The Metaverse: Bad Idea

So what is the metaverse and should we embrace it?

Well, if Bill Gates is for it, we might want to think twice.

Gates is a misguided, greedy individual who helped pioneer lies about COVID-19.

Usually, when Gates has a good idea, it sounds like it might be beneficial; but he finds a way to twist that good idea into moneymaking opportunities for himself.

For example, he used his influence with the government during the COVID-19 pandemic to steer us toward vaccines as a solution. Herd immunity and pharmaceutical solutions were pushed to the back burner. Indeed, herd immunity was labeled as dangerous. Current pharmaceuticals such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were also demonized. Gates had invested in vaccine companies which stood to benefit if vaccines were accepted as a solution.

They were.

Gates uses his influence in the media to steer us toward plant-based hamburgers, another industry in which he stands to benefit by virtue of him being one of the largest holders of farmland in America. Unfortunately, plant-based hamburgers will jack up obesity rates.

He wants to move us to a new type of nuclear energy by building a molten salt reactor, sometimes known as a thorium reactor. On the surface, this is a wonderful idea. If Bill Gates were a normal person, I would say let’s move forward at full speed.

Many of us have felt that we needed to have safer nuclear reactors.

Unfortunately, Bill Gates will find a way to make a fortune off this wonderful technology while impoverishing the rest of us.

It sounds like “his” nuclear technology will produce dirt cheap rates in electricity. It probably can. Unfortunately, Gates will use that technology to wipe his competition off the planet after which he will jack up the rates to unbearable heights – but not before driving other energy providers out of business thus producing more poverty and dependency.

In truth Gates is nothing more than the reincarnation of John D. Rockefeller, another misguided robber baron.

Gates isn’t focused on adding value to society; he’s focused on adding money to his bank account.

He’s sick.

He’s a sick fuck.

Which brings us to the metaverse.

Both Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, another sick fuck, are promoting this concept.

Both are puppets of Harvard University.

If both Gates and Zuckerberg want the metaverse, it’s because their controllers at the Harvard cabal have pushed them that way.

Remember, these guys have no imagination. Gates ripped off his operating system from IBM. Zuckerberg ripped off Facebook from the Winklevoss twins.

So when we ask what Gates and Zuckerberg have in mind, we really have to ask ourselves what the Harvard cabal has in mind.

Don’t think for a second that Gates and Zuckerberg have more power than the Harvard cabal. The Harvard cabal can pull the plug on either one of them at anytime they want.

So then, what does the Harvard cabal have in mind?

Nothing good, I can assure you of that.

First, what is the metaverse?

Let’s cut the bullshit and simplify. It’s a three dimensional Internet. It’s where we can see each other as if we are in the same room. It’s virtual reality.

So instead of us getting together for a meeting at a central location, we can be in our own house or private studio and get together virtually. It will appear as if we are in the same room.

As to how precisely this technology will work, I don’t know.

It sounds like a great idea, right?

Well, before we rush whole hog into this great idea, let’s evaluate the two-dimensional Internet and the computer industry as a whole and ask ourselves if we have lost something by embracing technology so fully.

Obviously I think we have or else I wouldn’t be writing this article. You can probably skip this article and go back and read all the posts I have written over the past several years. Honestly, I’m struggling to condense all this into a simplified narrative.

First, let me say that it’s difficult for me to believe that Bill Gates and I are about the same age, and that we have similar experiences.

We both grew up in the Star Trek era.

We both read the World Book encyclopedia voraciously.

So how did we take such different lessons away from a similar culture?

I don’t know. My suspicion is that Bill Gates became seduced and co-opted by the Harvard cabal which can provide everything you need and take everything you have.

My feelings are the following:

There are limitations to the mathematics upon which our technology is based. Mathematics is a language, an expression of humanity; and this expression can never fully supersede the humanity from which it emanates in quality, breadth or depth. That language will always be deficient.

And yet this language is currently being employed as a device to entrap the humanity that engendered it.

The two-dimensional Internet has fostered a deficient socialization within our youth. Hours upon hours are spent in front of a television screen playing games. This gaming culture is violent and dehumanizing.

