You Are Too Stupid To Rule, Harvard

Dear Harvard,

You are too stupid to rule.

You were beguiled by your SAT scores and your phony baloney valedictorian status.

Don’t you read any books?

Don’t you know anything?

Or are you too busy looking at your reflection in the mirror?

Perhaps you are too occupied counting the money you stole off honest, hard-working people.

The empire you are constructing in the United States of America and the world cannot have longevity.

The history of humanity proves it.

The western half of the Roman empire proves it.

In 283 A.D. the Roman empire split into eastern and western halves.

The western half collapsed, according to the historians, in 476 A.D.

The eastern half survived 1,000 years more.

Why did the western half collapse?

Principally because they continued their elitist, arrogant, warmongering ways.

Why did the eastern half continue?

Because they were able to skillfully negotiate with their neighbors even while living in a rougher neighborhood.

They didn’t treat people like shit. They treated them with greater respect.

They didn’t disrespect their opponents.

Any half-assed coach in sports can tell you that the quickest trip to defeat is to underestimate your opponent.

In other words, if you disrespect your opponent you stand a greater chance of losing.

Now isn’t that what you’ve been engaging in since you, Harvard University, have put your death grip upon the United States of America?

Haven’t you and the CIA, which you and your Ivy League cabal control, been running all over the world for the past 70 years and disrespecting people who should be our friends.

Haven’t you been creating enemies for the United States of America?

Here’s a question for you, Harvard: Do people respect the United States of America, or do they fear us?

That’s a rhetorical question.

They fear us.

That is precisely why we will fail, thanks to you, Harvard.

Your reign of terror runs antithetical to Christianity.

Your horrible leadership repudiates the ideals of the Founding Fathers.

You betray the Founding Fathers, Harvard University.

You are losers through and through.

The sooner we are rid of you, the better we will be.

Go away, Harvard.

Take your Board of Overseers with you. Take the “Corporation” with you. Take the coronavirus-enabling Broad Institute also. Don’t forget about your buddies at MIT.

Nor the bricks.

Don’t forget the bricks.

Take every brick of your corrupt institution and either float it on a barge down the Charles River out to sea, or, better yet, send the bricks to the people in Indonesia so that they can build sustainable housing.

You do remember Indonesia, don’t you Harvard. You raped them back in the 1960s when you overthrew their government and killed one million of their people through the immoral CIA that you control.

They had an opportunity then to live a prosperous life, but you took that away from them so that your greedy Ivy League graduates, who you control, could get wealthier.

You did it for the gold and copper. Does Ertsberg and Grasberg ring a bell?

How about Forbes Wilson? He graduated from Yale. He’s one of your boys. How about Allen Dulles? He graduated from Princeton. He’s another guy in the clique.

Given your track record, Harvard, the best thing you can do is leave.

Don’t apologize, just leave.

Get lost, drop dead, scram, beat it, auf wieder sehen, vamoose, goodbye, laters, see ya, que pasa buen día, later gator, hasta la vista, baby.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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