Mel and Cancel Culture

Comes now Joshua Malina, of West Wing fame, to tell us that Mel Gibson, noted anti-Semite (according to Malina) should be canceled by Hollywood.

Malina points to numerous examples of Mel’s anti-Semitism.

It’s difficult to argue with his examples because they all happened.

What may be more arguable is whether those acts are anti-Semitic.

Just because an actor doesn’t like Jews, or makes comments about Jews, does it mean that he is anti-Semitic.

As we used to say in the old days: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.

Are there any examples of Mel discriminating against Jews? Andrew Garfield of Hacksaw Ridge identifies as Jewish. Emile Hirsch of Force of Nature is part Jewish.

Mel worked with both of them.

Mel has also worked with Danny Glover even though Mel has used saucy language against people of the darker colored persuasion.

So on the surface it seems as if Mel doesn’t have a problem working with Jews.

Or blacks.

So what gives?

Maybe Mel is just the product of his era in which people freely used racial and ethnic epithets.

Maybe Mel is human and makes mistakes.

Or, maybe Mel has been careless (as have been many others) about who he thinks are Jews.

Maybe the people who he thinks are Jews aren’t Jews at all.

Maybe the rich Jews who run businesses in Hollywood and elsewhere are as far away from Judaism as many so-called Christians are from Christianity.

In fact, that’s likely to be the case.

A true Jew, like a true Christian, doesn’t rip people off, or hoard money.

A true Jew, like a true Christian, embraces brotherhood.

Those qualities are in short supply in our leadership positions in the United States and around the world.

Of course.

Our world isn’t run by Jews or Christians, but by pagans, neo-Romans who have lost their way.

Maybe Joshua Molina is confused as well.

Joshua Malina criticizes Mel Gibson for being anti-Semitic.

Is he willing to call out the leadership of Israel as anti-Semitic also?

He should because they are perhaps the most anti-Semitic people around.

They may not call Jews names, but they certainly do a lot of harm to them.

I’m convinced that the former Prime Minister of Israel, Bibi Natanyahu, flunked Hebrew school. He certainly didn’t understand the story of Esther. He proved that when he and that other knucklehead Mike Pompeo tried to analogize the story of Esther with Israel’s current conflict with Iran.

Israel’s current Prime Minister is one of the most clueless boobs around.

Naftali Bennett, the kippah-master, doesn’t understand that the kippah is a reminder to Jews to live a moral life and to respect God’s presence. He behaves as if it’s a shield to protect him from all the evil shit that he’s done in his life.

And there’s a lot of ill will that Israel’s leadership has done to Palestinians that will come back to hurt Jews in the future.

So who is the real anti-Semite here? A guy like Mel Gibson who releases his frustrations with Jews when he gets drunk, or fakes and phonies who speak nice but do harm to Jews every day of the week through their adventurous misdeeds.

Beyond that though, theoretically we live in a predominantly Christian culture, or at least it used to be, where forgiveness is stronger than vengeance.

Mel’s untimely comments against Jews and blacks hardly rise to the level of criminality of the Third Reich either in Germany or in its new home here in the United States, and for that reason he should not be canceled at all.

PS There is no such thing as a cultural Jew. That’s just happy horseshit that non-observant Jews embrace to assuage their guilt for having abandoned God for a life of sin. There’s no such thing as a cultural Christian either. I’m not a Christian because I put up a tree on December 25th.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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