The Trump Catastrophe That’s Coming

Why will the Trump Presidency collapse like a house of cards?

Primarily because of his behavior .  He treats people like crap; he’s a rude person.

Simply put, he violates the laws of God.

I’ve never seen a rude screamer succeed in anything he’s done.

His presidency will bankrupt the country morally and financially.  I don’t care what his phony unemployment numbers say.  I’ve seen this before. 

I once worked under an individual who was a Marquis de Sade.  He not only brutalized the people under him, he enjoyed it.

What happens in a toxic atmosphere like this is that good people are humiliated when “victories” are not forthcoming.  Failure is never accepted.

 These good people then leave the organization.  Or they are relegated to wearing dunce caps.

At the same time that the toxic leader is humiliating good people, he is elevating junior people (personal favorites) who do not have the experience, wisdom and moral character to warrant such elevation.

When a person has to work hard for something in life, that person tends to value their station more.  They don’t want to lose what they have achieved.  For that reason they use greater care in their judgments.

The person who has not put in that time, who has not worked as hard, tends not to take great care in his or her decisions.  That person tends to behave in a more cavalier and dangerous way.

This can and often does result in a catastrophe, especially in a tense environment where “scoring a victory” wins you favor with the leader.

I have seen it.

This will most certainly happen with Trump.

This is probably one of the reasons why he has declared bankruptcy so many times in the past.

Ambitious, ‘victory at all costs yes-men’ are promoted while quality people are demoted.

Unfortunately Trump’s habit of achieving bankruptcy will happen again but with his new company,  the United States of America.

We will all pay the price.


The End


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The Trump Balance Sheet

Since we are in primary season, it seems appropriate to look at the Trump balance sheet. What has he accomplished so far?

Well, not much in my opinion, but let’s get at it.

  1.  He sold Otto Warmbier down the river.  After North Korea tortured Otto to death, Trump had a few a show meetings with Kim Jung Un and then did what? He sat on his ass and ate cheeseburgers.
  2. Julian Assange, who Trump said he liked prior to being elected, currently rots in Belmarsh Prison at the request of the CIA.  Our President has said nary a word.
  3. Alex  Jones, another buddy of the President, was deep-mixed by almost all major social media sites at around the same time. Trump went silent.  So much for free speech.
  4. The foreign wars.  Still there.  Still fighting.  Now, we’ll have to be careful here because a peace agreement was recently signed with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Let’s see what happens. Is this real peace, or are we getting ready to use those troops for another war somewhere else?  Iran anyone?  How about the Sahel?
  5. Being our voice.  Remember when Trump said he was going to be our voice? After he was elected, he immediately moved the board room of Goldman Sachs into the White House.
  6. Healthcare.  Okay, so Trump reversed the mandate. Big deal. John Roberts’s Obamacare decision still stands. The next liberal president can immediately reinstate that flawed tortuous logic.
  7. Competition.  Trump stood by and did nothing as Aetna merged with CVS-Caremark further increasing the size of our US Healthcare corporations.  If we thought too big to fail was bad in 2008, then why would we think even bigger would work?  It won’t.
  8. The shameless fawning over Juan Guaido at the State of the Union address.  Don’t we believe in national sovereignty?  Who are we to pick the president of another country? How would we feel if someone did that to us?  Say, didn’t our ancestors fight a revolutionary war specifically for that reason – to control our own destiny?
  9. Lock her up.  Excuse me, but didn’t Trump egg on the rabble when they screamed “Lock her up” in reference to Hillary Clinton?  Weren’t there real allegations against her that needed to be investigated?  Results:  Zip.
  10. Jeffrey Epstein.  Sure, Epstein had committed real crimes, but he was still a citizen of the USA and therefore entitled to basic rights.  After doubts arose as to whether he really did kill himself in prison, what did Trump do?  Launch a serious investigation?  Don’t make me laugh.
  11. The infrastructure.  Remember when Trump said he was going to rebuild America? What happened?  Nada.
  12. The economy.  Supposedly the country is booming.  Booming is 10% growth, strong is 5%, weak is 1%.  We are at 3.2% which is average.
  13. Unemployment.  Unemployment is at a record low.  Of course.  When you pay everybody a dollar an hour to work on a feudal estate, everybody’s employed.  Hey, everyone in the Soviet Union was employed.  Everyone in Cuba is employed.
  14. Intelligence.  Trump stated that socialism would never come to United States. Here’s a ticket on the clue train: we’ve been living under socialism since FDR. What do you think social security is? What do you think food stamps are?
  15. Manufacturing.  Trump brags about bringing manufacturing back, but manufacturing has been making a steady increase since 2008. Manufacturing as a percentage of the economy is exactly where it was in 2008.  Let’s see what happens. Do we really believe that our greedy elite billionaires (Trump is one of them) have reformed to the point where they want to put manufacturing back in the United States?  That takes money away from them.

