The Aging Boxer

The United States will never win another important war.

Sure, we will win battles.

Sure, we will win fake wars that our government sets up to give our soldiers an easy victory.

But we will never win another real war unless the country changes.

There’s a reason for that.

It has nothing to do with the goodness or ability of the American soldier.  Wars are lost in spite of our soldiers efforts.

There are three principal reasons why we cannot win a war. 

1. It only takes a short time before the American soldier arrives at the battle scene and figures out that the war has nothing to do with democracy and preserving our way of life and everything to do with making money for the rich. Thus the solider becomes dispirited.

2. As the United States has drifted away from a Christian-based society to a secular one, the CIA and the government have created a culture of distrust in which, surprise, no one trusts each other. You need to trust your teammate in order to win battles. Currently our country finds itself ensconced within a thick cake of distrust, lies and deceit seven layers deep. Nobody can even begin to guess who’s on first base.  Everyone is seen as having an ulterior motive.

3.  War is the end game now.  The elites now wage wars to rob the treasury (us) and keep the economy going. Our elites are too lazy and too stupid to wage peace – which, by the way, would make them far more money.  No, they want the quick bucks that war brings.  Consequently, since war is the end game, war is not necessarily fought in order to be won.  The soldiers want to win and go back home, but the elites prefer it to keep going.  Why, my gosh, how else could they make money?

As such, we will lose wars.

We have become the kind of country we used to beat.

We are a giant banana republic with thugs on top who have learned to talk pretty, wear a suit and not wildly shoot bullets into the air from machine guns. 

These are the generals who eat lobster in Saigon as the country goes to shit.

Hence, the losses just keep on coming.

The best is yet to come.  Its name is Iran.

These fools who lead us – tanked up on their titles, awards and press clippings – think that they can phone in their performance and take out Iran in a week.

Well, good luck to that.

Russia, China and India will never permit the US to control Iran again.

US control of Iran and its oil spells death and a century of economic slavery for these countries, for if the US controls Iran, the US will control well over fifty percent of the world’s oil and gas reserves and its flow from the Persian Gulf.

With Iran in its grip, the US can bankrupt and subjugate Russia, India and China.

These countries will fight the US to the death to prevent such, and they will win.

They will win for the same reason that the rabbit outruns the fox.  The fox is running for its dinner; the rabbit is running for its life.

Plus, we’re not living in 1950 anymore.  China has grown pretty strong.  They’re the new tough kid on the block.

The US, like an aging boxer living in the past, is not the country it once was.

No, this aging boxer, feeling the effects of too many hits to the head, craves just one more victory.

If only he can get a shot at the title, he says to himself.

Well, we all know what happens to washed-up boxers.

It’s never pretty.

Iran and You

So why is the US really messing around with Iran?

In a word, control.

By controlling Iran, which contains a huge percentage of the world’s oil reserves, at least for now, the US can control the economy of every nation on the planet.

The problem for the US is that Russia, China, India and every other nation on the planet know it as well; and they aren’t going to permit this to happen without a fight. Compounding this problem is that our leaders either don’t know or don’t want to recognize this. They see themselves as an invulnerable Caesar.

Our leaders live in a fantasy world. They think they can step in and depose the current Iranian government much like Allen Dulles did in 1953. Thus the sanctions and tough talk.

The Russians, Chinese and Indians aren’t stupid. They know that by controlling Iran, the US can bankrupt or hold their economies hostage for nearly a century barring some miraculous innovation in energy use. This would then relegate them to second-class status for a long time, which is why they will pitch in and defend Iran.

Our leaders, along with their equally delusional counterparts in Great Britain and Israel, who have consumed a steady diet of their own BS for decades now, seem ready to take on Iran. By doing so, they desire to avert any attempts by other countries to begin trading for oil in anything but US dollars.

Trading for oil in the yuan or any other currency would render the US petrodollar near worthless as other countries would quickly dump it. The results would be catastrophic for the powers-that-be who have been printing money like a bat out of hell for decades now.

The thinking goes that such inflation would be devastating for us as well.

I doubt it. When leaders start thinking about us first, what they’re usually worried about is their own hide.

Indeed, lesser reliance on the petrodollar might be a good thing for us commoners; it might finally shake some sense into our leaders that the world is a big place and that other people count also. It might force our leaders into thinking less about controlling the world’s oil and more about our needs here at home. We might even get some investment in domestic infrastructure. And along the way, we might make some true friends in the world rather than people who ally with us out of fear.

Friends, you say? Oh, the horror, the horror. Why, Caesar doesn’t need friends.

Or does he?