What Will Putin Do

Why is Vladimir Putin correct in invading Ukraine, and what will he do?

To answer these questions, we have to ask the rhetorical question: What is his job, and what would you do if you had his job?

Vladimir Putin‘s job is not to look after the best interest of the American people.

Vladimir Putin‘s job is to look after the best interest of the Russian people.

That’s why he is in power. If he hadn’t responded to the needs of his people, he would’ve been forcibly thrown out of office along time ago.

Any government regardless of its form that does not respond to the needs of the people will soon be deposed.

Vladimir Putin is not a stupid guy. Unlike our leaders, he’s not a cardboard cutout or a comedy act. He’s very well read. He’s smart, and he seems interested in a wide variety of subject matters.

He understands full well that any leader who does not look after the needs of the people will soon be thrown out of power.

Accepting that, what’s in the best interest of the Russian people?

Is it in the best interest of the Russian people to be isolated from the rest of Europe?

That’s the position that the United States and NATO put the Russian people in. The United States and NATO kept encroaching upon Russia, right up to its border.

Apparently, the United States doesn’t want Russia to have any trade relations with NATO nations.

Why would that be in the best interest of the Russian people?

Why would the Russians not want to sell oil and gas to Germany and other European nations?

How will this benefit Russia?

If Russia cannot sell oil and gas to European nations, then Russia becomes a poor country.

If Russia cannot have good trade relations with European nations, then Russia becomes a slave state to the United States.

Why would Russia want to accept a second class ticket on the airplane?

Why would Russians not want to travel first class like the United States and European nations?

Answer: They do.

Russians want to enjoy the same privileges that citizens of the United States enjoy.

As leader of Russia, it’s Vladimir Putin’s job to recognize that and respond to that.

And that is what he has done.

That is why he is correct in invading Ukraine.

He will invade Ukraine and stop the encroachment of the United States upon its territory.

Vladimir Putin will create the buffer zone between Russia and NATO.

He will set up a barrier and say: No more.

My guess is that he will stop at the Dnieper river and go no further. If he has gone beyond the Dnieper River, it is only a bargaining position, a dog bone, a concession chip he can toss back to the West.

Is he interested in pushing Russian hegemony up to the borders of NATO nations?

I do not think so, as doing so would complicate his mission and open it up to failure.

I also do not think he wants to go door to door through any more cities than he needs to.

He’s not interested in having Russian soldiers be killed unnecessarily.

This war will be over very quickly if the United States does not get involved to any substantial degree.

The Dnieper river is the best natural boundary to separate eastern and western Ukraine.

It’s the easiest way to defend the buffer zone which will be eastern Ukraine.

Eventually, Putin will tell Ukrainians who don’t want to live under Russian rule to move across the river.

He will set up a Russian vassal state in what is now eastern Ukraine.

Then he will tell western Ukraine to get the hell out of town and do whatever it wants. If they want to join NATO and become a beggar nation, go for it.

At this time he doesn’t give one flip about western Ukraine.

As a student of history, he also understands that he does not have anywhere near the strength of the West.

He sees himself as a Hannibal type figure, an opponent of modern-day Rome.

Unlike Hannibal, Putin has the benefit of history. He understands that Hannibal had no chance against Rome. While it was possible for Hannibal to eke out a victory or two, Hannibal was always at a disadvantage because Rome had so many allies and friends.

The western nations in a traditional war could crush Russia.

The western nations in a traditional war could do to Russia what Rome did to Carthage.

It’s not that Russians aren’t smart; it’s that the West has too many men.

In short, Vladimir Putin is outnumbered, and he knows it.

This is why Vladimir Putin takes calculated strategic moves upon the world stage.

He knows that he’s at a disadvantage.

This is why he waited until the opportune moment to move into Syria, which he successfully did.

The man does not make movements on a whim.

He carefully thinks out his ideas and plans.

I can assure you that he has carefully thought out this invasion.

He understands exactly what he wants to do.

And what he wants to do is ensure that the Russian people have a seat at the table in the future.

He wants Russians to prosper and not be a vassal state of the United States and NATO.

He has seen how the United States treats dependent nations around the globe.

The United States treats dependent nations horribly.

That’s not what he wants for the Russian people, and that is why he is correct in invading Ukraine.

He will take a half loaf of bread and slowly build Russia’s hegemony.

It’s a new Russia, not Stalin’s Russia.

And that will be a good thing for us here in America. The world needs a counterweight to American aggression around the world.

As an American empire will not benefit regular Americans, the American empire must be stopped.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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