Okay, is that enough?

Hey, what about the wall?

Well, as it turns out the wall was a stupid idea, and his support of it underscores Trump’s inability to pick up a book and read it.  Listening to cheerleaders like Sean Hannity won’t cut it.

The reason so many immigrants are coming to the United States is because US Corporations and wealthy Central American landowners have made life impossible for the average citizen there.  The rich murder union organizers so that they may pay the workers nothing; and they pollute the environment to boot. That’s why you have extreme poverty; that’s why you have MS 13. That’s why the people are coming up here.

You might say they are motivated to come up here; ergo, no wall will stop them. That Trump does not understand this is reason enough to throw him out of office.




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Michael Milken and his Pardon

Michael Milken did tremendous damage to the American economy.

His pardon by Donald Trump is a disgrace.

People are often not convicted for their real crimes but for the stuff they can get caught for.

Michael Milken’s real crimes do not involve the esoteric technicalities of bond trading.

His crimes are what he did to the mindset of Americans and how they view their fellow countrymen.

By ushering in the era of junk bonds, Michael Milken enabled corporate raiders to buy up companies to which they had no emotional connection. 

Prior to Milken, many companies were family owned, regional businesses where the owners had a vested interest in the community.

The owners, while well off, lived in or near the community, and they understood that their wealth came about principally because of their workers.

Consequently, owners took care of their workers.

With the advent of junk bonds it became easy for outsiders to purchase companies that they knew little about except what could be gleaned from a balance sheet and income statement.

So these corporate raiders would peruse financial statements from the safe confines of their New York City penthouses and scout for prey.

Like an eagle soaring above the landscape, they scanned the terrain for helpless slower moving animals.

It was easy pickens for them.

They borrowed as much money as they wanted via Michael Milken’s firm, Drexel Burnham Lambert, swooped in, bought the company and then performed their magic.

Their magic often involved asset stripping and job layoffs.

Nice, huh?

By laying off employees, selling the machinery and buildings while outsourcing the jobs to China for cheap labor, the new owners made a fortoona.

After awarding themselves stock option packages and fantastic salaries, they did even better.

Afterall, they were indispensable geniuses, right?

But what about the workers they laid off?

Did all those workers immediately find jobs?

Some did, but many lost well-paying jobs.

Many families broke apart.

When families break up, people become depressesd and turn to drugs.

Children suffer.

Crime goes up.

Unemployment goes up.

Morale goes down.

All sorts of social ills arise, social ills with costs that are shouldered by the American taxpayer.

What Milken’s junk bonds produced was a breaking apart of the social contract we have with one another where we agree to not rip each other off.

Junk bonds made it too easy for the greedy to prey upon the weak.

Junk bonds set the ball rolling toward dismantling the American economy which was robust because it took care of its workers.

The result is the Oxycontin culture we created where drugs have replaced well-paying jobs.

That’s the real crime of Michael Milken.

That Trump would pardon him shows how little Trump understands economics and how little he cares for you.

That’s quite at odds with the man who asked to be our voice.



The End

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El Jefe

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So I watched television the other night as “El Jefe” gave his speech on immigration.

Why do I even watch?

I watch like a sucker because I think something is actually going to be said.

I watch for the same reason I kept watching all those Indiana Jones and Star Wars sequels.  I desperately keep hoping for quality in a world that shuns it.

A part of me wanted Trump to say the following:

I have thought about the immigration problem, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve been wrong.

I think what we need to do is follow the lead of Mr. Lopez Obrador in Mexico who has called for the world to invest in Central America so as to improve their lives.  My buddy, Señor Obrador is obviamente the smartest guy in the room.

I am now of the opinion that US corporations have raped Central America, exploited the people, impoverished them, polluted the environment and made life so miserable for them that they have had no other option except to flood into the United States.

If we have MS-13 gangsters here, it is because our US Corporations have created them.  Thank you, Council on Foreign Relations.

How silly I was not to have recognized this before.

Well, of course, he didn’t.  More importantly he didn’t say anything that he has not said before, which is actually a very dangerous thing.

It is dangerous because it illustrates that for all his talk, he will do NOTHING.

And doing nothing is bad for everyone. Doing nothing means that the same old shit is going to keep happening, except of course, the furtherance of the common market, the dissolution of national identity and the enabling of the beloved, yet misguided, Amero.