Text messages are violent and dehumanizing. Social media is violent and dehumanizing.

Rage is now the norm in our society. Google news promotes this rage. Rage is now at our fingertips.

These are not groundbreaking observations.

Children in the 60s and 70s played outside until dark. That’s when your mother told you to come home. We played kickball, football, baseball, soccer, basketball, hide and seek, ball tag, flashlight tag, and dodgeball. We went down to the creek, walked through fields, people’s backyards; and we even hitchhiked. We collected tadpoles in marshy areas. We chased fireflies when it got dark. We rang people’s doorbells and ran away. We trick or treated. We threw corn at people’s windows on Mischief Night. We soaped up their car windows. When the weather got cold, we played in the snow and had snowball fights. We went down to the pond and skated. We sledded down the streets and hills. We rolled up giant snow boulders and parked them in front of people’s front doors. We threw snowballs at cars. We laughed our asses off as we did so.

When it was a rainy day we played cards and board games with each other. When school was out we hung out at each other’s houses all day and thought up ways to entertain ourselves. We played ping pong and pool. We even went over to the piano to plunk out some songs there. When we got into our teens we stole cigarettes from our parents and smoked away when nobody was sure to catch us.

But when we did these things, we did it together. There was a unity and a socialization that was forged within our minds.

This is being lost in the computer age.

The metaverse will only accentuate this trend. It may eventually complete the isolation. I mean, why should we even go out to eat together? We can do that virtually. We can have the food delivered to our houses where we can eat with other people in our studio.

Won’t that be special?

Will we reach the day when we never see another soul? I suppose it’s possible.

And if we do, what will have been the purpose of this experiment?

What is Harvard’s goal? What are they really after? Do they even know?

Let’s not try to get too lofty here. The people who go to Harvard are motivated to go there in order to join the cabal, to become wealthy beyond comprehension, to be one of the elites who one day might own a $100 million yacht.

One, the metaverse will make the elites even wealthier by virtue of its use which will be ubiquitous.

Two, the metaverse will give them total control over everybody’s activities. And that includes your children. Everything that your children do will now be cataloged. It will be that much easier for the Harvard cabal to propagandize and control them.

Three, the metaverse will complete the desocialization of children so that they will be less likely to overthrow the ruling elite.

Four, these de-socialized children will grow up to be more efficient killing machines which will dovetail nicely with the elites’ global killing machines.

Five, de-socialized kids will be more dysfunctional and therefore more likely to commit crimes which will mesh nicely with the elites’ corporate prison racket.

Ultimately it’s all about power and control for the Harvard cabal. They have ALL thoroughly bought into the bullshit that they are the supreme leaders and that they should be calling ALL the shots in your life.

Your dog will lead a freer life than you or your children should you proceed down this road.

The metaverse?

It’s a false pathway in life. In terms of the real world it’s no life at all.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Bill Gates and his Bodyguards

Are you aware that Bill Gates has thirty bodyguards?

Not one.

Not two.

Not five.

Thirty bodyguards.

That’s not personal protection, that’s a paramilitary squad.

What does that tell you about Bill Gates and our society?

For one, he lives in a tomb.

He is completely isolated from the rest of us.

No ordinary people can get near him without being frisked and searched.

If we can’t get near him, he can’t get near us.

If he can not get near us, he cannot know us. He cannot know how we live.

Wherever he goes, wherever he visits, must be prepared before he gets there. The area must be cleared.

This isolation will affect his learning and judgment.

This is important because our politicians and business leaders are heavily influenced by his thinking and his money.

The man is in to everything and he is making his mark upon society.

This mark will be influenced by his isolation from us.

The limited number of people who he does have contact with will be his yes men and his employees.

His other contacts will be other clueless celebrities who likewise live in isolation from the rest of us.

The other telling point about his need to have 30 bodyguards is the fact that he does need 30 bodyguards.

What does that tell you about the man and his policies?

He obviously is afraid of us. Part of this fear is well deserved.

He engages in policies which anger many people.

