Impeachment Farce

For those of you who are Biden supporters and who are into this impeachment extravaganza, calm yourself.

Try not to let that erection or orgasm get out of control.

Nothing will happen to Trump.

He will get off.

He’s not going to be convicted at all.

And the reason he’s not going to be convicted is because he was a good little boy during his four years and did absolutely nothing.

He accomplished precisely what Corporate America wanted him to accomplish – nada.

Healthcare reform: nothing. Ending the foreign wars: nothing. Building the wall: nothing. Holding Hillary accountable: nothing. Pardoning Julian Assange: nothing.

Hey what about that infrastructure idea he had? Didn’t he say he was going to rebuild the infrastructure? He did say that. Result: nothing.

Trump was set up to discredit populist conservatives.

He spent four years saying crazy stuff and promising all sorts of things which he did not deliver on.

The ultimate insult to conservatives was this foolish QAnon conspiracy.

The concept of QAnon was ludicrous in the first place.

The idea that there was a secret insider at a high level within the government who was revealing what was going to happen, and yet no one at the White House could discover this individual’s identity, was nonstop ridiculous.

The idea that there was an all knowing, mystery insider who knew what was going to happen, yet the FBI could not track this individual down, was beyond stupid.

So our government has all the technology in the world to track down hackers across the globe, but they can’t discover the identity of a clown who posts to 4Chan?


Trump did nothing to put down this ridiculousness because he was told not to put down this ridiculousness.

He did exactly what Corporate America told him to do, and no doubt Corporate America will reward him with a vast fortune far exceeding what he was ever able to gain on his own.

Corporate America bailed Trump out every time he had a bankruptcy.

They are bailing him out now.

Trump was as connected as can be. It was Corporate America who put him on television. It was Corporate America who gave him book deals. It was Corporate America who made him President.

The joke is not only on Trump supporters, but Biden supporters as well.

You see, politics today is nothing more than a giant scripted pro wrestling match.

I’m sorry for delivering the truth. We don’t live in a decent republic in which people legitimately vote in their leaders.

Our democracy is a sham.

You Biden supporters no more elected Trump then conservatives elected Trump back in 2016, or Bush in 2000.

It was CNN who got Trump elected back in 2016 by constantly putting him on the air, constantly talking about him to the exclusion of other candidates.

All CNN had to do was not say a word and Trump never would’ve had the legs to get elected.

Similarly, it was Sean Hannity who kept the Russian narrative alive for four years. He wouldn’t stop talking about it.

Had he not discussed it, the steam would have evaporated from that flimsy lie.

It takes two to tango, and if one of the partners doesn’t want to dance, the dance doesn’t get danced.

Both CNN and Fox News are tools of the same corporate elite who keep phony narratives going.

Both networks will talk about this impeachment trial nonstop, and at the end Trump will get off.

Do you know why he’ll get off?

He’ll get off because Corporate America still needs Donald Trump to fool conservatives, to keep them hoping for a savior, a savior who did nothing for them.

If Trump were out of the mix, why conservatives might reach out for a sane, responsible leader.

Oh, the horror.

That option the elites will never permit.

So they give you entertainment, a totally bogus affair.

The illusion of a fair and legitimate system is extremely important to the elites.

The very last thing they want is you understanding in your bones that the system is rigged against you.

Ah, but it is.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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