Never mind Europe’s horrible experience with the Euro.  Since the elites can’t manage the currency of one country, why not allow them to manage a new and ever bigger supranational currency?   It makes eminent sense.

Of course, that’s what the elites want – to do nothing.

At some point, Trump must take a stand.

If you have something to say, say it.

Otherwise, shut up.

Don’t walk around like a tough guy unless you mean it.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

Teddy Roosevelt advised us to walk softly and carry a big stick.  Trump walks loudly and carries a pop gun.

Thus far, there is no meat on these bones.


Copyright 2019   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved

Lousy Leader

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When it comes to Donald Trump, anything you’ve ever read in a business book about leadership can be taken to the top of the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge and thrown off into the drink.

I don’t think his leadership is a different style of doing business.

Well, it is, but you know what I mean.

This man is bad.

I can’t possibly see how the results of his “leadership” can turn out well for any of us.

He badmouths anyone who has legitimate criticism of him.

He badmouths people who sacrificed for him.

He makes fun of people’s personal appearances.

He doesn’t just disagree with people; he calls them names.

The other day he called General Stanley McChrystal a dumb dog in so many words.

Trump stated: “General” McChrystal got fired like a dog by Obama. Last assignment a total bust. Known for big, dumb mouth. Hillary lover!

Whatever you may feel about General McChrystal, he served his country honorably and is therefore entitled to better treatment than being portrayed as a dumb dog.

And he was a General. No demeaning and unwarranted quotation marks are necessary.

In my experience in healthcare, people who disparage others openly generally fail.

So why does Trump think he can get away with this behavior?

He thinks this way because he has gotten away with it in his construction business.

Over the years he’s bullied people into submission.

He got away with it because he was richer than they were.

This is probably the first time in his life where he has to work with other people.

Well, as Carlito Brigante told Dave Kleinfeld in Carlito’s Way: “It’s too late to go to school.”

So we are stuck with Trump, and I don’t see him going away anytime soon.

The money that put him there evidently there still wants him there. So do his applauding followers.

And why not?

Part of Trump’s appeal is the conditioning that many Americans receive as to what makes a good leader.

Americans have been taught through myth and television for many decades that what makes a good leader is a person who kicks ass and takes names.

Yet a good leader rarely does any of these things.

A good leader is someone who puts himself in the background. A good leader thinks twice and speaks once. A good leader knows that he must take a lot of guff in order to achieve the greater good. A good leader never brags. A good leader highlights the accomplishments of the people beneath him. A good leader minimizes his own accomplishments. A good leader does not engage in petty behavior. A good leader accepts responsibility when he is wrong. A good leader gets down in the muddy trenches with his men if need be. A good leader does not throw his men under the bus.

Trump exhibits none of these leadership skills. He never needed to learn them.

Consequently, he can only fail to deliver.

Impeachment? Cui Bono?

Impeachment is inevitable according to Elizabeth Drew veteran columnist for the New York Times.

Ms. Drew is as old as the hills, and she was a former director of the Council on Foreign Relations. Well, when you are as connected as she was with the “gentlemen” from Corporate America who now rule our country, her opinion must be considered seriously.

Of course, impeachment is not a conviction. Impeachment is a trial.

One must ask first, though, why the real rulers of America, that being Corporate America, would want their boy, Trump, thrown out of office.

He’s doing just fine by them.

Sure, he’s removed a few token troops from Syria in order to fire up his base, but has he made any real dent in America’s war machine? 

Has he fired John Bolton?


He continues to support Israel to the hilt. He continues to wage verbal warfare against Iran.

It sounds to me like he’s just getting going. It sounds to me like he’s getting the war machine ready for the next offensive.

As for James Mattis resigning, if James Mattis resigned it is only because Corporate America wanted him out of there. He wants a job on a boardroom someday, doesn’t he?  Well, if he does he better not anger Corporate America. They never forget.

No, I think Mattis was perhaps too reasonable for our corporate warmongers, too much the voice of peace, always a danger to the aspirations of corporate America.

Hey, remember those halcyon days when American leaders cared about peace in the world?

Ha, what a pack of wimps those guys were.

The stock market plunge? Why would  Corporate America give one rat’s ass about the stock market? They’ve been manipulating it for years, stealing money from the American people. They don’t care if the market goes down; that just gives them the opportunity to swoop in and buy stocks cheap.

The shutdown over the wall?  Corporate America couldn’t care less if a few Americans go without pay for the next month or two. That doesn’t affect them.  They rather prefer the fracas and discussion over the wall, a stupid idea if there ever was one.

