The Theft of Your Life

Harvard has stolen your life and that of your ancestors.

It sits there in the Widener Library and Harvard’s other 69 libraries.

They did it through a kickback scheme.

It works like this.

Harvard, an elitist cabal of thugs, weasels its way into the governing machinery of the nation and Corpporate America.

They game the system to favor their graduates.

Along the way they create and control a secret police force, a group of thugs really, akin to the SS, SD and Gestapo, who engage in dirty tricks against people who would stand in Harvard’s way in gaining total control over the United Ststes and the world.

It’s not difficult to do.

Joe Stalin did it in the Soviet Union.

Adolf Hitler did the same in 1930s Germany.

Ditto to numerous dictators around the globe.

The only difference here is that this group of thugs is spread out over thousands of people instead of one, two or five.

The kicker is that many of the people who participate in this scam, the people further down the food chain, may not even know that they are participating in the scam, although it’s not difficult to figure out that you might be beneficiary of the scam.

It works like this.

Harvard rigs the government so that you or your company benefit wildly off the game’s newly changed rules.

You become a billionaire.

In exchange for that, you are asked down the road to contribute back to the ruling cabal’s favorite charity namely Harvard.

It’s not framed as a straight quid pro quo. Let’s give Harvard a little more credit than that. They’re not that stupid, although the stupid juice freely flows up there.

Now look, you may even want to give. It’s not like you’re not appreciative. After all, Harvard made you a billionaire.

With that money, Harvard can build its vast library system and buy up the treasures of the world.

So that it doesn’t appear as a kickback, you may be encouraged to donate your art collection, your dinosaur bone collection, or your stamp collection.

The result is what you see today.

Harvards endowment is $40 billion dollars.

Its library system, the crown jewel of which is the Widener library, is unparalleled in the United States in its scope, power, and wealth.


Why is it necessary for a college to accumulate such wealth?

What is the purpose of a college?

Isn’t the purpose of a college to conserve, encourage and transmit knowledge amongst students, faculty and the public at large?

Normally, that would be the case, and at most colleges and universities that is precisely the point of the college and its library.

But Harvard has become more than a college.

It has become a base of power where the ruling elite consolidate, foster and transfer power from one generation to the next.

And that it is what it is doing in its library system.

These days, Harvard cares less about knowledge than it does about power.

It is stealing the wealth of the world, your heritage, and bottling it up for themselves.

It is stolen wealth.

This stolen wealth like that at the Palace of Versailles exists to legitimize and accentuate the supremacy of Harvard and its self-anointed “right” to rule.

The Ptolemies did it.

The Pharaohs before them did it.

King Louis did it.

Harvard does it.

They all stole the wealth of the world, and all have fallen, as will Harvard.

Along the way, these empires create damage to the people they claim to represent and rule, for it soon comes to pass that the need for them to legitimize themselves as living gods supersedes the point of why a ruler exists.

A ruler exists to add value to the life of the citizenry they are privileged to rule.

That value is diluted as the people’s wealth is confiscated and transferred to the rulers in Cambridge who in time, having raped the living, rape the past and bottle it up in Cambridge.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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