Beware of Philanthropists with Gifts

How do you spell doom for the inner city?

How do you spell apocalypse for the black community?

How do you spell despair for people who desperately need help?

You spell it H-A-R-V-A-R-D.

Bloomberg Philanthropies has just donated $150 million to Harvard University in order to help out mayors of cities so that they can effectively manage their cities better.

The program is creatively entitled the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative.


The very last thing these cities need is more of the philosophy of Karl Marx.

Karl Marx, of course is the spiritual leader of Harvard University.

But this isn’t just any old Karl Marx; this is a Karl Marx who has been given corporate power – crony corporate power.

How will this money be spent?

Well, it certainly won’t be spent on the people who need it.

I expect, given the amount of money available, which is not terribly high, that it will be spent on workshops, indoctrination, fellowships, awards and advisers who will help the mayors cement Harvard’s death grip upon the city.

I expect that more Harvard graduates will become mayors – as if we didn’t have enough already.

I expect the conditions for the black community to worsen within those cities.

I expect black-owned businesses to suffer within those cities.

Marches opposing white supremacy, or whatever other nutty idea Harvard is championing, will become the norm within the inner city.

While this is going on, lush contracts will be doled out to Harvard cronies.

The cities will become unmanageable.

Total chaos will ensue.

What’s the goal of all this?

The long term goal of all this is to put Harvard University in total control of the affairs of the nation for a long time.

By destroying the cities, by emaciating the people, Harvard creates a society completely dependent upon the breadcrumbs Harvard is willing to dispense to them.

Harvard’s immediate goal, with this gift, is to control all the cities of the United States.

Because the population base of these cities is so high, Harvard will soon control the states just as it now controls the federal government.

Each state’s principal representatives will now be controlled by Harvard.

The cities will become giant voting blocks under Harvard’s control.

It will no longer be necessary for a state wide candidate to appeal to anyone outside the major metropolitan areas.

Let’s look at Texas.

Almost half of the population in the state of Texas now resides within a major metropolitan area.

You have 7 million people living in the Dallas metropolitan area, 7 million people living in the Houston metropolitan area, 2 million people living in the San Antonio metropolitan area, 1 million people living in the Austin metropolitan area.

That’s 17 million people in a state that holds 28 million people.

Three of these metropolitan areas have Harvard clowns as mayor. Austin has a Princeton clown as mayor.

Currently Ted Cruz, comes from Harvard and Princeton. He’s a double clown.

This is not an accident. This is not a chance event.

These people did not come out of nowhere.

I say that because I had a friend years ago who told me in an excited voice, as if he had struck the mother lode, that Ted Cruz had come out of nowhere.


I beg to differ. Princeton. Harvard. Friend of the Bush family. I don’t think he came out of nowhere.

There is deep money, hidden money and powerful forces that are putting forth an effort for the Ivy League, led by Harvard University, to control the affairs of each and every state.

Your future mayors, governors, and senators will now be Harvard educated. Or they will be Ivy League cronies or puppets who Harvard controls.

Their goal will be to effectively nationalize that state with regard to policy and way of thinking.

They will effectively champion every nutty idea that comes out of the leadership at Harvard University whether that be global warming, white supremacy or foreign wars.

The Bloomberg gift to Harvard will only encourage fondness and allegiance to Harvard.

It will therefore be that much easier for Harvard University who leads Corporate America to socially reengineer society while profiting themselves handsomely.

The ultimate goal, of course, is a neo-feudal society with themselves, the Harvard-Ivy League graduate, at the top.

These Harvard graduates are not Americans anymore.

They love the monarchy. They wish they could give themselves titles of nobility befitting their self-proclaimed superior status.

Michael Bloomberg, the founder of Bloomberg philanthropies, is a Harvard graduate. He is also a former mayor of New York City who helped undo many of the reforms that made New York a better city.

He was the consummate Harvard preacher treating its citizens like children. After all, Harvard men know best, right?

Bloomberg Philanthropies, by giving money to Harvard to help mayors of cities manage their cities more effectively, will help foster that mentality that Harvard men know best.

In time, if unstopped, they might just award themselves those titles of nobility they feel they are entitled to.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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