The True Oppressors

I don’t know if I find these stories, or if these stories find me. I don’t even know how I decide to do an article about them. I know I like doing them. They touch on issues that magically stimulate me to start writing and investigating.

I don’t think they are earth shattering stories; they are just stories that make me want to write.

One story piqued my interest. It was written by Brandon Tensley who writes for CNN.

He is an African-American who writes about cultural issues. He wrote an article just the other day in which he makes the claim that white Americans are afraid of black men.

This is possibly true but more likely confined to the ones who carry guns and dress like gangsters.

His argument is that black youth have been demonized and dehumanized ever since Trayvon Martin and before. He cites examples from America’s past where black men have been dehumanized.

He says that in post-slavery 1863, the fear was raised that black men would sexually terrorize white women as payback for the injustices of slavery. This fear was then used to justify lynchings.

Here is what he wrote:

“Many White Americans responded to the emancipation of Black Americans in 1863 by stoking the anxiety that Black men “would exact sexual revenge against White men through their daughters,” per the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC).”

I’m not going to challenge what Brandon Tensley states about fear being stoked. I just think he needs to look harder at who was responsible for dehumanizing black men in 1863. It may be closer to home than he thinks.

But that’s not the major point of this article. I wanted to know more about Brandon Tensley, and I wanted to know more about this museum that he quoted.

The museum in his story is located in Washington DC. It is called the National Museum of African American History and Culture. It is associated with the Smithsonian institution.

I wanted to know who controlled this museum. Knowing who controls the museum can tell us more about the quotes that come out of it. As you may have already figured out, walls do not talk. People talk.

This is what I found.

The head guy is named Kevin Young, and he graduated from Harvard University. He also has a degree from Brown.

On the board of directors, I quickly found three guys. They were practically the first three men mentioned.

I’m going to give you their names and the school that they attended.

Kenneth Chenault: Harvard.

Franklin Raines: Harvard

Anthony Coles: Harvard

As for Brandon Tensley, he is not a Harvard man, but he is an Oxford man.

I find this peculiar because Brandon Tensley focuses upon oppression (rightfully so), yet he willingly (I assume), attended Oxford University, one of the biggest oppressors around.

If there is a school that has conducted more oppression (and genocide) of the world’s peoples than Harvard University, surely it is Oxford.

Oxford is the top school of the British Crown. Oxford men on behalf of King and Country brutalized the people of China, India, Kenya many other African countries, America, Jamaica, and Ireland; and that is a short list.

Back to the museum.

In a cursory review of members involved in the affairs of this museum, we find four people who have attended Harvard University.

Why am I pointing this out?

I am pointing this out to demonstrate the huge influence that Harvard University has on the narrative that will be presented to Americans and the world regarding the African-American experience in the United States.

This is not good.

It does not bode well for black Americans.

I am especially distressed to see the name Kenneth Chenault on the board of directors of this museum.

Prior to this story, I had done intensive investigation of COVID-19 because it impacted my pediatric practice, and this circuitously led me to do an extensive review of the board structure at Harvard University. This is where I first encountered the name Kenneth Chenault.

I was impressed with his résumé. I decided at the time that this guy was the most connected individual in the history of humanity.

I call him the “Connection Babe.”

Kenneth Chenault is the face of Corporate America.

Now, you might think that this is a good thing, but if you thought that, you would be wrong.

It is Corporate America that is responsible for keeping the black man down in America today.

Corporate America is chiefly responsible for the corporate prison racket which is responsible for the devastation within the inner-city.

The corporate prison racket ensures and mandates that the black community be poor and dysfunctional in order to supply plenty of bodies for the corporate prison system which benefits Corporate America.

To that end, Corporate America ensures that black people stay focused upon rage and the injustices of the past.

Thus race hustling.

Thus racial equity.

Thus reparations.

Thus rage.

Thus destruction of the black community.

Presenting a false narrative to America is the beginning point. Thus the National Museum of African-American Heritage.

This museum will focus blacks and whites upon divisiveness.

It will tell Americans about demonization of black men in 1863, but it will never tell you where that demonization came from.

It will sidestep that issue completely because in all likelihood the demonization came from the top down, from the kinds of schools that the men in this article gravitated toward.

Make no mistake about it. Harvard is your enemy.

Russia is not your enemy.

Vladimir Putin is not your enemy.

China is not your enemy.

Kim Jong-un is not your enemy.

Daniel Ortega, remember him, is not your enemy.

No, the enemy is much closer to home.

Harvard is your enemy.

What will finish America off is its lack of internal cohesion. Nothing will be more devastating to America than the balkanization of its people.

Harvard works toward that end. It does so to weaken any challengers to its reign of terror.

It has placed its men carefully in top positions in all our institutions, not just in government and in business, but in ways far more subtle.

These institutions, seemingly innocuous, are the bricks in the wall of lies that protect and promote the fortress of a Corporate America that is destroying the goodness and decency of a once great nation.

They lie to Americans now as surely as they lied in 1863. I want you to now click on the link that was provided above and examine the page that is put out by this museum.

Here is the quote and link again.

“Many White Americans responded to the emancipation of Black Americans in 1863 by stoking the anxiety that Black men “would exact sexual revenge against White men through their daughters,” per the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC).”

The museum mentions the following people:

Richard Felton Outcault. This man was a cartoonist who was very popular in the early 1900s. He not only drew stereotypical caricatures of blacks but of Asians also. Who hired him? William Randolph Hearst. Where did William Randolph Hearst go to college? Harvard. What did he run? The Hearst Empire.

Roger Taney: Roger Taney was the chief Supreme Court justice responsible for the Dred Scott decision. He didn’t go to Harvard, but he had six justices, two from Princeton, who joined him in this famously poor decision. One Harvard man joined the dissenting opinion. The key point is this: the Supreme Court is not a hot dog stand in a small village. And these days, the Supreme Court is a de facto errand boy for Corporate America.

Aunt Jemima: This is an iconic image now associated with racism that was used to sell syrup and pancake flour. Who controlled and promoted the image? Quaker Oats, then PepsiCo – two stalwarts of Corporate America.

Uncle Ben: While not on the list on the museum’s webpage, Uncle Ben has come to be seen as a stereotypical racist image that keeps black people down – very much like the boy in Little Dutch Boy paints who has been oppressing people from Holland for many decades now. Uncle Ben’s converted rice was “invented” and promoted by Forrest Mars. And where did Forrest Mars go to school? Yale. And, yes, we’re talking about that Mars, another stalwart of Corporate America.

What’s my point? Quit blaming average white people who live out in the sticks for the dehumanization of black men. They had nothing to do with that dehumanization.

In summary Brandon Tensley needs to look closer to home.

Finally, let me issue a heartfelt “Fuck You” to Harvard for fucking our nation then and today. Yes, yes, yes, Harvard, I hear you, you have a few good men. Enough. Leave us and go away.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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