The root of this anger is not unwarranted and it is directly related to his isolation from the rest of us.

If he lived amongst us he would have more empathy for our welfare. Instead he puts his pocketbook ahead of us.

He was a principal force behind isolating people in their houses.

There he was with Dr. Fauci implementing pursuit of an R-naught value to solve a coronavirus crisis that cannot be solved mathematically.

This was a virus, COVID-19, that required people to interact so as to share the virus. Cooping people up in their houses was not a solution. Isolation was not going to make the virus go away.

Of course, that was the Gates plan. The goal was to keep people from becoming immunized naturally so that he could make a bundle off vaccines manufactured by companies of which he was a direct beneficiary.

Gates has been the principal force in encouraging people to eat Impossible Burgers.

Such plant-based burgers, which replace protein with carbs, will only add to the obesity epidemic in the United States.

This will contribute to hypertension, heart disease, and premature death.

Yet, Gates will get wealthier as a result.

He is a principal force in tele-education. He firmly believes that high school is obsolete and that people should receive their education through Zoom, a company he benefits from economically.

Online learning has been a disaster for student education. It is a disaster because students need human interaction, human interaction that cannot be provided by a monitor or a television screen.

So there is plenty for people to be angry about when it comes to Bill Gates. He is not reengineering society to make it better; he is reengineering society so that he can make more money.

That’s why he needs thirty bodyguards.

The bodyguards and the need for them are an indictment of Bill Gates, his policies, and a society that would permit people such as him to accumulate extraordinary wealth which is used to game the system against us.

Ultimately, Gates’s ideas will fail; and, if he lives long enough, he’s going to need a lot more than thirty bodyguards to keep people from tearing him asunder.

A better option for him would be to repatriate his stolen money back to the people, get rid of the bodyguards, and live amongst us again.

In that event, he might come up with a few good ideas.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

A Prayer

Dear Lord,

This coronavirus has been really tough for me. Of course, I don’t have the coronavirus; I’m not talking about the disease.

I’m talking about the mental aspects of isolation. I am not totally isolated, but I feel isolated nonetheless.

I didn’t think I would feel this way, but I do.

It’s driving me crazy.

My only consolation is the Bible. It’s the only thing that gives me any comfort.

Why did our leaders do this to us?

Do they really hate us this much? They must.

Clearly our leaders are not human anymore. If they were, they would feel the same pain we are feeling.

I write letters to our leaders, but it seems as if they don’t hear anything I’m saying.

I don’t think I’m a crazy guy. I don’t think I’m saying crazy things.

Something is desperately wrong.

How is it that our leaders can smile and speak slogans while all of this is going on.

There are clear oddities around us.

I can see that things don’t add up.

Why do I see this, but they do not?

I am truly mystified.

They seem desensitized to the pain that others are undergoing.

I know it sounds like a sin for me to ask you to vanquish our enemies, but I noticed that King David asked you to do the same many thousands of years ago.

So it seems like it might be appropriate for me to ask a favor of you. Of course, I will leave it to your discretion.

Crush Bill Gates and the evil people from Palo Alto, Lord. They have sought to destroy us.

They have more than enough of the riches in the world, and yet it is not enough.

They sought to take the few crumbs we had.

Yes, it is true that we never liked Bill Gates, but we were willing to leave him alone as long as he left us alone.

We never liked the media adulation that he received, and we always knew that he was a pretender to the throne; but as long as we had our businesses and our occupations, we were content to put up with him, his media sycophants, and his foolish pronouncements.

Think Week comes to mind.

But then he broke the covenant.

When it comes to healthcare, there is an unwritten covenant.

Doctors agree to sacrifice many years to becoming proficient in their profession, and the government agrees to leave us alone.

Yes, it’s true, the Deity began to break the covenant back in 2008 with regulations, but for the most part he left us alone economically.

Now comes this overrated dunce from Redmond, a poorly educated man who thinks he is a smart man, and he has broken the covenant.

He has stripped us of our income.

Yes, we know what his goal is. We know what the goal of his allies are. We know that they are angling to institute a National Health Service.

