Reverse Engineering

How does the Harvard graduate become tainted?

What is the secret sauce that Harvard owns that transforms diamonds into lumps of coal?

How does Harvard manage this reverse reengineering?

Have they discovered the secret of the alchemists?

Well, it’s not rocket science. Let’s examine how this occurs.

To do so, we have to understand where Harvard students come from.

One set of Harvard students are what we can call legacy students. These are people whose parents either attended Harvard or are so friggin’ rich that they can buy their child’s place into Harvard.

Either way it’s a good bet that these legacy students grew up in a very well to do environment. Not all of them, but most of them, have been trained ever since childhood that they are blue bloods, the best and the brightest.

These kinds of students need little to no indoctrination as to their superiority to the rest of the human race. They are what you call cable ready, ready to go, or plug and play.

Another set of students are those kids whose parents are part of the political class in foreign countries. Again, these students having grown up as possibly the son of a dictator need little indoctrination. They too are plug and play.

Then you have the novelty acts and entertainers. Harvard loves entertainers and their children. Novelty acts like Taliban, and thirteen year old child prodigies exist to advance the Harvard name.

The final set of students are those people who have excelled in high school or on the SAT. These would be your valedictorians and salutatorians. Many of these people come from average backgrounds. These are the people who need grooming. These people are not accustomed to walking around the fabulously wealthy criminals that Harvard educates and controls.

And so when these wannabes enter Harvard, throughout their education they are introduced to the criminals in power. It might be a king or a queen; the president of a major hedge fund; or a few prominent Senators.

If you get married while at Harvard, or if you have a baby, the announcement of your marriage or your child’s birth will be displayed prominently in the New York Times which is the Volkischer Beobachter for Harvard University.

If you choose to enter Harvard Law, and you do reasonably well, you’ll get a clerkship with a Supreme Court justice.

Throughout your Harvard education you will meet professors who have been classmates with leaders of major corporations and foundations in the United States of America and the world. You will be introduced to them.

Guest lecturers who have been on television will routinely visit your classrooms. Hollywood entertainers who are scared shitless of losing their movie deals will drop by to speak a few words.

As a member of the Hasty Pudding club, any half-assed play you perform will strangely make it into local papers around the globe. This is to indoctrinate the suckers that Harvard is some special place. In God’s eyes, it isn’t. In the spirit of Christ who rejected a crown, which is a metaphor for rejection of the dog biscuits that Harvard offers, it isn’t.

No one needs to say a word, but in time your mind will change. You will begin to see yourself as a cut above everyone else. It will matter not a bit that you have achieved nothing in your life until then except gaining entrance into Smallpox University; you will begin to see yourself as different.

You will notice throughout your four years at Harvard that people swoon when you tell them that you are attending Harvard.

You will grow accustomed to this swooning; and people will swoon no matter how stupid your foolish pronouncements are.

In time you will subconsciously learn not to think too hard before you speak; you will not have to think hard because people will accept everything you say.

Well, people will think, she’s from Harvard; she must be a fucking genius. Or, alternatively, he’s from Harvard; he must be smart.


Consequently you will be viewed as a genius by the vast majority of people; and you will advance solely because you attended Harvard University.

Not only will you advance because people have been programmed to view you as a living God, Harvard will help you along because Harvard has an agenda.

Unbeknownst to you, you are a tool of Harvard University. You are a cog in the Harvard machine whether you know it or not.

Your accomplishments will be due in large part to Harvard University and the programming that has been impressed upon the American people and your own brain.

Since you have been told that you are the best and brightest, that you are a blue blood, when you leave Harvard you will start to prosecute a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You will begin to game the system in your favor, and you won’t even know it.

And this is how the Harvard graduate becomes tainted. This is what the cult does to you, and Harvard is a cult.

The only Harvard graduates who have escaped this cult are those who have returned to their localities.

It’s not a guarantee, but when the Harvard graduate returns to his hometown and is away from the cult-masters at Harvard, he begins to see that members of his own family who did not attend Harvard have more intelligence than many of the people he went to school with.

He also begins to see that the local people have more intelligence and certainly more common sense.

This is the only way that the cult can be broken in an individual’s mind.

Only then can the Harvard graduate begin to heal.

With none of the stupid juice, that Harvard serves up, in local supply, the Harvard graduate’s native intelligence returns.

Slowly the world becomes a better place to live.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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