Hey, Biden Supporters

Hey, Biden supporters, I have a question for you.

Where is the new healthcare plan?

Where is the reform in student debt?

Where is the end to the endless wars?

Where is all the stuff you’ve been asking for?

I’ll tell you where it went. It went the same place that Trump’s big plans went.


And now you know what a joke American politics is in this day and age.

You’re not going to have the substantive healthcare reform that you’ve been asking for.

Forget about help for regular working people.

You won’t have it because Corporate America doesn’t want it, and it is Corporate America that is controlling both parties.

You won’t have an end to the endless wars because Corporate America makes too much money off endless war.

Hello, Ukraine.

Student debt reform? Forget it.

That would take guts.

Besides, the ruling elite prefer that you be as poor as you can reasonably be without rebellion.

They don’t want rebellion, so they’ll probably give you a little dog bone, just enough to keep you pacified.

As Porfirio Diaz once said: A dog with a bone neither bites nor barks.

Our elites love pacified dogs.

What they don’t like are dogs that bite.

That’s why they give you racial issues and Confederate war general statues to get angry about.

They don’t want you getting angry about anything substantial.

They don’t want you turning out like your parents and grandparents who protested the Vietnam War.

Now you see, it was those protests that put an end to their cash cow in Vietnam.

Oh, yeah.

That’s why the racial issues exist. That’s why all these rage issues exist.

If you want to stop a raging river, you divert the river off into spillways, safe tributaries and reservoirs.

The goal is for Corporate America to continue to rape America for as long as possible. After all the new generation of parasites have to make their billions.”

Waaaaaaaah! Where’s my war, mommy? You promised me a war, mommy.”

Thus the endless war racket.

Thus the corporate prison racket.

Thus the welfare plantation racket.

Thus the student loan racket.

Thus the “healthcare rape the patient” racket.

The student loan racket is a winner for Corporate America. The schools agree to jack up the price of tuition in order to pay for the brand new buildings that are built and supplied by guess who? Corporate America.

Corporate America’s bed fellow, the federal government, the Harvard – Princeton chums of Corporate America, approve all this.

And who makes the interest money of the student loans?

I’ll give you a clue: It’s not the guy who does your lawn.

It’s Corporate America.

Who stands to lose if loan debt is forgiven?

Corporate America.

Corporate America’s greed is killing America.

There is no greater issue in our time than the power of Corporate America.

If Corporate America is not defeated, you will be defeated.

It is Corporate America that controls the politicians who adamantly refuse to substantively reform America and help you out.

That’s why you don’t see any reform in student debt. That’s why you don’t see any reform in healthcare. That’s why you see endless wars. That’s why you see the continuation of the corporate prison racket. That’s why you don’t see an end to the welfare plantation scam.

It’s all about Corporate America and their profits.

Do you want an issue?

I’ll give you one.

Go out and protest against Corporate America’s power.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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