Juneteenth Hurts Black Folk

The problem with Juneteenth is that it contributes to the narrative that we are a white supremacist nation.

Every year on June 19th, the bigots from the political class, both Republicans and Democrats, will stand up and keep racial divisiveness alive. They will continue to promote the myth that we are a racist nation.

The Great Healer, Barack Obama, the Deity, will descend from the heavens, or from his multimillion dollar fortress in Martha’s Vineyard, to deliver a speech of racial divisiveness.

This relentless programming will affect black youth. Many talented black youth will now be programmed into believing that they have no chance in a white society.

Many will give up because they believe this narrative.

Yet this narrative could not be more untrue.

The results are all around you.

White people have had no problem cheering on and supporting black stars and athletes such as Oprah Winfrey, LeBron James, Eddie Murphy, Morgan Freeman, Don Lemon, Sidney Poitier, Whitney Houston, Richard Pryor, and Muhammad Ali.

The list is endless.

When I was younger, I was a minority in the area that I was living in – even though I’m white. I was thinking of starting a pediatric practice there. I asked an older doctor if he thought that me being a “minority” would be a problem. This doctor gave me the best piece of advice of my career.

He told me that it wouldn’t make any difference at all. He said that people don’t care what a doctor’s skin color or ethnicity is. The only thing patients desire is a doctor who listens to them and diligently attends to their needs in a friendly, respectful manner.

Boy, was he ever right.

And he was right not just about my particular case but about all fields of endeavor.

Just think about it.

What do you care about in butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker? Or a carpenter, a painter, or a plumber?

The only thing you care about is whether that person is going to listen to you and fulfill your needs diligently.

And that’s the way it should be. And that’s the way it is.

Oprah Winfrey‘s success proves that.

LeBron James’s popularity proves that.

Unfortunately many young black youth will be programmed to not believe that. Many black youth will give up and say: “The deck is stacked against me.” They won’t even try.

And that is the whole point of Juneteenth. The whole point of Juneteenth is to break the back of the black community. That is exactly what the Corporate Party which controls both Democrats and Republicans wants.

They want the black community to fail.

They want the black community to fail because they need prisoners for their corporate prison racket.

They also need an impoverished black community that will require the massive bureaucracy of welfare benefits.

The Corporate Party needs to keep its welfare plantation racket going.

Rather than celebrating a day which reminds everyone of slavery, our elites would be much better off by recognizing a black American who offered a positive role model for black youth.

One such a man was Booker T. Washington.

Here is what Booker T. Washington had to say over 100 years ago:

“Let there be in a community a Negro who by virtue of his superior knowledge of the chemistry of the soil, his acquaintance with the most improved tools and best breeds of stock, can raise 50 bushels of corn to the acre while his white neighbor only raises 30, and the white man will come to the black man to learn.”


“In Tuskegee a Negro mechanic manufactures the best tinware, the best harness, the best boots and shoes, and it is common to see his store crowded with white customers from all over the county. His word or note goes as far as that of the whitest man.”

Of course, the bigots from Corporate America, and the bigots who run the Democratic and Republican parties would prefer that black youth never hear the words of Booker T. Washington.

Instead they give black youth Juneteenth.

This is a mistake.

It’s a mistake because their track record, the track record of Corporate America, suggests that it is. Everything these bigots have done over the past 100 years has hurt the black community.

They’ve either killed, deported or marginalized any black leader who had anything worthwhile to say to black youth.

They marginalized Booker T Washington; they killed Malcolm X; they deported Marcus Garvey; they’ve turned Martin Luther King into an advertising vehicle.

Meanwhile, they outsourced jobs, ran drugs into the black community through their CIA, created a corporate prison racket, and supported Black Lives Matter which offers black youth a lifetime of Marxism that will only worsen life in the black community.

Just look at the murder rate in Chicago. Look at the devastation within the black community.

That is why black athletes were kneeling before the national anthem, to draw attention to the devastation in the black community.

Of course, their anger was misdirected. It wasn’t the American people who were conducting systemic racism against black people, nor was it the ideals of our country that are embodied in the national anthem and our flag that was hurting the black community.

Yes, there is systemic racism in the United States, but it’s not coming from regular white Americans. It’s coming from Corporate America.

It’s Corporate America that has damaged the black community.

Corporate America harms black people.

Corporate America exploits black people.

Corporate America segregates black people.

Juneteenth is just another plank in Corporate America’s program.

Men like Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X would see right through Juneteenth, the holiday. I imagine that they would remind black folk that black people are totally capable of taking care of themselves, that they don’t need anyone giving them a holiday to succeed, and that their strength lies within themselves.

Which is true.

MLK would remind black folk that people who focus on rage and recrimination are doing themselves no favors.

Here in this quote, MLK reveals his practicality: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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