The Cleveland Serfs

Tom Hanks has recently narrated a video announcing the new name of the Cleveland Indians.

The new name of the team will be the Cleveland Guardians.

It’s another victory for Orwellian political correctness.


Where does that name come from? Is it named after an insurance company? I’ve never heard anyone outside Cleveland associate the word “Guardians” with Cleveland.

If they had, it wouldn’t be necessary to explain it to the rest of us.

Apparently though, Guardians refers to four monumental statues which adorn the Hope Memorial Bridge in Cleveland. These giant statues represent the Guardians of Traffic.

You have got to be kidding me. You are replacing a name which honors Native Americans with a name that honors abstract promoters of traffic safety?

That, my friend, is weak. And it is an insult.

I’ve got a better idea.

Why don’t we rename the team the Cleveland Cowards? Or better yet, the Cleveland Cocksuckers.

How about the Cleveland Genuflectors?

Wouldn’t that name be more appropriate?

Tom Hanks states that it’s now time to move forward.

To what?

To the politically correct world that Tom’s employers in the Empire desire?

What world is that?

Are we allowed in on that decision?

Apparently not.

What Hanks fundamentally does not understand is that the decision to move forward is not his alone.

Nor is it the decision of the opinion makers and the elites in the Empire who he shills for.

Hanks happily buys into the nation that we are a racist nation; the problem with that notion is that many of us don’t agree.

Do we count? Do our thoughts count?

We don’t see the term “Indians” as racist.

There are many terms which refer to native Americans in America. Some of our cities, like Sioux Falls, are named for Native Americans.

Are those names racist? Should they be taken down?

How about the Cuyahoga River which flows through Cleveland?

The term “Indian”is an accepted anthropological and sociological term. While the term may be technically inaccurate, it is nevertheless an acceptable term that is used to describe Native Americans.

One reason for that most likely is that the term Native Americans is clumsier to use when writing prose.

There is nothing racist about it.

The only racism that was conducted against Native Americans in our country was conducted by the powers that be, the antecedents of the empire builders that Hanks represents.

Average Americans did not make and then break treaties with the Native Americans. Those breaking of treaties came from the monied elite.

Indeed, it was the people in power, people like William Tecumseh (there is irony for you) Sherman, he of the Northern Army, who called for the extermination of the Indians.

Discrimination and extermination did not come from regular people. In fact, it was regular people who mingled with the Indians and intermarried with them.

That’s one of the reasons why so many native Americans today look like Europeans.

That’s probably why Elizabeth Warren claimed to be of Indian heritage.

That intermingling and marriage is a testament to the non-racist attitude that our ancestors possessed.

Does that matter to Tom Hanks?

No, it doesn’t matter to him at all.

It doesn’t matter to him because he and the elitist pigs he shills for couldn’t care less about the rights of Native Americans.

They never have.

What Hanks cares about, what his puppet masters care about, is power.

That is what the name change of the Cleveland Indians is all about. It’s a power game.

The claims of racism against Native Americans are bogus. Hanks and his buddies had to scour the countryside to find a Native American who was truly offended.

But they found that one Native American, didn’t they?

Of course they did.

They found him because what’s important here is that they extend their power over us.

That’s what it’s all about.


It’s another way for the guys on top to put their foot on our face and grind it into the turf, to let us know that they are in charge and we are not.

Fuck Tom Hanks.

Fuck the powers that be.

What sheer arrogance on their part that they would presume to sit around a table and make decisions for us.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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