Snoop Dogg and the Super Bowl

Here is Corporate America’s pitch man.

Of course he’s there for a reason.

It’s not just because he makes them a lot of money.

He’s there to set a poor role model for black youth in the inner city.

The reason why Corporate America wants that is because they want to continue their corporate prison racket in which poor black inner city youth can continue to be a steady supply of bodies for our prison system.

Corporate America makes a lot of money off the prison system – building prisons, supplying the prisons.

Why, what would Corporate America ever do if black youth in the inner city achieved their true potential and became business owners, doctors, lawyers, and so forth?

The prisons would go out of business after which white people in the middle of nowhere would be laid off as there would be no need for people to guard the prisoners.

“Why that would be outrageous,” Corporate America concludes. “Those white people might demand that we bring manufacturing back to the United States. After all the corporate prison system racket is the dog bone we threw them after we outsourced all their jobs. Hey, we better get our lackey Snoop Dogg in there to keep that black community devastated. Is he still baking marijuana brownies with Martha Stewart? Can we get them to do the Super Bowl?”


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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