Indeed, Corporate America loves the wall and the discussion there of. They do so because it distracts Americans from discussing the real cause of immigration from Central America, which is that Corporate America has raped the people of Central America and have been doing so for many, many decades.

Trump is a good thing for the corporate elite. Why would they want to get rid of him and have some wild and crazy guy like Mike Pence get in there?

Mike Pence might do something wise. Mike Pence might have a sensitivity to the American people and feel that war is not in their best interest. Mike Pence might feel the pain of people who’ve lost money in the stock market. He might see it as the casino that it is. Mike Pence might agree with Mr. Obrador in Mexico City who feels that investment in Central America and improving the lives of its inhabitants might prevent immigration into the United States.

Oh the horror, the horror.  What would become of the common market and the Amero?

It wouldn’t become, and that is the point.  The elites from Corporate America desire to build their new world, and they will have it.

At this point in time, Trump is an  integral instrument to achieve that.  And so, in this author’s opinion, Trump will be with us for quite some time.

Sure, there might be an impeachment process, but if Corporate America doesn’t want a conviction to take place, it won’t happen.

Corporate America controls the U.S. Senate. Their boys will do what they’re told to do, or they won’t get the money to get reelected.

That’s what I think of Trump’s impeachment.

Cui bono?

Trump the Impotent

So here we are, more than two years into the Trump Presidency, and Trump still can’t get his wall built.

You mean, he’s still fighting with Chuck and Nancy to get his wall built.

I think we’re being taken for a ride, folks.

For crying out loud, Trump, you’re the President of the United States.  You’ve got more weapons and hidden funds at your disposal than a man can shake a stick at.

You could have built the wall, not that I care about it, under the auspices of national security.

You could have traded for the wall quid pro quo with the Democratic Party opposition.

There were and are any number of items you could have traded.

You could have said to Chuck and Nancy:  “Give me the wall, and I won’t go after Hillary.”

Isn’t that the art of the deal?

If the wall isn’t being built by now, it is either because you are too impotent to get it, or because you really don’t want it.

Which is it?

Or maybe you are just too stupid.

Maybe your mind is impotent.

Maybe you are mentally weak.

Or maybe, you really are being deceptive.

Which is it?

Are you morally impotent?

Mentally impotent?

Or are you just technically impotent?

Which is it?

For the record, the wall is not only a stupid idea but a testament to both the immorality and willful obstinance of our leaders.  If you really want to keep immigrants out, then try enabling other countries; try making them nice places to live.  Indeed, the reason the immigrants are here is precisely because our US corporations have run roughshod over them in Central America.


GM and Gall

GM is eliminating 14,000 jobs in Ohio, Detroit and elsewhere in the United States.

What should Trump do?

Words won’t cut it.

Nor will worrying about the legal ramifications if action is taken.


We don’t need if.

Leaders lead.

If Trump had guts, he would immediately suspend all sales of GM cars, trucks and parts in the United States.

If he had guts, he would stand in front of the dealerships himself brandishing a weapon.

If he had guts, he would immediately place under house arrest all GM executives and board members.

If he had guts, he would confiscate their wealth to be placed in the public trust.

If he had guts, he would break the back of General Motors on the basis of national security.

But this would take guts, something in short supply in both Washington and Trump.

The gall and nerve of General Motors to eliminate jobs in the United States is staggering given the bailouts that this giant corporate baby received only ten years ago.

For your information these bailouts weren’t exactly a winner for us,

This company is begging for a spanking.

And Trump should deliver it.

Post haste.

If that is not forthcoming, then the people themselves should boycott General Motors.

An adequate slogan might be:  “You don’t make here, you don’t sell here.

It sounds reasonable to me.

This is the only way to take down these global titans.

The leaders of these international corporations have become unhinged from the people they are supposed to serve.

They don’t give two flips about the people.

Hence, the people should reciprocate.

Trump, the candidate who said, “I will be your voice,” should reciprocate.

It’s time to man up, Mr. President.

Overplaying Their Hand

One of the hallmarks of the left is that they always overplay their hand.

They can not fix themselves.

It’s part of who they are.

Many years ago I was watching a program about the history of politics in America.  I was enjoying the program.  It seemed legit.  Just before the program ended, the narrator referenced Richard Nixon, then added with dramatic emphasis: “The only President to resign the Office of the Presidency in disgrace.”   Leftists love to add that redundant flourish to assure you that it wasn’t a dog catcher who resigned the Presidency.

