Something is Amiss

You see, folks, there’s something amiss when it comes to COVID-19.

Currently, the main stream media is reporting that Florida hospitals are filled with children.

I’d like to know how this is possible. Here in Texas, I have been seeing a lot of COVID-19 positive children. I’ve been seeing a lot of COVID-19 children for the past 2 to 3 weeks now.

And yet, I haven’t admitted one single patient to the hospital.

Not one.

I want to know what is different between Texas children and Florida children that not one of my COVID-19 patients has been admitted to the hospital so far.

I’d like to know specifically which hospitals in Florida are filled and how filled they are.

I’d also like to know everything there is to know about these children.

I want data.

And I don’t want data coming from the federal government.

I want regular people to examine the numbers.

I don’t want anyone from a so-called prestigious university.

I don’t want anyone who has sat on a blue ribbon panel.

I don’t want anyone who has sat on a corporate board.

I don’t want anyone who has published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

I don’t trust connected people anymore. I don’t trust politicians anymore.

I don’t trust Dr. Fauci. I don’t trust Dr. Scott Gottlieb. I don’t trust Dr. William Schaffner. I don’t trust Dr. Paul Offit.

Supposedly, this surge in COVID-19 among children is because of the low vaccination rates in Florida and Governor DeSantis’s policies forbidding mask mandates (which have barely gone into effect).

Well, since none of the children anywhere in the nation under 12 have been vaccinated, how is it possible that Florida is experiencing a surge in COVID-19 but children in Massachusetts are not?

Are the children of Massachusetts superhuman?

It can’t be because of herd immunity because Dr. Fauci told us last year that herd immunity was near impossible. We were told by he and his lackeys that we would need vaccination plus exposure rates of near 90%.

Given that children represent such a significant percentage of the population, and that they were locked up for so long, how is herd immunity possible?

Kids under 18 represent 25% of the population.

Florida’s COVID-19 vaccination rate as I speak is at 49%. That is four points higher than Texas which stands at 45%, and 4% less than the Peoples Republic of California which stands at 53%. New York is at 57%. Only the communist state of Massachusetts sits above the 60 mark at 66%.

Of course they are. The people of Massachusetts are the perfect role model of what a good socialist should be: obedient, submissive, passive.

No credible person could possibly conclude that Florida would suffer a higher incidence of COVID-19 amongst children because of the state’s “low” vaccination rate.

There is no beef there.

Are you seriously going to tell me that a 4% difference between California and Florida is responsible for this surge?

One could not even credibly argue that the disparity of 17% between Florida and Massachusetts was responsible for this surge.

One could not argue this because the vaccine does not prevent people from getting COVID-19; it only protects you from the serious effects of COVID-19.

Something is amiss.

It seems as if the authorities have the ability to create a surge whenever they want, wherever they want.

Why is that?

Is the surge bogus, a media creation without any solid data behind it?

Or is the Delta variant being spread through the citizenry not by respiratory transmission or hand to hand contact but through the food supply?

I don’t trust our government anymore.

Clearly they want the facemask. They want the facemask to be a normal part of American existence.

The facemask is their conformity promoter. It serves the same function as the Mao suit in Red China.

Ron DeSantis stood in the way of what our elites desire, and they are making him pay for it.

Something is amiss.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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