The Wrong Brand of Globalism

Our elites vision of globalism is wrong. Of course, their vision is intentionally wrong, but it is wrong nonetheless.

Our elites claim they are for free trade, but this claim is false.

Our elites are for free imperialism.

Free trade is when I make a product in my country, and you make a product in your country, and then we meet in the middle to exchange those products.

That is not what is going on in our economic global system today.

What the elites have given us is the following: I set up a factory in your country in order to exploit your workers while escaping the oversight of the United States government, while you import cheap products from your country so as to wipe out my competition here in industries that I do not currently control. To cement the deal, I will give you part ownership in my companies while you give me part ownership in your companies. In essence, we will run a global cartel that no one will notice. No one will notice because we will disguise ownership through a dizzying maze of holding companies and hedge funds.

Everybody’s a winner, except, for the worker.

In the elite’s brilliant global system, products are barged and shipped all over the world 15 times before they find their way to your house.

Some parts of the products are manufactured in Argentina, others in France, still others in Russia, still others in Africa. Then all of it is put together In India before it is barged to the United States.

It is done this way in order to get the maximal exploitation of worker’s wages.

That’s not what we want.

The globalism that we want is where each country makes 80% of its products in entirety within reason.

The products that a country cannot make, they can trade for.

What we want to achieve is self-sufficiency and maximum labor wages.

This is the most enlightened way.

When we do this, more people have more money to purchase more goods. They also have more power to make the decisions that they want to make.

Under the current system laborers receive the least amount of wages, have the least amount of power, and make the least decisions that they need to make.

Of course, this is what the elites want, because the elites know that if people have more power and more money, they, the elites, will be out of a job.

The only way to transform the world for the better is to defeat the current brand of globalism.

What is used to sell free trade to the people is the concept of cheap products – commonly sold at Walmart. The elites tell us that the cost of products will go up if goods are manufactured here in the United States.

This is true.

What they don’t tell you is that if products are manufactured here in America, Americans will have more money with which to purchase those products. In fact, they will have a hell of a lot more money.

Furthermore, these newly empowered Americans will be less likely to rely on the federal government for assistance.

Currently, because jobs are shipped out to China, many Americans have to rely on the federal government in one form or another.

These are the hidden costs of free trade.

When workers here have more money, and a hell of a lot more of it, there will be less necessity for the federal government.

Many of our social ills such as drug use, drug abuse, delinquency, theft, psychiatric illness, murder and divorce will evaporate.

This will necessarily decrease the need for the federal government to fix things.

This is of course precisely what our entrenched federal government does not want. The federal government does not want it because the corporations who control them do not want it.

Corporations make a fortune off the prison industry. They also make a fortune helping the political parties run their welfare plantations.

Who supplies all the office buildings necessary for running the welfare plantation?

Who builds those buildings?

Who prints up all the identity cards?

Who handles the payment processing?

Who builds and maintains the computer processing software?

Who sells the abstruse and labyrinthine quality improvement programs?

Who makes a fortune in consultancy fees?

It is Corporate America who benefits.

Corporate America benefits vastly off free imperialism.

The losers are the American people.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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