Trouble in Colombia

Why is Colombia in trouble?

Well, we can probably start with the president, Ivan Duque.

He’s just another rich guy, who comes from a wealthy family, who is out of touch with how regular people live.

He went to school at Georgetown and American University, so it’s good bet that he is one of the American empire’s boys.

He’s there in Colombia to do what the United States wants him to do.

And he’s doing just that.

There are many factors which are contributing to Colombia’s problems. A lot of them though are the result of US policy and what the US wants.

Let’s begin with the FARC guerrillas. A few years ago, the government made an agreement with the guerrillas that Duque has been slow in implementing.

The FARC would lay down their arms, and the government in turn would protect them from reprisals.

So far the government has not been fully living up to its part of the deal.

This is not surprising as the US has a track record of not honoring agreements that it or its allies have signed.

Why should we be surprised? The US government reneged on all its treaties with the American Indians. It reneged on its deal with Iran just a few years ago.

You can’t trust the US government. The US government is immoral.

The longer Mr. Duque persists in slow-walking the terms of the agreement, the more unrest he will see in the countryside.

The unrest doesn’t come about solely because FARC guerrillas are being killed. The FARC guerrillas existed in the first place because the government wouldn’t give the peasants the basics in education, health and economic opportunity.

The unrest will therefore persist as long as people are impoverished.

People are impoverished because there is unequal distribution of wealth in Colombia. In other words the wealthy are too greedy.

Compounding this is Colombia‘s dependence upon oil. Their economy is great as long as the price of oil is high, but when the price of oil dips, then people feel the pinch.

Labor unions obviously want more money for their workers.

The government’s response to that has been to kill them.

Well, when people get killed, they tend to get angry and rebel.

One way that leaders typically use to get out of a cash crunch, which is what Colombia is in, is to borrow money from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) or other capital sources.

Typically this doesn’t work for the country, but leaders who the US controls usually do it anyway.

Such an arrangement benefits the banks, the US, and the corrupt leaders of those countries, but rarely does it benefit the people.

This is how it works.

The international monetary fund, or major US banks, loan shitloads of money to the corrupt leader. He borrows money out the ass from these institutions, then steals a good percentage of that money which he then deposits in accounts that are controlled by or allied with the banks that loaned him the money in the first place. Then when the people see what’s going on, they kick the corrupt leader out. He then runs away to Florida where the US give him safe harbor; meanwhile the people are stuck paying back those huge loans which they of course can not pay back except for the interest.

The people then live in perpetual servitude to the United States.

This is the economic model that the United States and their criminal brothers in the UK have set forth for much of the world.

Ivan Duque is just a cog in that economic model.

In addition to that, he is providing sanctuary to many Venezuelans who are fleeing Nicolas Maduro’s regime. This has placed great stress on the Colombian economy.

Why is he giving sanctuary to these Venezuelans?

Well, nothing happens in Columbia unless the US desires it.

The sanctuary probably exists as cover to create a government and paramilitary force in exile which will one day march on Caracas.

Furthermore, having refugees fleeing a despotic regime is good pretext for getting in there and doing something.

Venezuela, and its oil is the goal.

You see, the US wants that oil.

The US doesn’t need the oil for its own needs because the US is a net exporter of oil.

But China does.

The US wants to control the world’s oil so that they can hold China over a barrel.

In addition to that, if the US controls the majority of the world’s oil, they can flood the world with oil thus driving the price down. In this manner they can damage the Russian economy which is heavily dependent upon oil sales.

For those reasons, the US has no desire to see anyone else control the world’s oil.

That’s why the US wants Iran. That’s why the US wants Venezuela.


It’s a dog eat dog world.

And since the world’s economy is pegged to the petrodollar, the US has no desire to see the petrodollar go away.

If that should happen, the inflation in the United States would go through the roof as countries dumped their dollars.

Currently every country in the world must buy oil in US dollars. The US through its military mandates this by force.

These factors are driving US policy.

These factors explain what’s going on in Colombia.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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