Recognizing 911

What’s the best way to commemorate 9/11?

What’s the best way not to commemorate 911?

The second question is the easier one to answer. You don’t commemorate 911 by wearing a badge that says “We will never forget.”

Doing so is almost tantamount to forgetting.

And we have forgotten. Better yet, we’ve never remembered – the truth that is.

You can’t remember the truth if you’ve never chosen to face it in the first place.

In its place, Americans are given easy to remember one-liners that can fit on a badge or a bumper sticker.

It’s too easy to wear a badge. It’s too easy to paste a bumper sticker on your car.

The reason why Corporate America promotes bumper stickers is so that they, Corporate America, can forget.

The truth of their own complicity is too painful for them.

They want you to forget, or never face the truth, also.

Consequently the best way of forgetting about 911 is to buy into the company line that nineteen Saudis got together, learned how to fly jets in Florida, then crashed into the World Trade Center.

It’s even easier to blame bin Laden.

Yeah, that’s it, bin Laden did it.

Such a narrative is easy to remember, easy to put in your pocket, and easy to forget.

Additionally, the narrative is not true.

The narrative doesn’t hold up under close scrutiny and rational thinking.

Shutting down your mind is exactly what our ruling elite want you to do.

That’s why they put together neat little packages like Oswald shot JFK, and nineteen Saudis brought down the World Trade Center.

Such laughable narratives prevent you from seeing the real perpetrators.

In both cases, the JFK assassination, and the World Trade Center collapse, the perpetrators are the same.

Both JFK and the World Trade Center were brought down by the fake Christians in the CIA who farmed it out to the fake Jews in Mossad so as to hide behind the shield of antisemitism.

Anyone who even remotely suggests that Mossad is involved is deemed an anti-Semite, yet oddly enough anyone who remotely suggests that CIA is involved is never deemed an anti-Christian.

How about this? There’s nothing Christian about the CIA, and there’s nothing Jewish about Mossad.

Mossad and CIA work together. They are brothers, almost twin brothers. They were born about the same time: 1947.

Both are populated by neo-Romans, pagans really, people who think they have a religion but don’t.

They worship the gods of power and money.

JFK was brought down because Corporate America (the conglomeration of elites who populate big government, big business, big associations, big media, big sports, foundations, think tanks) didn’t like JFK‘s vision of the future. They weren’t interested in America partnering with any Third World nations. They wanted to dominate and exploit Third World nations in order to a) steal their mineral and agricultural assets, and b) establish slave plantations to which American manufacturing jobs could be outsourced.

The World Trade Center was brought down because Corporate America wanted to gain a more firm foothold in the Middle East for the purposes of securing and robbing the oil and natural gas that exists there. Plus, massive war in the Middle East would enable the pigs in Corporate America to rob the American taxpayer of his and her hard earned money. This was accomplished by printing up money en extremis.

This is the reality of the world we live in.

This is the New World Order.

The people in the Middle East are only a threat to us because we are a threat to them.

As one Iranian official noted a few years ago: It’s not Iran who is in the Gulf of Mexico; it is the United States who is in the Persian Gulf.

A hallmark of a fascist state, a totalitarian state, is that its leaders keep its population stupid, uninformed, and paranoid.

Throughout the 30s and 40s, the German people thought they were the ones under attack.

Imagine that!

In our modern world, Americans believe they are the ones under attack.

The badges and bumper stickers reinforce this false narrative.

Yet this narrative not true. It is America who is the aggressor. It is America who is waging war across the globe.

911 was perpetrated by Corporate America through their thug agency the CIA (America’s SD and SS), as a pretext to fight more war.

CIA used its partner in crime, Mossad, as a shield to protect itself from complicity via the shield of antisemitism. It’s diabolically clever when you think about it.

The best way to commemorate 9/11 is to recognize this.

The citizens who died in those towers will appreciate you for recognizing who the real perpetrators are.

Knowing this, the country can reform itself.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


I’m almost positive that I had posted this earlier on my blog. At any rate, this issue came up today on my Facebook site, and so I will post this picture again.

The WTC collapse, was, of course, engineered by the sick pups who rule us.

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Our Way of Life

Sometimes I worry that I won’t have anything to write about.  But then a knucklehead shows up on television from either the right or left to say something stupid.

If you are young, let me save you years of frustration.  All politicians are knuckleheads, and very few of them have the guts to ask critical questions.

Just when you think you’ve found someone you think is smart, you’ll find he isn’t.

Just today, I heard a Republican repeat the tiresome lie that we were attacked on 911 because “they” didn’t like our way of life.

Putting aside the truth which is that the WTC was brought down by controlled implosion, not jets, let’s assume that “they” equals the Saudis.

Now, what would Saudis know of our way of life?

The average Saudi lives under a despotic regime supported by the United States.  The average Saudi in those days had virtually no internet and little western television.

So what would the average Saudi know of our way of life?

Was it those reruns of Gunsmoke that riled them up?


The only Saudis who would know of our way of life are those Saudis who studied in the US and Europe and who came to see that it was our CIA that was propping up the Saudi thugs who ruled their people with an iron fist.


So that’s what’s they would know of America.

Our elites are clever, right.

They cleverly blamed you for the 911 attacks.  It was you the immoral American who caused the 911 attacks, not the immoral CIA.

Ha ha, the joke’s on you.

Now you get to laugh along with the Saudi people who have been subjected to the cruel joke of despotism foisted upon them for the past seventy years.

What did Osama bin Laden say after the 911 attacks?

He said that now America gets a taste of its own medicine.  They get to experience what Saudis have been living under.

Of course, bin Laden underestimated our elites and how truly wicked and twisted they are.

He fought for a better Saudi Arabia just as many of our politicians fight for a better America.

Unfortunately, the elites in both America and Saudi Arabia aren’t fighting for a better world for us but for them.

Which is why they took down the WTC and used the idealistic Saudi youth as foils.  The wicked elites rigged the WTC with explosives and then engineered the plot. All they had to do was wait for the jets to hit, wait an hour or two and then detonate.

I’m sure the Saudis really did think they were the only ones in on the plot.

It’s not that difficult to do when you control the levers of power, the military and the media.

The media?

The media was ready to go with its narrative which was:  They don’t like our way of life.