The Hawks

If If it’s one thing our media is good at, it’s riling everybody up for war while not fully explaining what’s going on. The reason why the media does that is because the media is owned by Corporate America, and Corporate America makes a lot of money off war.

The media portrays Vladimir Putin as a killer, and I have no doubt that he is. But our presidents in the United States have been rumored to be killers also. Lyndon Johnson had a hatchet man named Mac Wallace. The Clintons have been implicated as killers by conservatives for decades.

The media also portrays Vladimir Putin as a crook. Well, how about Lyndon Johnson? He practically wrote the book on figuring out ways to get a little extra cash. LBJ was very crafty. You didn’t have to give him a pile of cash; he just asked you to buy advertising on his radio station.

What else does the media do? It doesn’t tell you the truth.

When it comes to the Ukraine, the United States through NATO provoked the Russians to attack by encroaching upon the Russian sphere of influence. We would respond in kind if either China or Russia formed a strategic military alliance with either Mexico or Canada.

The sad thing here is that the United States encouraged Ukrainians to stand up to Russia and Vladimir Putin knowing full well that Russia was going to invade and crush them.

So why did the United States do this? They did it because our country is not the republic that we think it is. Our country has unfortunately been hijacked by Corporate America which is largely controlled by this Harvard Cabal which is greedy beyond comprehension. They need a justification to build up the military even more. They don’t need an actual war to occur; the fear of war is just as profitable.

That’s why you see warmongers like Sean Hannity and Mark Levin going ballistic over what Vladimir Putin is doing. Whether they know it or not, they work for Corporate America. In fact almost everybody in mainstream media works for Corporate America.

Anyone who benefits off the national agenda, right or left, works for Corporate America.

Hannity and Levin are the pit bulls for the military. They yell, they scream. They peddle in emotion.

They love war. They want you to put your brain aside and fight.

They claim that the Ukraine is in America’s best interests. I doubt that. Empires usually don’t benefit anyone except the rich. Empires don’t even benefit the citizens who live within that empire.

Why should we be an enemy of Russia anyway? What did they do in the past 30 years to earn our enmity? We were the ones who went into the Middle East and killed a million people. We were the ones who went into Vietnam and killed two to four million people. We even helped Suharto kill a million Indonesians in the mid-1960s. Why weren’t we sanctioned? Why are the Russians being sanctioned? They’re third rate pikers when it comes to our standards of killing. First, of course, are the British who killed tens of millions of people for the glory of their empire.

I used to believe in the nonsense of Russia the evil empire. Back in the 1990s I would freely expound to anyone who would listen what I thought. Then one day an elderly African-American doctor took me aside and explained to me that Russia was not some backwater filled with ogres. He explained that Russia was an extremely cultured civilization that has given rise to famous artists, authors, musicians, academics and sports figures throughout history. Your periodic table in chemistry was discovered by a Russian. I had to admit that he was right. Gradually I changed my thinking.

Russia is not our enemy. Vladimir Putin is not our enemy. Our enemy is within. Our enemy is the Harvard Cabal which creates this artificial conflict in order to build up the military so that they can steal money from us. As long as we permit this cabal to lead us into war, we make ourselves poorer.

There was absolutely no reason why we couldn’t have worked with Vladimir Putin years ago. None whatsoever. That we didn’t is an indictment of our leaders.

Our leaders cannot be trusted by anyone, not by ourselves, and certainly not by the people of Ukraine. The people of the Ukraine are going to find out the hard way. You the average American will also.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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