’t.

They still don’t.

What the North cared about beside winning the war was all that cheap black labor that would be freed up by abolishing slavery. Oh yeah, baby; they were licking their chops at all that cheap black labor that they could use in their factories. Plus, they could use that labor as scabs to break up emerging unions.

What they wanted to do was replace official slavery with a new kind of slavery.

Oh, and as for Jim Crow, Jim Crow laws existed in the North as well. Don’t think for one second that white people in the North were any more pure than their white cousins in the South.

Now, if Jim Crow was so repulsive to the North after reconstruction, why didn’t the North wage war again?

Aha, because the North got what it wanted the first time around. The Civil War was always about economics. When the South seceded it was free to trade cotton for finished goods from England which could compete with the finished goods being manufactured in the North.

That’s why the North declared war against the South. If the South had never seceded we’d have slavery today.

It’s always about the money for these elites. They simply don’t give a flip about social justice.

Which brings us to Cindy Hyde-Smith and this bogus smear about the Confederacy.

CNN doesn’t give a damn about slavery, the Confederacy or black folk. What they care about is selecting for you the candidate their corporate puppet-masters approve of.

If their liberal candidate had embraced a Civil War general you’d hear nary a peep about it.

These issues exist to move the citizenry to elect those candidates who the elites desire. Typically their candidates favor a corporate agenda. Big surprise.

Yes, we live in a shamocracy that has all the trappings of legitimacy.

Now, that’s dangerous.

Somehow, I think the Founding Fathers sensed that this might happen which is why they wanted your Senators elected by your state legislature.

This indirect method was actually better representation for you, but all that got changed with the 17th Amendment.

Which is why the 17th Amendment must be repealed.

Your country depends upon it.

Unfunny Jokes

What do you do when someone keeps telling you an unfunny joke?

The state of Florida keeps telling us the same unfunny joke every time it holds an election.

Well, we can take a page from the Founding Fathers who believed in firewalls.

Firewalls are good.

Firewalls prevent malicious forces like fires and viruses from spreading too rapidly, too widely.

Politically, this is a lesson that is lost on our genius leaders.

They have actually gone about trying to undo the firewalls that your Founding Fathers established centuries ago.

Did you know that your US senators were intended to be selected by your state legislature.

I’ll bet you didn’t.

I’ll also bet you don’t know anything about the 17th amendment which permits direct election of Senators.

Oh, yeah, baby.  The doofuses who led us changed all that in the early 1900s.

Officially they did it because of tie votes and smoke-filled rooms.  Apparently some states didn’t send a Senator to Congress because they were hopelessly deadlocked.


Unofficially they did it at the behest of Corporate America and our elites who needed a way to institute mob rule – a mob that they control via the media.

Unwilling to do the obvious which is to develop a tie-breaker system, the elites sold a crisis-whopper (today we call this a false flag) to the American people.

They juiced up the crisis-whopper  by talking about Senators being chosen by cronies in smoke-filled rooms.

This is true, but they were your cronies in a smoke-filled room; you put them there when you elected them.  They were working for you.


The direct election of Senators represents the removing of a fire wall which permits malicious forces to steal elections for Corporate America.

Do you see how?

If I place everybody’s vote into one giant barrel, it becomes easier for me to fudge votes by slipping my contaminated, manufactured votes into the barrel.

If,  however, we have one-hundred smaller barrels separated by distance, and the representatives from those barrels are then placed in a smaller barrel that will select your Senator, it becomes extremely difficult for me to add in my bogus votes.

I’d have to go to one-hundred different localities to add votes, to get my guys elected.  And that in itself might not guarantee the winner from the final barrel. I’d still have to corrupt that barrel, yet there are only one-hundred votes from that that barrel.  I wouldn’t be able to add votes.  I’d have to resort to buying people off.

But if I did, the people back home would know it, And such a representative would be subject to the voters when election time came around.

So, the Founding Fathers were pretty smart guys.

Theoretically, mankind should get smarter as the years go by.

But if you thought that, you would be wrong.

Not only does direct election of Senators allow the elites to fudge votes, it also gives you poorer representation.

Indirect election of Senators allows you to know the guy who knows the guy – which is not as good as knowing the guy but far better than never knowing the guy.

As it stands now, with direct election of Senators, you will NEVER know the guy.  He is one and you are one of the millions.  The only people your Senator knows are corporate elites, wealthy donors, the rich, and prominent Hollywood celebrities.

Your Senator – who now comes from a bubble and lives in a bubble – hasn’t met a regular person in decades.  He’s probably scared shitless of you.  You might have a gun.

Or worse, you might tell him an unfunny joke – like the truth.

Our Democracy

Democracy is a sham never more in evidence than the elections in Florida.

It works like this: If the elites don’t get what they want, then a recount is in order.

Of course, the recount in Florida is only coming about because the “last minute ballots found” trick didn’t work. 

It won’t matter anyway.

We delude ourselves so badly.

We are are willing to believe anything.

Our current delusion is the supremacy of technology.

We want to believe that an unscrupulous person cannot link their computer to the voting machine and add in 37,543 votes supported by an equal number of registrants complete with bogus addresses, birthdates and signatures.

Well, as it turns out these voting machines can be tapped into via the Internet through a variety of ways. They aren’t foolproof.

Here is to the Pollyannas.

We don’t really need an opinion from a computer analyst, though, do we?

No, we only need to understand that human nature has not changed.

Machines may not lie, but we still do.

Now, here is a fact to consider:  I have had numerous bank accounts, equity and credit, for the last 45 years. The bank has never made one mistake on my various accounts in that period of time. Not even a penny.

