No Victory

I’m sure conservatives in Virginia think they are getting the real deal when they elected Glenn Youngkin as their governor yesterday.

I’m sure the followers of cheerleaders Sean Hannity and Dan Bongino believe that they have a victory.

They probably think they got a candidate who will reflect their values.

They didn’t, and they won’t.

What they got is another Harvard clown.

That’s right, I’m not kidding.

Glenn Youngkin is a Harvard MBA.

He’s worth $440 million.

He made the big bucks by becoming the CEO of the Carlyle Group, which is another one of these private equity firms that has been gobbling up America and the world.

He couldn’t be further from the regular workingman if he tried.

He’ll do what Harvard tells him to do.

Other than a few cosmetic changes which can be easily reversed in the years to come, he will do nothing for conservatives.

He will have no consistent bedrock philosophy that will make you think that he is anything but a crowd pleaser and a poll taker.

The only thing interesting about his leadership will be how quickly he can sell out the people who voted for him.

You don’t become the leader of the Carlyle Group by being a feisty maverick or a boat rocker.

You don’t become the leader of the Carlyle Group by giving a damn about individual human rights.

The way the Carlyle group made its money is through connections. It’s done through a vehicle called the iron triangle.

This is the basis of the military-industrial complex.

The iron triangle is called such because it involves the military, the government, and private capital.

The Carlyle group hires the big boys from the government and the military. They marry these guys with other big boys from private capital – themselves.

Then they go up to Capitol Hill and influence politicians to conduct policy that favors their firms.

It’s a rigged game.

The Carlyle group made a hell of a lot of money off of war. They made a hell of a lot of money off killing and other people’s misery.

More importantly, they made their money by being connected.

That’s what it means to be a member of the Carlyle group – being connected.

When you are a member of the Carlyle group, you go along to get along.

That means you work side-by-side with the elites in Corporate America and the people who run the country.

It is the Harvard cabal that runs the country. They have their tentacles everywhere.

Glenn Youngkin is a member of that cabal.

Ultimately, he will do what the Harvard cabal wants him to do.

Conservatives who think that they are getting a true conservative who will value the Constitution, who will treasure the ideals of the Founding Fathers, who will stick up for individual rights, are in for a rude awakening.

Harvard University, the beating heart of this criminal Harvard cabal, is an authoritarian, neo-feudalist institution that has allied itself with a philosophy akin to that of the British ruling class, or Nazi Germany, or Stalinist Russia – take your pick.

They will now tell you how to think, and you will obey.

Wait a minute, aren’t conservatives, and presumably Republicans, supposed to believe in limited government?

Isn’t war a government program? If we believe in limited government, shouldn’t we believe in limited war?

I’m confused, Kemosabe.

Why would Republicans and conservatives who theoretically have their roots in anti-federalism, cozy up to a guy like Glenn Youngkin?

Aren’t conservatives supposed to believe in tempering greed and separating power so as to prevent any one person or group from becoming wealthy to the point of dominating and controlling the government?

Doesn’t that work against the democratic ideals of the Constitution?

Why would conservatives want a guy who led a group that enabled the rich to get richer?

Why would conservatives want a guy who led a group that worked against the Constitution that the Founding Fathers believed in?

Republican and Democratic Party elites, and their Harvard controllers: “Hey, you, you shut up or we’ll shut you up. Stick with the program and be stupid! Start cheering. We’ll do the thinking around here.”


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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