We know that he is attempting to do this through remote learning which will achieve his ends by preventing children from interacting each other. If children are not interacting with each other, they cannot possibly get sick. If they cannot get sick there is no need for the doctor.

While this may seem to be a good idea, it is not because man is a social animal. If man is not interacting socially he is not developing properly. This will produce tremendous psychological damage down the line.

But Bill Gates will not care. He wants dysfunctional people to fight in Corporate America’s wars. That is the purpose of the facemask. That is the purpose of the indoctrination through remote learning. That is the purpose of the de-socialization that results from remote learning. The purpose is to create more efficient killing machines for Corporate America in its useless wars.

Bill Gates is currently one of the principals of the Third Reich. He loves dysfunctional behavior, and he loves war.

He believes high school to be obsolete.

Destroying young minds works with destroying a healthy healthcare system to produce a more efficient killing machine.. In his National Health Service model, the healthcare providers will be obedient puppets to the Third Reich. They will conduct all the evil experiments that the Third Reich desires. No one will disobey lest they lose their healthcare.

Of course he could have not included doctors in his plan. He knew many would not go along, and then the cat would be out of the bag.

He broke the covenant, and a covenant is a covenant.

He and his cronies have conducted this coronavirus fear in order to destroy private practice in the United States.

This is an immoral act. The act is more immoral because of what he wants to use this National Health Service for.

It is for this reason that I ask you Lord to crush Bill Gates, to destroy him, to annihilate him, to vanquish his existence from the planet.

I ask you to do the same for his like-minded friends. That would include Donald Trump, Anthony Fauci, Charles Schumer, Mitch McConnell and all the smiling members of the ruling elite.

Destroy them as you see fit, Lord.


Face Masks

I want to revisit this idea of face masks.

The idea of wearing face masks seems illogical to me. I don’t think they work. 

Why don’t I think they work?

Does the the face mask have an airtight seal? 

No, I don’t think it has an airtight seal at all. 

I think that what we breathe in and out goes through the side of the mask and disperses throughout the community.

If this is the case, what we breathe out goes into the common air.

What we breathe in comes from the common air.

Now, fortunately for us this won’t make a difference.

What we breathe out, and this includes viruses, is disbursed into an ocean of air.  For the average adult this represents a half liter or so on every breath.  Over a period of a minute that translates into 5 to 10 L of air depending on how fast you breathe and what your tidal volume is.  

That sounds like a lot until you realize that we live within an ocean of air.

Let me demonstrate.  In a small room of 15’ x 15’ x 8’, an average bedroom, there are 1800 cubic feet.  In each cubic foot, there are 28.32 liters of air.  So, in an average bedroom, there are 50,976 liters of air.  And as you know, your small bedroom is connected to the entire volume of air on the planet.

Poisoning the air with our viruses is akin to dumping a truckload of cyanide into the city water supply.

One can imagine Lex Luther or any number of Superman’s enemies doing so.

That may be excitingly evil in a comic book; but in the real world, not much harm is done.

Not much harm is done because the size of the city water supply far outstrips a truckload of cyanide.

Two, we must remember that respiratory droplets still obey the laws of gravity. Eventually, being heavier than air, they will fall to the ground.

Because the respiratory droplets are disbursed into the air, should you in-breathe the virus, you would inhale a very dilute load of virus.

Viral load counts.

Also contributing to the demise of the virus are respiratory cilia and mucus which play a vital role in trapping the droplet before it comes into contact with otherwise susceptible cells.

This supports my experience and belief that respiratory infections are transmitted primarily by hand contact. An individual will cough on his or her hands, then exchange the virus through either handshake or a fomite to another person who will then fail to wash his or her hands prior to touching food that they plan to consume.

Thus, it is hand washing, not the face mask, that is paramount in preventing infection.

This is my experience over 35 years. I rarely get sick in relation to the number of contacts that I have with coughing children with whom I am in constant contact with every day of the week sans face mask – excepting the present age of hysteria, of course.  And as you may know children are not necessarily social adept or proficient at covering their mouths before coughing.

