Bill Gates and his Bodyguards

Are you aware that Bill Gates has thirty bodyguards?

Not one.

Not two.

Not five.

Thirty bodyguards.

That’s not personal protection, that’s a paramilitary squad.

What does that tell you about Bill Gates and our society?

For one, he lives in a tomb.

He is completely isolated from the rest of us.

No ordinary people can get near him without being frisked and searched.

If we can’t get near him, he can’t get near us.

If he can not get near us, he cannot know us. He cannot know how we live.

Wherever he goes, wherever he visits, must be prepared before he gets there. The area must be cleared.

This isolation will affect his learning and judgment.

This is important because our politicians and business leaders are heavily influenced by his thinking and his money.

The man is in to everything and he is making his mark upon society.

This mark will be influenced by his isolation from us.

The limited number of people who he does have contact with will be his yes men and his employees.

His other contacts will be other clueless celebrities who likewise live in isolation from the rest of us.

The other telling point about his need to have 30 bodyguards is the fact that he does need 30 bodyguards.

What does that tell you about the man and his policies?

He obviously is afraid of us. Part of this fear is well deserved.

He engages in policies which anger many people.

The root of this anger is not unwarranted and it is directly related to his isolation from the rest of us.

If he lived amongst us he would have more empathy for our welfare. Instead he puts his pocketbook ahead of us.

He was a principal force behind isolating people in their houses.

There he was with Dr. Fauci implementing pursuit of an R-naught value to solve a coronavirus crisis that cannot be solved mathematically.

This was a virus, COVID-19, that required people to interact so as to share the virus. Cooping people up in their houses was not a solution. Isolation was not going to make the virus go away.

Of course, that was the Gates plan. The goal was to keep people from becoming immunized naturally so that he could make a bundle off vaccines manufactured by companies of which he was a direct beneficiary.

Gates has been the principal force in encouraging people to eat Impossible Burgers.

Such plant-based burgers, which replace protein with carbs, will only add to the obesity epidemic in the United States.

This will contribute to hypertension, heart disease, and premature death.

Yet, Gates will get wealthier as a result.

He is a principal force in tele-education. He firmly believes that high school is obsolete and that people should receive their education through Zoom, a company he benefits from economically.

Online learning has been a disaster for student education. It is a disaster because students need human interaction, human interaction that cannot be provided by a monitor or a television screen.

So there is plenty for people to be angry about when it comes to Bill Gates. He is not reengineering society to make it better; he is reengineering society so that he can make more money.

That’s why he needs thirty bodyguards.

The bodyguards and the need for them are an indictment of Bill Gates, his policies, and a society that would permit people such as him to accumulate extraordinary wealth which is used to game the system against us.

Ultimately, Gates’s ideas will fail; and, if he lives long enough, he’s going to need a lot more than thirty bodyguards to keep people from tearing him asunder.

A better option for him would be to repatriate his stolen money back to the people, get rid of the bodyguards, and live amongst us again.

In that event, he might come up with a few good ideas.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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