Rafael Cruz

I’ve done a lot of research into the JFK Assassination. I’ve spent many, many hours reading Warren Commission Testimony.

Back in 2015, I began looking into Ted Cruz because a friend of mine came up to me one day and breathlessly exclaimed: “Why, Ted Cruz came out of nowhere.” He was referring to Ted Cruz’s “surprising” election to the Senate. My friend is a Ted Cruz groupie. On that day, he must have been wearing high patent leather white boots. I imagine that he looked like Kate Hudson in Almost Famous.

I looked into Ted Cruz and discovered that he didn’t come out of nowhere at all. Ted attended Princeton, then Harvard. That doesn’t sound like nowhere to me.

I was particularly intrigued with the fact that his father was from Cuba. What intrigued me even more was Ted Cruz’s cozy association with the Bush family. One of Ted’s mentors was Josh Bolten. Joshua Bolten was George Walker Bush’s chief of staff. Joshua Bolten’s father was Seymour Bolten who was a close friend of GHWB.

Seymour Bolten was a CIA officer. I have identified him as the CIA officer who planned the Kennedy assassination. You can read all about it on my website. You can either go to www.thefklie.com, or www.thejfklie.org.

In 2016, Donald Trump stated that Rafael Cruz was hanging out with Lee Oswald. Trump pointed to a man who didn’t look like Lee Oswald at all. I think this was intentional misdirection. I do believe that Rafael Cruz was hanging out with Lee Oswald, and that is the purpose of this PDF. You may download it here. After downloading it, you will be able to zoom in your computer. It should come in clear.

I will be updating this PDF from time to time.

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Jack and Lee 5

I worked harder on killing Lee than I did on the JFK and Tippit killing combined.

Not really, but it seemed like I did.

I guess it seemed more difficult because I had to connive it at the last moment.

Connive it, ha ha.

I love the way Dean talks.

That would be Dean Andrews.

He was right of course.  Lee couldn’t have connived the killing of Kennedy.

You do have to practice at things.

And not just for shooting at someone.

You have to practice planning things.

And that’s what I do; that’s my unofficial job at the CIA.

I’m a conniver, ha ha.

That’s why I was able to connive Lee’s murder on the fly.

You see, Lee was supposed to die at the Texas Theater.

But he outsmarted me.

I expected him to run and get gunned down by the cops, but he was smarter than I gave him credit for.

That was my mistake.

He raised his hands and said: “I am not resisting arrest,” or something to that effect.

That’s when Nick McDonald clocked him over his left eye.  That’s how Lee got the mouse.

I guess Nick interpreted Lee raising his hands as an aggressive move.

At any rate, when they both fell down into the chair and the melee ensued, it was difficult to justify killing him.

So he lived, and that presented a problem for me.

I had to shift gears damn quick and work double time to fix what shouldn’t be broken.

Now, how was I going to kill him?



Dean Andrews Testimony before the Warren Commission


Mr. LIEBELER – Do you mean to suggest by that statement that you have considerable doubt in your mind that Oswald killed the President? 

Mr. ANDREWS – I know good and well he did not. With that weapon, he couldn’t have been capable of making three controlled shots in that short time. 

Mr. LIEBELER – You are basing your opinion on reports that you have received over news media as to how many shots were fired in what period of time; is that correct? 

Mr. ANDREWS – I am basing my opinion on five years as an ordnance man in the Navy. You can lean into those things, and with throwing the bolts–if I couldn’t do it myself, 8 hours a day, doing this for a living, constantly on the range, I know this civilian couldn’t do it. He might have been a sharp marksman at one time, but if you don’t lean into that rifle and don’t squeeze and control consistently, your brain can tell you how to do it, but you don’t have the capability. 

Mr. LIEBELER – You have used a pronoun in this last series of statements, the pronoun “it.” You are making certain assumptions as to what actually happened, or you have a certain notion in your mind as to what happened based on material you read in the newspaper? 

Mr. ANDREWS – It doesn’t make any difference. What you have to do is lean into a weapon, and, to fire three shots controlled with accuracy, this boy couldn’t do it. Forget the President. 

Mr. LIEBELER – You base that judgment on the fact that, in your own experience, it is difficult to do that sort of thing? 

