Genetic Holocaust

The scientists who emphatically state that the COVID-19 virus did not leak out of a lab are hardly impartial.

They know full well the ramifications if it is proven that this COVID-19 virus leaked out of a lab somewhere. It will mean stricter controls on their labs, and this they are frightened of. This they do not want.

It’s much safer for all of them, they think, if they agree that this COVID-19 was just an accident in evolution. Enter the convenient bat.

Why not? Everybody hates bats anyway.

Yeah, sure, the bat did it.

In that way, life can move on for the scientists.

But about us?

Now is a good time for our leaders to thoroughly examine the extent to which knowledge of genetics and gene manipulation is exchanged openly throughout the world. Is this a good idea?

Imagine if Robert Oppenheimer back in the 1940s said to FDR and Truman: “You know what, we should really make this Manhattan Project open source information and collaborate with the finest minds around the globe?” What do you think they would say to that?

How about this: “Are you crazy?”

Well, the same can be said of current research going on in the field of genetics and genetic manipulation. Our scientists now have the power to do some serious damage to not just humanity, but to life on earth. And it’s all out there for everybody to see.

The potential damage from a genetic Holocaust far outstrips the damage from a nuclear weapon.

There is no China versus America when it comes to COVID-19 and other issues in genetics. Western scientists and Chinese scientists have been collaborating extensively for decades in genetic research.

Many of our scientists have worked with the Chinese, and many of their scientists have worked in the US. Currently the head of the Chinese CDC is a man named George Gao who trained at Harvard University.

Whatever bad (or good) happens in genetics and virology is a product of this collaboration.

To blame the Chinese, or anyone, is fruitless. All the scientists are to blame because collectively they all contributed to the infrastructure which underpins the good and the bad.

The problem is in what these scientists are doing, how they are doing it, and how that information is exchanged.

Open knowledge isn’t always a good idea.

Open knowledge might have led to the development of COVID-19. And it might have occurred quite innocently as a good idea gone bad.

But, shhh, we can’t talk about that.

It’s much safer to believe that a bat did it. In that way, everybody goes home a winner.

Except us.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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