Not only is handwashing important, the emphasis on the face mask can actually lead to greater rates of infection because people think they are protected by the face mask.

They are not.


Archer Crosley, MD

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Copyright 2020   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved

Disclaimer:  Obey the law.  Obey the authorities.  This is an opinion piece and does not represent medical advice.  Individual medical conditions may vary.  Consult your healthcare provider.


Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 2.33.28 AM

This is the Story of COVID-19, Malaria and Chloroquine

This is the story of COVID-19, Malaria and Chloroquine

Preparation is everything, and so a few words are in order. The following discussion is theoretical only.  Although I speak of malaria, it does not necessarily follow that the mutation I speak of must be the mutation that we all know and love with regard to sickle cell anemia. The body is diverse, and the body may respond with any number of mutations to protect itself in any number of organs.  The theoretical receptor I speak of may be a receptor yet to be discovered.

I chose the disease malaria because malaria was endemic to Rome, because Rome conquered the known world, and because the countries and areas hardest hit by COVID-19 were those that Rome conquered.  Let’s keep in mind that if Italians came to New York and took over the joint, then Rome, and all its attendant genetics, came as well.

With that stated, a long time ago in a land far far away there were people who lived in the Mediterranean basin.  And they were all there, Italians, Persians to name but a few.  Life was good for them but, alas, life was not perfect. One had to live with the maladies of life. Then as today people had to live with their neighbors. And in the case of these peoples there was a neighbor who had never been kind to them.  This neighbor’s name was ‘bad air.’  

We know it today as malaria.

And so to live with this bad air, the people adjusted. Not consciously. Their bodies did it for them, automatically, in the middle of the night while they were asleep, sometimes in the middle of the day while they were awake. Thankfully this is the way the human body works; we don’t always need to think.

So, let’s do some diagrams.

We will have native peoples north and south of the Alps.   The people north of the Alps will not be endemically exposed to malaria. The people south of the Alps will.  Let us call their peculiar genetics the Nordic genome and Italian genome respectively.

Each will have a receptor “somewhere”  through which the “malaria juice” – MJ – enters and attaches.  

On day zero, both their receptors will look the same.

The “malaria juice” will look like this:

Day Zero

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 5.57.33 AM


On Day One, the receptor will mutate in those people south of the Alps in order to mitigate the effects of malaria.

Day One

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 5.57.43 AM

So you can see that the “malaria juice” can not get a snug fit in those south of the Alps, therefore it loses effectiveness.  It can still attach, but not quite as effectively.  So you get 1/2 the action and less bang for the buck.

Now, the people north of the Alps are still affected in the same old way, but they aren’t exposed to malaria to the same degree as their neighbors south of the Alps because they live in colder climes.

On Day Two, some peasant tests out this tree bark called Cinchona, and it works; it treats malaria to a decent degree.  How does it work?  It works by blocking the “malaria juice” from attaching to the receptor. Today we call that tree bark Chloroquine.

The chloroquine molecule has a molecular configuration that looks similar to but not precisely like the “malaria juice.” 

Day Two

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 5.57.54 AM

Day Three

Rome conquers the known western world, south of the Alps, 1/2 of England, 1/2 of the Netherlands.  Rome does not conquer north of the Alps, nor north of Hadrian’s Wall.  Ditto to the northern Netherlands.  Germania and the Vikings are safe.  Rome does conquer Anatolia but the Seljuk Turks, who possess a Nordic genome, eventually take over the place between 1071 and the mid 1400s.

Day Four

Immigration comes to America.  People north of the  Alps enter through Pennsylvania cut through the mid-section of the country take a right hand turn in Illinois and then settle up in Wisconsin and  Minnesota.  People south of the Alps enter first through New Orleans, then switch to New York, Philly (to a lesser degree) and take over the New England area. Some go to Detroit, Miami, Las Vegas.

Day Five

Unenlightened yahoos open their new chemistry set courtesy of Watson and Crick and invent a bio-weapon to attack Iran.  They exploit a receptor in the lungs that they feel only Iranians possess.  After studying  the effects of falciparum malaria on the lungs and learning that malaria is hugely endemic to Iran, they invent COVID-19, take it to Wuhan where it can be dragged back to Iran.  Then they blame it on a wet market.  Nice try.

