Masks, Mandates, and Mentirosos

Why are the elites in such a conniption about Governor Ron DeSantis defunding schools who try to enforce a mask mandate in the state of Florida?

Because they are about to get caught up in their web of lies.

You see, the elites need to have children wear those masks when they go back to school and not just because they are trying to de-socialize and dehumanize children so as to make more efficient killing machines for their future wars.

Nor is it just because they require a more compliant, obedient population in the future in order to push forward their misguided Marxist, crony-capitalist, mouse utopia.

Nor is it because they thirst for neo-feudalism in which they, the baron of the land, rule over their renter serfs with unlimited impunity.

The elites know full well that the mask offers zero protection against COVID-19.

They also know that the COVID-19 crisis is winding down at this point in time.

The crisis is winding down principally because of prior exposure, prior deaths, the vaccine and because children (and adults) have been out and about during the summer congregating with each other, sharing the virus.

That’s why you have seen an explosion in COVID-19 infections this summer amongst children. I can personally testify to this because I and my staff have been testing children like crazy at my office. We have had many children who have become positive.

Despite this I have not admitted one COVID-19 positive child to the hospital. To this date I have not heard of one death of a child in our local area.

This is so because children are remarkably resilient to COVID-19. They just don’t die – unless, of course, they have some underlying medical problem that would make them particularly fragile.

Since children under the age of 12 have not been vaccinated thus far, what this means is that the fear campaign that the elites foisted upon parents for the past year was unwarranted.

The elites now need to figure out a way to save face or to prevent themselves from being exposed for the malignant liars they are.

The mask offers that escape route.

The elites need to have children wear the mask this fall so that they can point to the mask as the reason why the pandemic collapsed.

When Governor DeSantis challenges the Holy Grail of the mask, he threatens to expose the giant lie that the elites have foisted upon you the average American.

That is why the elites do not want anyone obstructing the use of a mask in American schools this fall.

I expect they will put Governor DeSantis through hell and high water for what he is doing.

I expect they will put every amount of pressure on him to reverse course.

The mask is worthless and always has been.

Welcome to the land of rubes and suckers.

You, Mr. and Mrs. American, have been the victim of a giant con job by these losers who lead us.

They scared you witless that your children might die if they got COVID-19.

Your elites and leaders knew it was a lie.

The facts have been there before us all along for the past 18 months.

The mask is worthless.

Actually, the mask is worse than worthless.

The mask prolongs the disease.

The mask helps encourage a culture of fear which keeps people from congregating fully.

The sooner children congregate with each other and share this virus with other kids who are not medically fragile, the sooner we will be over this pandemic.

Governor DeSantis is correct.

He is about to expose their lies.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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