A Sane Leader

Vladimir Putin is being portrayed by the media as an out of control, bellicose, mentally unstable, senile, perhaps syphilitic, paranoid loner who has made a critical mistake in implementing an unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

It suits the narrative of Corporate America well.

There he is sitting at a long desk far away from the other participants. Why, clearly he is afraid of being assassinated.

I doubt it.

My observations lead me to conclude that Vladimir Putin is a totally rational, totally sane, totally connected individual who thinks extremely carefully about the moves he makes upon the world chess board.

Rather than being a loner, I suspect he has assembled a team of seasoned, intelligent students of world affairs whom he consults and listens to regularly.

Rather than be impulsive, he is careful and reluctant to make a rash move.

Whatever his plan is in Ukraine, he knows what he’s doing.

The media would have you believe that he was caught off balance by the sanctions and the cutoff from the SWIFT banking system.

I doubt it.

Chess is practically a national sport in Russia.

It makes more sense to me that Putin and his team have thought through their invasion of Ukraine twenty-five moves ahead of where they are.

I would bet that they have more than enough reserves to handle sanctions and a shut down of the SWIFT banking system.

Moreover the SWIFT banking system is not the only system out there for transferring funds from one bank to another.

Yet the media is already portraying everyday Russians as being ravaged by the sanctions. This was being reported nearly a week ago, almost one week after the invasion began.

Are you kidding me?

Complementing this narrative, the media has also reported that the Russian soldiers are young people barely in their teens.

We are being told that Vladimir Putin can’t find able-bodied soldiers for his invasion, only young dupes pressed into service beyond their will.

The media is making Russia the equivalent of war weary and war devastated Nazi Germany in 1945 where Hitler was impressing 15 year olds into service.

Russia is in no such position.

It is nowhere close to being able to not provide able-bodied soldiers.

Russia only has 150,000 troops in Ukraine.

It is a nation of 145 million people, 3/4 the size of the United States during Vietnam.

At that time the United States had 500,000 troops in Vietnam halfway around the world.

Russia can easily handle this invasion.

The Ukraine is right on Russia’s doorstep.

Of course, none of this is thought out or presented by our media. In fact, a false narrative of Russia being devastated only one week into the campaign is being presented.

Yesterday the Ukrainians claimed that they had already killed 11,000 Russian troops.

What insanity is this?

That a country one fifth the size of Russia, with relatively no investment in military compared to Russia, can take out 11,000 Russian troops in a week is flat out ridiculous.

If Russia were losing 11,000 troops a week, they would’ve flattened the Ukraine by now.

Nevertheless, it is what it is.

The danger of this narrative is that the people who put out this narrative, even though it is false, begin to believe their own bullshit.

They go further by stating that Russians only need to look across the border at the democracy in Ukraine and glumly wonder why they can’t have a democracy too.

We are then shown scenes of protests and riots not only in Ukraine, but in Russia as well.

Clearly a syphylitic and out of touch Putin has hijacked the nation into impulsively attacking Ukraine.

Russians, according to the lies, clearly want democracy, not the thug Vladimir Putin who has killed his way to the top, unlike our Presidents in the United States who would never resort to killing anyone.

Moreover, according to the propagandists in our national media, Russia is teetering on the edge.

This is a dangerously incorrect narrative.

It’s dangerous because it invites our state department, CIA, and media knuckleheads like Sean Hannity and Mark Levin into a false sense of confidence.

Already, these people are being goaded into thinking that a little bit of effort by the United States will topple the Russian army and Vladimir Putin.

Anthony Blinken, our secretary of state, is talking with Poland, a NATO member about Poland flying jets into the Ukraine to help the Ukrainians.

I can’t think of a worse idea.

Let’s hope that the Poles have more common sense than the knuckleheads who lead our country.

The Russians are not going to give up the Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin and his team are not going to allow NATO to own the Ukraine.

For them it’s a matter of life and death.

If NATO owns the Ukraine, Russia will become a permanent vassal state to the United States and NATO.

Too much of Russia’s economy depends upon the sale of oil and gas to to the west, fully 60%.

If NATO owns the Ukraine, there will be no need for Russian oil and gas.

Consequently, Russia will fight for the Ukraine to the death.

This will become an existential war for them.

If the Poles attack Russian troops, Russia will respond in kind. They will take all of the Ukraine, and, if they have to, roll into Poland.

It’s a clear shot from Russia into Poland.

They call that terrain through the Ukraine the Eurasian Steppe, which is a flat grassland with few obstacles.

The Ukraine already sits on the eastern border of Poland.

It is not in Poland’s interest for the Russian bear to be sitting on its border.

It’s much wiser for Poland to accept what Vladimir Putin seems to be offering.

Vladimir Putin could have easily flattened Kiev by now had he wanted to. He could have easily moved his troops extensively beyond the Dnieper River.

He has slowed down his attack and his convoys, and not because of Ukrainian resistance.

Clearly he desires a negotiated settlement.

What he wants is the territory east of the Dnieper river where he can set up the buffer state of East Ukraine.

The United States and NATO would be wise to read the tea leaves correctly and not believe their own bullshit.

Putin and the Russians are far from finished.

Take the compromise.

It’s a sane compromise coming from a sane leader.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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