Here is but one male receptor that can be expressed by the COVID-19 virus.

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 5.58.02 AM

Does the shape look familiar? Yep, here are the modified male receptors as they connect with their female companions.

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 5.58.11 AM

These unenlightened, poorly read yahoos developed a virus that fits perfectly into the Italian genome that had been modified by virtue of having been exposed to malaria. What these monkeys failed to consider is human migration over thousands of years.  Italians descended from Persians.  Or one might say that both Iranians and Italians came from the same stock of people in the Mediterranean basin.

The male COVID-19 male receptor will fit less well into the Nordic genome, but enough to cause some damage.

Now there are probably peoples with genomes that sit halfway between the Nordic and Italian genomes.

Day Six

Unenlightened yahoos burn down the neighborhood, then blame it on China.

Day Seven

Normal people of the world wake up and insist on real changes to their leadership.  Bio-weapons are seen as not feasible because knowledge of ancestry and human migration patterns will always be imperfect. 


Now, off course this is a theoretical model to illustrate a point. This is a starter, an appetizer.  No claims are made as to where in the human body this receptor exists.

What is evident is that the chloroquine molecule needs to be studied and altered so that it can fit into the Italian genome.  We may need two types of chloroquine molecules – one for the north and one for the south.  Or we may need to invent a new molecule that does what chloroquine does, only better. That’s where the money is.

Once the receptor is blocked much mortality can be prevented.

There is no way to do it except through trial and error because this receptor could be anywhere; and it’s not like we have a lot of time – thanks to the ill-advised lockdown.

The model above only exists to demonstrate the relationship between malaria, COVID-19 and chloroquine effectiveness.

Clearly chloroquine is effective against both maladies.  Given that both COVID-19 and plasmodium, in its different stages, seemingly have different structures, one must conclude that the chloroquine is acting at the receptor level on the lung tissue.  Now it could also be that there is a level before the level upon which chloroquine is working.  But it is clear that it is working on some final common pathway.

At this point, it may not be necessary to isolate the receptor where chloroquine is working as long as we know that the structure of chloroquine is important and that there is a final common pathway upon which chloroquine is working.  We would only need to manipulate the chloroquine molecule.  This is the poor man’s way out of the problem.  It’s like following McDonalds.  Where McDonalds goes, we go.  Let McDonalds do the heavy lifting.

How do we test this theory?  Develop a better Chloroquine molecule.

I had originally intended to do a discussion of sickle cell anemia and link that malady to this discussion but then realized the discussion was moot because, as I have already pointed out, the body responds to an invader in multiple ways as evidenced by the plethora of theories as to how chloroquine works in malaria.

Everyone has their pet theory, and now you know mine.

Archer Crosley, MD

McAllen, TX 78501

Sunday, May 10, 2020

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Dangerous Academia

Who was our biggest enemy?

Hitler?  Stalin?  Mao?  Castro?  Idi Amin?  Gaddafi?  Ayatollah Khomeini?  Saddam Hussein?  Bin Laden?  Kim Jong Un?

So many enemies, eh?  What could we possibly have done to warrant so many?

Alas, none of these illustrious men fits the bill.

Our biggest enemy has always been right here at home residing in the Ivory Tower.

That’s right, our biggest enemy are the home-grown terrorists in our nation’s universities.

For over 90 years now, these academics and their disciples have worked tirelessly around the clock to screw up the economy and the welfare of the nation.

I suppose craziness must occur at least once in your lifetime. If you’re lucky, it can occur twice.  In the case of my mother, who is 94, it can occur three times.

The first craziness occurred in the administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. While Roosevelt did many good things, listening to crackpot academics was not one of them. These nutters convinced FDR that the problem in the Great Depression was not fear but low prices.  

According to the crackpots, since low prices decreased the revenue for the shopkeeper that in turn forced him to let go of employees, why then the solution must be to raise prices.

