The Diversity Scam

Why was Amanda Gorman chosen to speak at Joe Biden’s Inauguration? Why did Harvard place her there?

She was placed there by Harvard University in order to send a message; and the message is that Joe Biden is diverse in contrast to the Republicans who are not diverse.

Her presence is also a message to minorities that the Democratic Party is your party and that the Republican party is not your party.

But is the Biden Presidency diverse?

And is Amanda Gorman black?

For that matter, is Joe Biden white?

Think about that for a moment while I ask some other questions.

Is Mitt Romney white?

Is Donald Trump white?

Is Van Jones black?

How about Oprah Winfrey? Is she black?

The answer to all these questions is no.

These people have no color at all.

Now maybe they started out as black or white when they were young, but that’s not what they are now. All these people lost their native color when they ascended into the stratosphere of the rich and famous.

They also lost whatever religion they possessed in their earlier life.

All these people fly in the ether above us in Valhalla. They have no connection to us. They are immune to the pressures of daily life. They have no clue as to what is going on in regular people’s lives.

Additionally, they are owned by Corporate America, and Corporate America is owned and run by Harvard University.

Harvard University, as the top dog of the Ivy League, lies at the core of this rotten Corporate America.

Something happens to these people when they either attend an Ivy League school or when they sell their soul to the Ivy League.

They become corrupted.

Gradually they are indoctrinated into the halls of power. They are given perks. They may fly on Air Force One. They may be given a private tour of the White House, or perhaps an invitation to a state dinner.

Like Kanye West, they may even enjoy a personal sit-down with the President.

The money they make is beyond normal people’s comprehension.

Little by little their minds change.

They lose their color, their religion, and their soul.

Just look at Garth Brooks.

In time they come to worship the secular God, and in this country the archbishop of that secular God is Harvard University.

These rich and famous do what Harvard tells them to do, or else.

You either overtly play ball with Harvard’s game, or you falsely play the other side and lead people down fruitless pathways and blind alleys.

So when you see people who are ostensibly of different color in the Biden administration, what you are seeing is an illusion.

The same could be said for the Republicans and all who benefit off the national agenda, or who are attached to the Corporate Party which rules us.

These people are invisible ghosts who like a chameleon take on the color they require that day.

It’s a racket where they win and we lose.

Amanda Gorman is not black just as Mitt Romney is not white.

Amanda Gorman has no more connection with black people than Mitt Romney has with me as a white man.

I didn’t attend an Ivy League school; I’m not worth millions of dollars; and I’ve never received a newsletter from George Bush or Mitt Romney that says: Here’s what’s going down against people of color this week.

I am definitely not in the loop.

I have no connection whatsoever with white people in power. Likewise, minorities have no connection whatsoever to Kamala Harris or Amanda Gorman.

The people in the halls of power are all of the same non-color and non-religion. There is no diversity there at all. Whether they are Democrats or Republicans, they are of a class of people unlike us.

I call them Neo-Romans. Pagans they are who worship money and power.

Their goal is to create false divisions between regular people in order to distract us from the true scam that they are conducting against us.

They rape us; they rob us; they award themselves fantastic sums of money through foreign wars, banking scams, stock market scams and now healthcare scams.

Now, if perchance you might think that this is a good thing that these people don’t see each other as white or black, think again.

These people are not of the color blindness that MLK was referring to.

They see colors all right – our color be it white or black; and they see that color as a bad thing, which is why they punish us.

As colorless people they are the ultimate bigots.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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