Mr. ANDREWS – You have to stay with it. You just don’t pick up a rifle or a pistol or whatever weapon you are using and stay proficient with it. You have to know what you are doing. You have to be a conniver. This boy could have connived the deal, but I think he is a patsy. Somebody else pulled the trigger. 

Mr. LIEBELER – However, as we have indicated, it is your opinion. You don’t have any evidence other than what you have already told us about your surmise and opinions about the rifle on which to base that statement; is that correct? If you do, I want to know what it is. 

Mr. ANDREWS – If I did, I would give it to you. It’s just taking the 5 years and thinking about it a bit. I have fired as much as 40,000 rounds of ammo a day for 7 days a week. You get pretty good with it as long as you keep firing. Then I have gone back after 2 weeks. I used to be able to take a shotgun, go on a skeet, and pop 100 out of 100. After 2 weeks, I could only pop 60 of them. I would have to start shooting again, same way with the rifle and machine guns. Every other person I knew, same thing happened to them. You just have to stay at it. 





Copyright 2019   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved

This is a work of fiction based upon real events.


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Jack and Lee 3

One of the problems I had in planning this assassination was my minimal brain dysfunction. It takes me a long time to get things done.

I am very easily distracted.

Now, you would think this would disqualify me for planning an assassination, but it doesn’t.

You see, you have to take the good with the bad.

It’s my minimal brain dysfunction that allows me to integrate with regular people like Jack and Lee.

If I was well balanced and perfect, no regular Joe would accept me as a regular person. And you need regular people to pull off an assassination.

Who is going to kill JFK? Somebody from the University Club? Forget it.

Just today I got thrown off on a tangent. I became preoccupied with free trade. What does free trade have to do with my job?

Absolutely nothing.

Yet absolutely everything.

I work for the CIA, my friend.

Here is what I wrote.


There are need of vast tariffs everywhere in the world.

The only people free trade benefits are the wealthy who can’t be satisfied with a little money.

They need to conquer the world.

Fuck them.

They make life miserable for the rest of us.

They relentlessly consume, absorb and grow fat.

Market share is their currency

Growth for the sake of growth.

Quality only if it’s absolutely necessary.

If there were a parallel world circling earth they would need to conquer that also.

One world would not be enough.

They make me sick.

What’s so wrong with owning a small shop?

Whats so wrong with making a few people happy?

“No way to that,” sing the Fat Pigs.

These fuckers need it all.

They consume it all

In the name of Democracy.

Fuck Democracy.

Democracy is a dictator controlled by the Fat Pigs.

Free Trade is a code word for exploitation where in the dark recesses of the world they the Fat Pigs can work their slaves for 18 hours per day without bathroom breaks uninhibited by the morass of regulations the First World imposes upon them.

They pay their dictator to do so.

That’s what free trade is all about.

Fuck free trade.

Praise God for tariffs.

Praise God Almighty for tariffs.

For tariffs set me free.

Tariffs are a castle that protects me from my oppressor.

Tariffs are a barrier that keeps me safe and sound at night.

Tariffs protect my family.

Tariffs provide a healthy home for my kids.

I love tarrifs.

I imbibe tariffs.

I embrace tariffs.

I have sex with tariffs.

Tariffs have sex with me.

Tariffs and I are in looooooooove.

Well, all I can say is that there is a lot of stress in planning an assassination.

Stress will always find an outlet.



Copyright 2019   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved

This is a work of fiction based upon real events.


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Jack and Lee 1

I was there in the Dallas Municipal Building that Friday night.

Yep, I was there, and if you look hard enough through the pictures you’ll find me.

After meeting with Jack that Friday evening, we drove down to the police building.

Even if Jack had been stopped at the door, I had the clout to get him through.

Of course Jack was there to kill Lee – if he could get close enough.

But there was so much congestion in the hallway, we decided to put that idea on ice.

There were reporters everywhere.

Besides, it was the Sabbath, and I wasn’t sure Jack was up to killing someone on the holy day.

So we settled on him familiarizing himself with Lee and what he looked like in real life.

Pictures don’t cut the mustard.