If only prices could be elevated, why then the shopkeeper would have enough revenue to employ his workers.  These employed people would then have the money to buy things.

That sounds good on paper; unfortunately, the game is not played on paper.

Shopkeepers were lowering their prices because people were hoarding their money.  People were hoarding their money because they were scared. Creating artificial shortages, which was what Roosevelt did after listening to the crackpots, didn’t alleviate the fear; it increased fear because prices rose.  Thus people bought less.

What transpired was a quagmiring of the Depression brought about by playing the game on paper.

When you play the game on paper, it’s a snap to conclude that you can reverse the engine by simply raising prices.  

Yet, it’s nonsense, because fear is the dog, and price is the tail.

The tail doesn’t wag the dog; the dog wags the tail.

Fear and confidence together are the defining context of the economy.  Prices rise and fall within that context.

The second craziness came about with Robert McNamara’s prosecution of the Vietnam war.  Although McNamara wasn’t technically an academic, he sure acted like one.

McNamara’s contribution to insanity was to fight a war with statistics.  Increasing body count was one of his principal goals.  Winning battles was another.  Apparently Bob never heard of a pyrrhic victory.

Just show me the bodies, Jerry!

Show me the bodies!

That nutty philosophy led to racking up numbers in order to win the war. 

What McNamara must have concluded was that since winners of wars generally win more battles and kill more people, it must necessarily follow that  greater body counts and more victories will result in a successful war.  

That looks great on paper, right?  

Not so fast, Bob. Successful wars are prosecuted in an organic manner by generals who apply realistic strategies that involve tactics other than killing.  A customary but not mandatory byproduct of that realistic prosecution is a greater body count and more battles won.  The war must still be fought realistically.  Plus the goal of war is to sell people to your way of thinking; if the general can accomplish this without killing, then the general will do so.

Because we did not follow that time-honored advice, we won the battles and killed millions but ultimately lost the war –  a war that was protracted because we eschewed the sensible and realistic course of action.

Again the dog wags the tail; the tail does not wag the dog.

Nice going, Bob.

This leads us to the third craziness. It does so because the spirit of Robert McNamara lives on. Oh, yes, he has so many disciples in government today.  Healthcare is chock full of them; and they stand ready with their metrics to save you from reality.

This third craziness is rooted in lowering the R0 value.

Like McNamara, Gates and Fauci are fixated on numbers and statistics, only in this case it’s a lower body count and a lower R0 value.  Indeed, lowering the R0 value is the holy grail for Gates and Fauci.  It is the basis for the lockdown. Now, of course, if you have read any of my writings before, you know that the lockdown, otherwise known as extreme social distancing, has never been tried out in the real world until now. That’s right, you’re a guinea pig.

Here Gates and Fauci are fighting the coronavirus war.  Since successful wars against viruses generally result in lower R0 values, it must necessarily follow that lowering the R0 value will result in a successful war. 

Again we have people playing the game on paper, not understanding that the tail does not wag the dog. 

In the real world successful, virus wars are won because people become infected naturally or through vaccination.  A consequence of this is a lowering of the R0 value.  In the paper world, R0 values are lowered first by locking people up in their houses.  The problem with this approach is that someday these coronavirus virgins must come out of the house.  And when they do, the R0 value will rise and more people will die.  

 Essentially Gates and Fauci have prolonged the battle. They have kicked the can down the road. They have accomplished nothing.

As did McNamara; as did FDR’s crackpot economists.


Archer Crosley, MD

McAllen, TX

Tuesday, May 12, 2020


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The Real Coronavirus


Palo Alto was behind the lockdown. 

Something this nutty, this ill-conceived, this antisocial, this Marxist, could only have come from the mind of a geek steeped in mathematical purity.

Bill Gates is the poster boy and the spokesman for this movement.

In addition to that, he is a very sick, greedy man. His greed knows no limits.

What you are witnessing is a takeover of the economy on education and healthcare.

His company Microsoft should have been called the United States Government Computer Company. For over 40 years Microsoft ripped Americans off with endless upgrades. To no one’s surprise the United States government did not protect us from his predatory behavior.  Indeed the government was in league with him.

