Racism for a Reason

Why do we suddenly see this effort to depict Americans as racist?

The effort is coming about because Corporate America desires to shift the blame away from itself. It was Corporate America that destroyed the black community. It was Corporate America that shipped well-paying jobs overseas. It is Corporate America that runs a corporate prison racket.

First let’s define Corporate America. Corporate America is more than just the Fortune 500 companies. Corporate America involves all the major corporations, Ivy League schools, think tanks, new Ivy League schools, associations, foundations, NGOs, governments, sports leagues, media outlets, and any other large concern in the nation and the world.

If you don’t despise Harvard University by now, you should. Harvard University is the main force in fueling Corporate America’s rise to power. That’s why Harvard exists.

Harvard University does not exist to train people to work at McDonalds, the railroad, or the Bakken oil play.

Harvard University exists to train the officers of Corporate America. Now, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you will work for Corporate America when you leave Harvard; you are totally free to do what you want. But it is unlikely that you will do so after attending Harvard. And that is because Harvard spends an enormous amount of energy indoctrinating you into the halls of power while you are there. When you attend Harvard, you will meet so-called important people in all walks of life. You will meet the rich. You will meet the Supreme Court justices. You will meet famous actors and top CEOs. You will meet the heads of hedge funds and venture capital firms. You will meet and go to school with the children of wealthy people. Along the way you will become indoctrinated.

It’s a cult, and they are looking for a few good men and women.

Now, this in itself is not a reason to despise Harvard University.

Why you should despise Harvard University occurred before many of you were born.

The United States in the early part of the 20th century was largely decentralized in terms of power. Regional businesses ran the show. Family businesses ran the show. Yes, there were national corporations at the time, but these national corporations were really large regional businesses. Ford Motor Company was a regional business that became extremely large. America had not reached the point at which national titans, headquartered in NY, had become emotionally and physically distanced from their workers.

Consequently these large regional businesses, which sent products all over the United States, were run by men who took care of their workers. They lived near their workers, and they possessed a sense of noblesse oblige. Remember, Henry Ford was a mechanic who made it big. He was a regular guy.

As the years progressed and companies like Ford got bigger, there became a need for more professional management. This is where Harvard University and the Ivy League come in. There was a need to train people in modern methods of finance, accounting, advertising, and marketing. In time, the Ivy League became the principal training ground for Corporate America.

As long as the new titans of Corporate America supplied by Harvard University displayed that sense of noblesse oblige and took care of the workers, there would be no problem.

A line worker at GM in the 1970s could make $75,000 a year in today’s money. That was enough money to buy a small house, send the kids to college, and keep the family together on the straight and narrow path to a better life.

What happened was that the new titans of Corporate America, people like Michael Milken and Mitt Romney, did not feel that sense of noblesse oblige. Instead, they looked upon the American worker with contempt. They viewed these workers as ignorant union goons, not worthy of their lofty Ivy League presence. Consequently they had no qualms about outsourcing jobs or helping others to outsource jobs.

So what they did was this. They bought up these regional businesses through their hedge funds and holding companies, laid off the workers, shipped the jobs out to China where they could pay 1/25th of the labor cost, and sold the existing machinery and buildings to the highest bidder.

By doing so they were able to increase the profit margin of the company.

While they were screwing the American worker, they were also screwing the American investor. Here’s how they did it. They took control of the board room and began to award themselves hundreds of thousands if not millions of stock shares and stock options for doing nothing save their regular job. This diluted shareholder value.

Dividends were for suckers. The concept of a growth stock came into being. This was abetted by business shows on emerging cable outlets whose giddy hosts whooped it up on every stock market high.

The Dow Jones average became a national obsession. You couldn’t even watch a wrestling match without the Dow flickering on the screen below.

When the profit margins increased as they could only do when you pay 1/25th of the normal labor costs to Chinese workers, the CEO and his henchmen’s stock value rose which then transformed them into billionaires.