I know people have speculated that Lee and Jack knew each other, but that just wasn’t true.

I knew that because a) I had recruited both of them, and b) if they had known each other, I never would’ve let Jack get near Lee especially at a press conference.

Why would I want Lee to scream out, “Hey, that guy was in on it with me. ”

So Jack stood in the back of the police auditorium and watched.

It has been a tough day for Jack.

He was distraught and upset.


Copyright 2019 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

This is a work of fiction based upon real events.


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Yep, We Protected Him


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I am excepting this following passage from the book, The Brilliant Disaster, by Jim Rasenberger.


Castro was still of the zoo when the crowds began to gather in Central Park. By four-thirty, the area in front of the bandshell was thronged. At six, police began to muster. The NYPD brought in nearly a thousand officers, including dozens on horseback. Lookouts were posted on Central Park West rooftops to watch for snipers. Powerful searchlights scanned the trees and “flickered over the scene like heat lightning,” according to the New York Times, “turning the leaves pale violet and brilliant green and the trunks of the trees a luminous white.”


I just began reading this book; and as many of you may know by now, I am fascinated by the JFK Assassination.

This book concerns Castro, JFK and the history of that era between Cuba and the US.

One of the things I enjoy reading about are the interesting tidbits that you find along the way.  On this page, Mr. Rasenberger talks about Castro’s visit to New York.

Now, as you read this, imagine how history would have turned out had JFK received even one-tenth the protection in Dealey Plaza that Castro received in New York.  No, forget about one-tenth; how about one-hundredth?

Yep, we protected him all right.

We did our best.

What do you think?


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This Thursday, on November 22, JFK died 55 years ago.  You wouldn’t even know unless you had studied the JFK Assassination.

Yes, the media will give it a sound bite, but that’s about it.

The elites prefer that you never hear JFK’s name again.

There’s a reason for that.

You’re living in it.

You’re living in the dysphoric word that exists because JFK was killed.

It’s called the New World Order.

It was the New World Order that killed him.

JFK saw a different world that they did not agree with.

He saw a world where America enabled other nations.

He saw an America where Americans, regular people, had a stake in America.  He gained that empathy through his personal family tragedies, the chronic physical pain he suffered and through the time he spent on that Pacific island with regular soldiers.

Identifying with the poor is an unforgivable crime to the elites.  They felt he betrayed them.  And they did not like his vision.

They desired an America brutalizing other nations, exploiting other nations.

They saw American empire as the means to make them rich beyond comprehension.

JFK saw right through them, and they knew it.

So they murdered him and gave you the world you live in today.

You live in an immoral, godless world where money is king, pornography is rampant, intolerance is the norm and political correctness is everywhere.

You live in an America constantly at war with imaginary enemies that the murderers of JFK create.

You live in an America where polarization of wealth is greater than ever before, where education costs are beyond your reach, where housing is less available and where your stake in the American Dream is near gone.

Of course, JFK and his vision live on.  

The elites can demean his character by forever talking about his peccadillos and shortcomings, but his vision of a decent America lives on.

That they can not defeat.

Surviving the Globalists

Can Earth survive globalism? 

Let’s leave humanity out of the question. Can Earth survive globalism?

It’s doubtful.

It was the current leadership that gave us Fukushima.

Yes, I know, it was a tsunami that did in the reactor.


But it was the doofuses in charge who put the reactor next to the ocean in the first place.

Doesn’t everyone know not to a put a radio near a bathtub?

Not these guys.

It was the doofuses in charge who took us down the road to nuclear power.

It was the doofuses in charge who failed to prosecute alternative pathways such as liquid molten salt reactors.


Breeder reactors gave them the option of producing weapons-grade plutonium that they can use to bomb the daylights out of people.

Had enough?

It was the doofuses in charge who have failed to resolve the Sword of Damocles aka Fukushima which hangs over us still.

That’s right.  We are sitting on the edge of the precipice today holding our breath that another earthquake does not strike Fukushima.

If it does, you can say goodbye to fish in the Pacific Ocean.

Thank you doofuses in charge.

But of course it’s not just radiation that we have to worry about but plastic also.

The Pacific Ocean is quickly becoming a Sargasso Sea of plastic crap courtesy of Corporate America.