Regarding coronavirus, it is one of Bill Gates’s companies that provides tel-education to students who no longer go to regular classrooms because of the lockdown.

Gates is heavily into telemedicine also.  

This is Bill Gates’s vision for the future – people sitting at home.

It is Bill Gates’s companies who will spearhead the movement to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus.

Anthony Fauci is one of his friends.

Remember, Anthony Fauci was the man who scared the nation into a lockdown.

Even if one of Gates’s companies does not invent the coronavirus vaccine, his company will get in on the action somehow.

If Gates’s vision for the future was good and decent; I would be the first on board to help him, but it is not a good vision.

From a  pediatrician’s perspective, telemedicine is a vastly inferior methodology for practicing medicine. If we turn to this methodology, your health care will suffer tremendously. There is no substitute for a face-to-face encounter. This is a position that is not negotiable.

Even for simple problems, telemedicine is a bad idea. First of all, there is no such thing as a simple problem in healthcare, and the doctor who thinks such is a fool. Oftentimes patients come into the office with simple problems that reveal more complex issues. Additionally, if the regular pediatrician has his bread-and-butter – that being colds, sore throats and conjunctivitis –  siphoned off by the Greedy Gates Telemedicine Service, he’ll have to close shop. And then who will manage the more complex problems? Who will detect your child’s appendicitis?

Can you see the bleak future if Gates prosecutes his vision?

When patients come into the office I ask the mom and the child how their tel-education is working out. They say it is difficult.

Of course.   What’s missing is human interaction.  A smile, a word of encouragement means so much more in the flesh.

Human interaction makes kids feel better; a person who feels better, learns better.

Kids enjoy school.  Bill Gates thinks schools are obsolete.

His virtual schools will manufacture standardized, algorithmic, disconnected automatons unable to work empathetically together as a creative, cohesive team.

The Führer would be proud.  These are just the type of units a fascist leader requires to wage war and keep people in line.  


What you are seeing today is a classic case of eagerly taking a new technology and applying it to every aspect of human endeavor – with disastrous effects. It does not necessarily follow that a new technology can be applied to everything with good results.

If Bill Gates had been educated broadly and properly he would have understood this. Think Week – during which Bill goes off to ruminate –  isn’t going to cut the mustard.

What happened to Bill Gates was that he dropped out of college in order to pursue a career in business. What he missed out on was the value and human interaction that a human professor can impart to your education.

Someone can be intelligent but poorly educated. Education is a series of building blocks that allows you to climb upon a platform and see further.

Bill Gates did not receive that education at a formative age.

Yes, he ultimately received a degree from Harvard, but this was an honorary degree.  He did not go through the rigorous course work that would earn him a legitimate degree.  Nor did he receive the wisdom and perspective a kind teacher can provide.

We are therefore in trouble because what we have is a very rich and powerful man who is exerting exorbitant influence upon our lives.

We need to step back and think.

We need to identify the real coronavirus – Palo Alto, and its crown prince, Bill Gates.

Palo Alto and Bill Gates will snuff out of all significant human interaction on the planet.

Our lives, our education, our health,  what goes into our minds and bodies will be obsessively monitored and controlled by the state.  

This is what we need to immunize ourselves against.


Archer Crosley, MD

McAllen, TX 78501

Saturday, May 2, 2020


PS  When I was in college I could not grasp the importance of ex-communication. One fine day, in history class, we discussed the Pope’s use of ex-communication as a weapon against subversives.  I raised my hand and asked the professor, “Who cares about ex-communication? So what if you are ex-communicated?”  I was evaluating ex-communication in terms of the society that we have today. The professor responded: “Oh, no, ex-communication was a big deal. If you were ex-communicated, you had no voice.”   The professor’s further amplification helped me round out my views of truth, speech, and the separation of church and state.  It helped me understand that ex-communication then was tantamount to being banned on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter today in a secular world controlled by a secular church whose popes are people like Bill Gates.


Copyright 2020   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved