Zero Logic

Can you see the illogic that these elites engage in? Right now the elites are harping about the extreme infectiousness of the Delta variant. They are stomping around the room like an aged, overweight Joan Crawford with a hanger obsession.

They are ramping up the fear on the Delta variant because they want to induce people to get their corporate vaccine. Incidentally I’m not a person who is opposed to the vaccine at this point in time. I do support the vaccine – primarily because there is no other way for us to becoming immune. Our knucklehead elite prevented us from getting the disease naturally.

The Delta variant appeared in India months and months ago. If the variant were truly this infectious, we would’ve seen it in the United States immediately. We don’t travel by boat anymore. We travel by jet. But even if the boat were the primary method of travel, it wouldn’t take months to get from India to the United States.

And once it got here, it would have exploded into the population even more so than now because there were less vaccinated people then. Aside from that though, respiratory viruses are not spread primarily through respiratory droplets. They are spread through hand to hand contact. A person has to cough on their hand, shake your hand, after which you have to pick up food that you plan to eat without washing your hands first. The face mask is worthless.

When you cough into the air, you’re coughing into an ocean of air. The respiratory droplets are immediately diffused. There thus isn’t sufficient concentration or infectious dose to cause disease. There is however sufficient concentration when you cough on your hands. In that case, the respiratory droplets are not diffused into the air. When you then shake someone’s hand, they then have that higher infectious dose on their hand. When they pick up a cookie to eat, that same higher infectious dose is on the cookie. That’s why fomites and hand-to-hand contact cause disease while respiratory transmission does not cause disease – unless of course you cough straight into somebody’s mouth. But even that may not cause disease as they discovered in 1918 when they directly injected influenza distillate into subject’s nasal passages without successfully transmitting the disease. Huh? Yeah, you heard me; that’s right.

Why doesn’t Dr. Fauci know this? Why doesn’t Dr. Scott Gottlieb know this? First, because they have no incentive to know. They chose to join the Empire. When you join the Empire you obey; you don’t think. If you don’t obey, you’re out. If you’re out, you don’t get the heady experience of being recognized.

Indeed, Dr. Scott Gottlieb is the epitome of fascism. He is a member of academia; he’s a member of the media; he’s a member of the government; he’s a member of Corporate America. What else do you need to see? Do I need to draw a roadmap for you?

Second, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Scott Gottlieb are academics. Academics go into academia in order to repeat, obey, advance up the ladder, play political games, smile, abuse their students, wear white coats, feign intelligence, accept awards, publish useless papers, and say stupid things. There are no original thoughts in academia. There are no original thoughts because original thinkers are weeded out of academia. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be; that’s the way it is.

If respiratory droplet transmission of respiratory diseases was the primary method of disease transmission, mankind wouldn’t have made it past the first year of man’s existence on the planet. Your body has many mechanisms in its respiratory tree to prevent droplet transmission of respiratory diseases. You have cilia, you have mucus, you have all sorts of cells and chemical mediators that fight infection. It’s called non-adaptive immunity.

Look, If respiratory droplets were the prime method of viral spread, handwashing would be useless.

If there is an explosion of COVID-19 in unvaccinated populations, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Scott Gottlieb have only themselves to blame. They and their lackeys were the ones who told people to hide inside their houses and wear facemasks. They put the facemask above handwashing as the primary method to prevent COVID-19.

Aside from all that, the numbers that they are issuing don’t even make any sense. There are still plenty of unvaccinated people in these states that they celebrate. Remember, they told us last year that herd immunity was almost impossible.

Do you know what the hallmark of a pathological liar is? His logic doesn’t make any sense. He keeps getting trapped within his lies.

Our federal government is a pathological liar. They have an agenda. They clearly want this facemask to be the new normal. And they certainly want the COVID-19 vaccine to be an annual vaccine.

Our government has been hijacked by Corporate America. Our leaders are nothing more than cheap money hungry pigs who will wage useless wars of any type in order to make a buck.

COVID-19 is just another one of the Empire’s enemies.

The war against COVID-19 is a war just like Vietnam, just like Korea, just like Afghanistan, just like Iraq.

It’s also a war that could have been prevented.

But, our elites love war. War makes them money.

Our elites, our leaders, are losers.

They are liars and criminals as well.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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