The important thing that you should know is that conspiracies do exist.

We are all here because of a conspiracy.

Your mother and father got together in secret and fucked. You are the result of that event.

In addition your United States Justice Department believes in conspiracies, and they have believed in conspiracies for the past 250 years.

For 250 years your United States Justice Department has filed charges of conspiracy against individual Americans.

These charges would include charges such as conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit fraud.

Do you remember the Bernie Madoff affair?

There was a conspiracy laid bare.

Conspiracy detractors will also make light of organizations such as the Bilderbergers and the Trilateral Commission.

Well, these organizations exist.

They have memberships, secretaries, and official headquarters.

They are not figments of the imagination.

Generally these organizations are populated by wealthy, so-called important people who get together to discuss the world and where it should go.

After they get out of these meetings, these whales use their influence, which is vast, to influence the world.

It’s not an illusion. It’s not something that crazy people made up.

These organizations exist.

Here are two links: Bilderberg Group. Trilateral Commission.

Now, whether they do any good or not is another matter.

Whether they ultimately make any difference in the world is another issue.

But to deny that they try to influence the world is flat out wrong.

They do.

I have more of a problem with the people who deny that these people exist than I do with the people who are trying to change the world.

These whales do exist.

Conspiracies do exist.

Finally let’s not forget about the Army Rangers, Green Beret, CIA, Navy Seals, Delta Force, militaries, and national intelligence agencies of every country on the planet.

They all believe in secret missions which are, hello, conspiracies.

Whoops! I forgot about the 147,945 conspiracies successfully pulled off every day of the week in perpetuity.

If everybody over the age of five has a birthday party on their birthday, on any particular day of the week there will be 16,438,356 birthday parties. If 1% of those birthdays are surprise birthday parties and 90% of those surprise birthday parties are pulled off successfully, that will amount to 147,945.2 successful conspiracies pulled off every single day of the week into eternity.

Now, someone needs to tell the main stream media that conspiracies are possible.

Rough Formula: (6 billion/365) * 0.01 * 0.9

Checkmate, puppets.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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