That’s how Mitt “Harvard” Romney got rich. That’s how Carl “Princeton” Icahn got rich. That’s how Michael “Wharton School” Milken got rich. They facilitated this process.

That’s why Oliver Stone made the movie Wall Street. Gordon Gekko is a representation of the Ivy League scum that raped America.

Not only did these Ivy Leaguers, like Lee “Princeton” Iacocca, rape America through stock options and stock shares, they awarded themselves fantastic salaries and severance packages.

This has continued to this day. Only a few years ago Marissa Mayer was awarded $264 million in her severance package for doing an average job at Yahoo.

This is the apotheosis of greed.

This greed has wreaked havoc on the American family. With that nice $75,000 per year salary gone, blue-collar families experienced extreme financial distress. This manifested itself in divorce, psychological problems, increased drug use, increased crime, suicide, spousal abuse, child abuse, and all sorts of other social ills.

The black community was hit particularly hard. Much of the devastation that you see in the black community has come about because of outsourcing of jobs.

In addition to outsourcing jobs, Corporate America made the decision to get into the prison business. This was very lucrative for them. Plus, they needed something to replace those factories that they had shipped overseas. The black community must have seemed ideal to them. And so they made sure that there would be plenty of black prisoners for their corporate prison racket. One way to ensure that was to destabilize the black community with drugs. In the early 1980s, Corporate America‘s thug agency, the CIA, ran drugs into the black community in Los Angeles. We know this because Gary Webb of the San Jose Mercury News told us what they were doing in his Dark Alliance series.

This is why you see utter devastation in the black community. It has nothing to do with racism on the part of your average white guy. It was Corporate America that destroyed the black community. It is Corporate America that conducts racism against black people.

It’s Corporate America that hires the race hustlers to effectively herd many black folk into nonproductive fits of rage and frustration.

It’s Corporate America that is financing Black Lives Matter.

Corporate America wants black people to burn down their neighborhoods.

Your average white guy in Paducah can’t afford to be a racist. He’s moved well beyond Bull Connor of the 1950s. That guy in his small shop needs all the good help he can get. He couldn’t care less if a person is black, yellow, red, or polkadot.

He also doesn’t care who his purchasers are. He’ll take all the business he can get.

The real discrimination is coming from Corporate America. You hear people complain about this all the time on television. You see it in the NFL where opportunities are denied to black people when it comes to hiring coaches and general managers.

You can also see it when the NFL disciplines its players. If you are Ben Roethlisberger whoring it up in a bar, you get a slap on the wrist. If you are Tom Brady throwing deflated footballs, you get a slap on the wrist. If you are Peyton Manning hiding behind your wife’s skirt as she orders human growth hormone and steroids, you get a slap on the wrist. But if you are Adrian Peterson and you discipline your child a little too severely, you get a year suspension. If you are Pac-Man Jones and someone else shoots someone in a bar while you are there, you get a year suspension. If you are Pac-Man Jones and you rain money in a bar, the media has a cow.

Critical race theory is nothing more than Corporate America’s attempt to deflect attention away from them while injuring you.

Critical race theory came out of Harvard University. In time Harvard University embraced it. They found a way to use it against the people they hate the most, you.

That’s why you should hate Harvard.

Harvard rapes the black man. Harvard rapes the white man.

There is no escaping it. All roads lead to Harvard.

By depicting you as racist, Harvard and Corporate America will place you on the defensive and enable reparations to take place.

These reparations will not benefit the black man or the black community.

The prime beneficiaries will be Corporate America who will stand by to administer the reparations program and take their cut of the reparations pie. Corporate America will fleece the black community of their newly gotten gain.

The rich will get richer, and the poor will get poorer.

Rage will increase in the black community egged on by Corporate America. Riots will become the norm.

White people will resent the reparations, and the race hustlers in the black community will say that the reparations are not enough.

Racial divisiveness will broaden after which Corporate America’s lackey politicians will again state that America is a racist nation thus completing the circle.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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