When I heard that, I let out a giant ugggghhhhhh as I realized I had just permitted myself to be force fed  two hours of leftist propaganda.  It was two hours of my life that I wasn’t going to get back.

I was in my 20s and it was my first exposure to the left overplaying its hand.

The left can’t help it. Being smug and sanctimonious is part of who they are.

And they can’t resist throwing in a cheap shot against Nixon, or Reagan or Bush.

They always think they’re right. And it will always be that way.

They become incensed when people dare to think differently.  How dare they?

They believe their own bullshit so fervently that they ignore reality staring at them in the face.

They are the ultimate zealots, the ultimate true believers.

To reinforce their beliefs they construct crazy polling data that supports their views.

One such poll came out yesterday which showed that early voting by young voters was up 500%.  

500%?   Is this number believable?

This poll is happily embraced by the left. It serves two purposes.

First, it pleasures the left; it’s an orgasm of sorts. “Young voters are up; young voters vote our way; we will necessarily win.” As to what would singularly motivate a leftist to get up and vote two weeks before the election as opposed to Election Day is not discussed.  Perhaps these early voters are overwhelmingly the young people on the right who tend to plan ahead.

Second, it presents the election as a fait accompli to their opponents.  “Do you see, conservatives, it’s all over. There is no need for you to vote.”  People on the left can not resist the fait accompli.  They do it all the time.  They did it with Hillary in 2016; they do with it global warming – “settled science”; they are doing it now with the midterm elections.

The latter point  illustrates a classic case of the left overplaying its hand.

Will it work?  

Not a chance.

Conservatives are disciplined.

Conservatives will do what they always do, whether they want to or not, even if they are the only person in the room to do so.

They will vote.

Republican Victory

If it’s one thing the media is good at it is manipulating the poll readings before an election.

Right now they’re indicating a Democratic Party win.

That’s not the way I see it.

The Republicans should win in both the Senate and the House.  One year ago I thought that the Republican Party was going to gain seats.  I still guardedly think so although I am less optimistic as to the size of the gains.

The only obstacle to gaining seats at this point is the failure of the President to accomplish anything.

This President has been an a failure in attaining his goals. With the exception of executive orders what has he accomplished?

The individual mandate can be  reversed easily by a Democratic Congress and President. All his executive orders can be reversed. The free trade agreements can be re-entered.   I don’t see a damn thing that he’s done to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States. I think his economic recovery is a fraud backed up by cooked numbers.  Foreign wars? Hah!  We’re still there.

That stated, why do I think the Republicans will win?

First, the baby boomers are getting older. The baby boomers still make up a significant portion of the population. As people get older they become more conservative.

Second, the Democratic Party has become more radicalized. I evidence this by the increased harassment of politicians that you see in restaurants and the rise of Antifa. But it’s not just that. It’s the failure of responsible Democratic Party leaders to denounce these radicals.

Third, the Democratic Party has become the party of obstruction rather than the party of ideas. Their whole goal for the last two years has been to obstruct Trump, not to offer anything new.

Fourth, the bending of traditionally Democratic leaders to the right in order to win an election.  When you see senators such as Claire McCaskill denouncing the “crazy Democrats”  in order to win an election that’s an ominous sign.  It signals that she is in trouble and that she knows it. Where was she three, six and twelve months ago denouncing the radical left?

Fifth, the lack of foot soldiers within the Democratic Party.  When the Deep State murdered Seth Rich, they lost their foot soldiers. Foot soldiers talk to each other, especially about the corruption which Seth Rich revealed to Julian Assange.  You need foot soldiers to get out the vote. What the Democratic Party was left with was a corrupt, aging leadership and a rabble, a raging mob, at the bottom.  The leadership can’t control their mob from harassing politicians at restaurants; they won’t be able to get them to go vote next Tuesday.

Sixth, the Democratic Party has no base in Middle America. Their working class base is now solidly with Trump.  Who the Democrats are stuck with now are Starbucks literati, Marxists and illegal immigrants.

Seventh, the failure of the Democratic Party to admit to itself its own corruption (which is why Seth Rich leaked those documents) and its own culpability for losing the 2016 election.  Instead they covered it up with a bogus Russia story.  They fooled no one but themselves.

The Republicans should win handily.  I will be surprised if they do not.

In a way, this will be good for the country.  It will be good because Trump will now have no excuse to not prosecute a conservative agenda which he will not do.  He won’t because he’s a globalist posing as a nationalist.

When he does not do such, the conservatives will then have good reason to work with the Democrats to ask him to leave.

So it can be a win for everyone.