Mischief Makers

Here are some other Ivy League graduates you should know about.


Because they are affecting the education of your children.

The first is Wendy Kopp of Teach for America. Wendy is the founder.

The second is Richard Barth, her husband, who currently heads KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program).

Wendy is a Princeton graduate, and Richard is a Harvard graduate.

Both are, of course, malicious overachievers and busybodies at large. They just can’t leave racist America alone.

While cleansing America of its racist past, they are, of course, collecting accolades, awards, and most likely a lot of cash for themselves.

Wendy’s organization, TFA, is really a pyramid scheme for accolades. You might even call it a Ponzi scheme too. Instead of money being accumulated, its followers accumulate awards and accolades that they can then use to infiltrate the media and Corporate America in order to further cleanse America of its racist past.

Here is a link to TFA’s site: https://www.teachforamerica.org/tags/racial-justice/article.

You can scroll to the bottom and read about their organization.

TFA seems fixated on Columbus.

Yes, it’s true, Columbus was not the first settler to happen upon America, but guess what?

Maybe the Native Americans (First Nations to the sophisticated) weren’t either.

The Native Americans (Indians) came from somewhere else (Siberia?), and, for all we know, rubbed out some people who were living here when they first arrived 15,000 years ago.

Of course, to Wendy and TFA, and board members of TFA like Paul Finnegan, another Harvard graduate, and member of Harvard’s elite ruling board entitled “The Corporation,” Columbus was most likely an usurper.

Of course the real usurpers are the Ivy Leaguers like Wendy, Richard, Paul, and their Ivy League buddies who parasitize American society.

But I digress. To Wendy and Richard’s thinking, I presume, how dare Columbus be given the title of discoverer of America?

TFA probably also believes that Columbus was a genocidal maniac. Well, maybe he was, but he also was responsible for uncovering the New World to our ancestors.

Surprise, that’s why you’re here. That’s why Wendy and Richard are here. Paul too.

TFA is a racket, cloaked in nobility, to socially re-engineer society to ultimately work against you. Its work will never be done. It will focus on grievances until the end of time.

Americans, if left to the machinations of TFA, will become race-obsessed, balkanized and ever more dependent upon the political class which desires a neo-feudal society where people like Wendy Kopp, Richard Barth, and their puppets can rule for a thousand years.

Welcome to the new Dark Ages.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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