Andrew Cuomo

Should Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, resign?


The citizens of New York did not elect Jesus Christ to be their governor. They elected someone to fix their problems.

The only thing that counts is whether he has fulfilled those tasks.

Now if he has broken the law and been convicted of such in his sexual escapades, and that is grounds for removing him from office, then it’s certainly appropriate for the people to do so.

But there is a process for doing this.

That process must be followed.

What the media is attempting to do is to take us back to the days of the witchhunt whereby a few selected people in society can generate hatred towards an individual and have that individual pilloried.

This is regressive.

This is why man developed a court system.

Andrew Cuomo, of course, has been accused of sexual harassment and suggestive comments.

Have his accusers taken their complaints to a court of law?

They must.

This must be the only way to resolve this Cuomo issue.

That’s why we set up the system the way we did.

When we go outside that system and allow the mainstream media to convict anyone, even a politician, by kangaroo court, then we give the owners of that media too much power.

It is the corporations who of course own the mainstream media.

If we allow them to get away with their current gambit in removing Andrew Cuomo from power, then we are removing ourselves, as voting citizens, from power.

Of course this has been a current trend in America since the advent of television.

Your main stream media and the corporations have been selecting your presidential candidates for you.

If there is a candidate they like, they ignore all the peccadilloes and misdeeds of that particular candidate. They state that the misdeeds are either old news or don’t rise to the status of being important.

If there’s a candidate they don’t like, they promptly report on those minor peccadilloes as if they are of earth shattering importance.

If a candidate they like shoots someone point blank in the head, they do a French minuet around the truth.

If it is a candidate they don’t like, throwing a Hershey wrapper on the ground represents blatant disregard for the environment. That action is portrayed as a threat to democracy.

This is why in Presidential campaigns we never get an innovative, dynamic candidate with any vision. The only people we get are hucksters and conventional slogan-meisters who dutifully follow whatever Corporate America wants them to do.

That’s the key right there; Corporate America wants candidates that will do what Corporate America wants them to do. This is why United States policy is fairly consistent over the decades.

We can’t fix the inner cities.

We can’t bring jobs back to the United States.

We keep exploiting foreign nations.

We keep foreign dictators in power.

We keep fighting foreign wars.

We fail to develop any kind of reasonable healthcare model that can provide affordable healthcare.

We continue to permit drugs to flow into the country.

We continue to allow illegal immigrants into the country.

We can’t provide one workable high speed rail.

All of these failed policies and missed opportunities keep Corporate America wealthy but the rest of us poor.

Now, does this mean that Andrew Cuomo is the savior?

Does this mean that Andrew Cuomo is a guy we should keep?

Not at all.

But if Corporate America is behind the main stream media, and the mainstream media is against Andrew Cuomo, we might want to ask why that might be.

It’s important to ask because Andrew Cuomo comes from a politically connected family.

Andrew Cuomo was one of their boys.

So why is he on the outs? Why would Corporate America want to get rid of him?

What did he do to make them mad?

Actually, the question is irrelevant.

We shouldn’t care at all what Corporate America thinks.

What is relevant is whether he has done his job as the governor of New York. If he has done his job, if he hasn’t broken any law, then there’s no reason to get rid of him.

We cannot allow Corporate America to pick our candidates for us.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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