I’ve had many, many mortgages held by many, many banks, and never once has a mistake been made on my mortgage.

I keep hoping that there will be a glitch in the system and that my mortgage will disappear.

I’ve had no such luck.

How is it possible for a government to regulate a financial system that never makes a mistake by even a penny on my banking, credit cards and mortgages over decades, yet the same government can’t come up with a foolproof voting system.

They can’t because they don’t want to. They want the corruption at the voting booth.

A corrupt voting booth is instrumental for putting into office the people who they, the corporate elite, who control both parties, have chosen.

Sure, authorities.  The system is sound.

Whatever you say.

Overplaying Their Hand

One of the hallmarks of the left is that they always overplay their hand.

They can not fix themselves.

It’s part of who they are.

Many years ago I was watching a program about the history of politics in America.  I was enjoying the program.  It seemed legit.  Just before the program ended, the narrator referenced Richard Nixon, then added with dramatic emphasis: “The only President to resign the Office of the Presidency in disgrace.”   Leftists love to add that redundant flourish to assure you that it wasn’t a dog catcher who resigned the Presidency.

When I heard that, I let out a giant ugggghhhhhh as I realized I had just permitted myself to be force fed  two hours of leftist propaganda.  It was two hours of my life that I wasn’t going to get back.

I was in my 20s and it was my first exposure to the left overplaying its hand.

The left can’t help it. Being smug and sanctimonious is part of who they are.

And they can’t resist throwing in a cheap shot against Nixon, or Reagan or Bush.

They always think they’re right. And it will always be that way.

They become incensed when people dare to think differently.  How dare they?

They believe their own bullshit so fervently that they ignore reality staring at them in the face.

They are the ultimate zealots, the ultimate true believers.

To reinforce their beliefs they construct crazy polling data that supports their views.

One such poll came out yesterday which showed that early voting by young voters was up 500%.  

500%?   Is this number believable?

This poll is happily embraced by the left. It serves two purposes.

First, it pleasures the left; it’s an orgasm of sorts. “Young voters are up; young voters vote our way; we will necessarily win.” As to what would singularly motivate a leftist to get up and vote two weeks before the election as opposed to Election Day is not discussed.  Perhaps these early voters are overwhelmingly the young people on the right who tend to plan ahead.

Second, it presents the election as a fait accompli to their opponents.  “Do you see, conservatives, it’s all over. There is no need for you to vote.”  People on the left can not resist the fait accompli.  They do it all the time.  They did it with Hillary in 2016; they do with it global warming – “settled science”; they are doing it now with the midterm elections.

The latter point  illustrates a classic case of the left overplaying its hand.

Will it work?  

Not a chance.

Conservatives are disciplined.

Conservatives will do what they always do, whether they want to or not, even if they are the only person in the room to do so.

They will vote.

Republican Victory

If it’s one thing the media is good at it is manipulating the poll readings before an election.

Right now they’re indicating a Democratic Party win.

That’s not the way I see it.

The Republicans should win in both the Senate and the House.  One year ago I thought that the Republican Party was going to gain seats.  I still guardedly think so although I am less optimistic as to the size of the gains.

The only obstacle to gaining seats at this point is the failure of the President to accomplish anything.

This President has been an a failure in attaining his goals. With the exception of executive orders what has he accomplished?

The individual mandate can be  reversed easily by a Democratic Congress and President. All his executive orders can be reversed. The free trade agreements can be re-entered.   I don’t see a damn thing that he’s done to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States. I think his economic recovery is a fraud backed up by cooked numbers.  Foreign wars? Hah!  We’re still there.

That stated, why do I think the Republicans will win?

First, the baby boomers are getting older. The baby boomers still make up a significant portion of the population. As people get older they become more conservative.

Second, the Democratic Party has become more radicalized. I evidence this by the increased harassment of politicians that you see in restaurants and the rise of Antifa. But it’s not just that. It’s the failure of responsible Democratic Party leaders to denounce these radicals.

Third, the Democratic Party has become the party of obstruction rather than the party of ideas. Their whole goal for the last two years has been to obstruct Trump, not to offer anything new.

Fourth, the bending of traditionally Democratic leaders to the right in order to win an election.  When you see senators such as Claire McCaskill denouncing the “crazy Democrats”  in order to win an election that’s an ominous sign.  It signals that she is in trouble and that she knows it. Where was she three, six and twelve months ago denouncing the radical left?

Fifth, the lack of foot soldiers within the Democratic Party.  When the Deep State murdered Seth Rich, they lost their foot soldiers. Foot soldiers talk to each other, especially about the corruption which Seth Rich revealed to Julian Assange.  You need foot soldiers to get out the vote. What the Democratic Party was left with was a corrupt, aging leadership and a rabble, a raging mob, at the bottom.  The leadership can’t control their mob from harassing politicians at restaurants; they won’t be able to get them to go vote next Tuesday.

Sixth, the Democratic Party has no base in Middle America. Their working class base is now solidly with Trump.  Who the Democrats are stuck with now are Starbucks literati, Marxists and illegal immigrants.

Seventh, the failure of the Democratic Party to admit to itself its own corruption (which is why Seth Rich leaked those documents) and its own culpability for losing the 2016 election.  Instead they covered it up with a bogus Russia story.  They fooled no one but themselves.

The Republicans should win handily.  I will be surprised if they do not.

In a way, this will be good for the country.  It will be good because Trump will now have no excuse to not prosecute a conservative agenda which he will not do.  He won’t because he’s a globalist posing as a nationalist.

When he does not do such, the conservatives will then have good reason to work with the Democrats to ask him to leave.

So it can be a win for everyone.