OMG, Iran is Going to Nuke Us

Why does the Israel-Iran conflict exist?

It only exists to justify the military industrial complex and the building up of more arms so that contractors and corporations can get wealthier.

It also exists for the next generation of parasites, the grandchildren of the current day robber barons, so that they can have their war where they can make a lot of money ripping off the American public.

“Wahhhhhhh, where is my war, mommy?”

Plus it keeps the people distracted, occupied, emotionally labile, and pliable.

Distracted, emotional people don’t think straight. They are putty in the hands of the elites.

In that respect, our leaders are no different than those useless pharaohs who built pyramids that appeared to have little functional value other than providing jobs, and of course glory to pharaoh.

That’s why our aircraft carriers exist, don’t you know? They exist so politicians can climb on board and look like the big man that they aren’t.

And of course, there’s the money. How are big corporations going to get fabulously wealthy unless we create a conflict in which they can get fabulously wealthy?

That’s the purpose of the conflict in the Middle East.

It will never end.

And if Jesus returned to end it, our corporate leaders would get together and ask the CIA to kill Jesus.

And you can bet your ass that the CIA would do it.

Honestly now, how long has Iran been only three months away from developing a nuclear weapon?

This charade has been going on at least a decade, possibly even twenty years.

Why don’t we just cut to the chase and let the Iranians have a nuclear weapon?

Why shouldn’t they have nuclear capability?

Why are they not entitled to have what we have?

We sell them Nike shoes and Samsung televisions at the Palladium Mall in Tehran. Why should we stop there?

Moreover, they can’t possibly have shown any greater irresponsibility than we have.

After all, we are the only country that’s detonated a nuclear weapon upon people.

It’s true.

And it was so unnecessary.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that the dropping of the nuclear weapon stopped the war with Japan.

That’s not how the Russians see it.

The Russians believe that it was their invasion of northern Japan that forced the Japanese to surrender.

They may be right.

But even if the Russians had not planned to invade, it’s totally arguable that a nuclear weapon detonation was unnecessary.

But that’s not the point of this article.

The point of this article is to illustrate the joke that our leaders are playing on us.

It’s not just the leaders of the United States that are participating in this charade, it’s the leaders of Iran also.

They make a fortune off the threat of war also.

Plus the threat of war keeps them in power.

They play the same game with their people that our leaders play with us.

In reality, the leaders of Iran are cut out of the same cloth as our leaders. There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between them.

Iran’s leaders hold their people hostage just as our leaders hold us hostage.

Both leaders straitjacket us through the threat of war.

It’s a charade.

The wars that you see, the wars that you know, the wars that you fought in, the wars that you have lived through were unnecessary and preventable.

So are the wars our leaders are now planning to wage.

In truth, there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that Iran will drop a nuclear weapon on Israel or the United States.

Why would they risk that knowing it would be their last move on this Earth?

They won’t.

Iran’s leaders need Israel.

Iran’s leaders need the United States.

Without your enemies, the war racket stops.

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