3 thoughts on “WTC

    1. I think it’s important to understand that conspiracies happen every day of the week. Calling someone a conspiracy theorist is engaging in sloganeering. You end up succumbing to main stream media programming.

      Have you ever had a surprise birthday party? Have you ever participated in a surprise birthday party? If so, you participated in a conspiracy. There are probably 155,342 surprise birthday parties pulled off successfully worldwide every day of the year.

      (7 billion times .9 ( excluding small kids) divided by 365) x .01 ( percentage of surprise parties) x .9 (successfully pulled off) = 155,342.

      Additionally. Your United States Justice Department believes in conspiracy and has so for 250 years and more. They have filed charges of conspiracy – conspiracy to commit fraud; conspiracy to commit murder – consistently against individual Americans.


    2. I might add that the CIA, Delta force, the Army Rangers and nearly every other elite paramilitary and military force in the world plans secret missions. So they are believers in conspiracy as well.

      In fact, you are here on earth as a result of a conspiracy unless of course your parents advertised openly to everyone that they were planning to have sex in order to conceive you.

      Thank you.

      I hope you find this helpful.


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