Slowly, slowly this plastic is contaminating and killing the fish in the oceans.

Its toxins are making their way to you.

And what is our leader’s response?

Nothing other than more power to the globalists who created the mess in the first place.


You mean you create the mess,  then fail to clean it up; and you want more power?

How does that work?

Serious questions are put aside or never asked in the first place as celebrity-stooges dance and sing the song of globalism.

They hold hands, sway and sing: We are the World.

Be afraid; be very afraid.

It’s more than just radiation and plastic that we have to worry about.

There’s plenty of chemicals that are dumped into the seas also.

Europeans can’t even legally buy fish unless the toxicity content is labeled properly.

And that requirement exists because their fish is toxic.

That comes about courtesy of Corporate Europe which has been polluting oceans like the Baltic Sea for over 100 years.

Corporate Europe dispenses dioxin and other chemicals like ethoxyquin (courtesy of everybody’s buddy, Monsanto) into the Baltic Sea  which finds its way into eels which serves as fish food which is shipped out to fish farms around the world which then finds its way into fish which then finds its way into you.

Of course that’s just the indirect route.  Regular fish eat this stuff also.

Isn’t that special?

Had enough?

Keep reading.  Here and here.

I could go on all day.

Suffice it to say, that this was but one of the reasons why JFK was killed.  You see, he threatened their greedy world, and they knew it.  He threatened their world by existing, by talking about responsibility, by placing controls on corporate greed, by desiring the United States to enable other nations rather than exploit them.

Such a leader was definitely not in their plans.

So they killed him and Earth in the process.

So, no, we won’t survive globalism because these globalists are greedy, blind and stupid.




My Land of Lakes, Sweet Land of Liberty

Just the other day Land of Lakes butter decided to rescind support for Representative Steve King of Iowa.

I suppose they think he is some sort of racist or bigot.

Well, maybe he is.  I don’t know.  He sure sounds extreme.  There are many, many of his views I disagree with.

My question is this:  Why does Land of Lakes butter think at all about what kind of views Steve King, or anyone else, has toward anyone?

The only thing Land of Lakes butter should think about in our current system is making better butter here in America.

That’s what Land of Lakes butter should be concerned about.  

Now, if you’re a social activist and believe that Land of Lakes butter should be concerned about what Steve King thinks, then you should ask how much money Land of Lakes butter makes by selling butter to the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan.

How much money does Land of Lakes butter make off our global killing machine?

Does Land of Lakes butter benefit by supporting war?

War and subsequent exploitation of peoples is the ultimate form of bigotry.

Maybe Land of Lakes butter is the ultimate bigot here.

Maybe Land of Lakes butter ought to shut its big, fat mouth.

Maybe Land of Lakes butter along with other corporations shouldn’t be allowed to lobby at all.

Maybe Land of Lakes butter along with the other corporations shouldn’t be allowed to contribute to political campaigns.

People who sit on a high horse get knocked off.

At any rate, the job of a business is to add value to society, and the best way for Land of Lakes butter to do that is to make better butter.

That’s why Land of Lakes butter exists.

Land of Lakes butter is not a person regardless of what the Supreme Court may think or dictate.

As a non-person, Land of Lakes butter has no soul, no sense of shame, and no country.  Given the time, they will prove just that in spades.

Of course this is the modern trend:  using global corporations to decide who your representatives will be via campaign contributions.

If this is what you are for, welcome to  Corporate America, your new feudal overlord.

There is no need for you to think anymore, my friend.  Land of Lakes butter will take care of that for you.

In his own way, JFK foresaw the future we now live in and offered an alternative vision.  For that he was killed.


How to Fix The JFK Lie in 30 Seconds

Overcoming Tragedy

How do you overcome great tragedy?

Suppose that you have been personally affected by a horrible crime, or an event in history leaves you horribly disillusioned.  What do you do?

We live in a tough world with events that occur beyond our control.

In the past day, eleven people were murdered in a synagogue.

You watch these events and feel helpless.

Again, what do you do?

After the assassination of JFK in 63, Leonard Bernstein, the conductor, was confronted with the same question.

Like many others he felt tremendous sorrow, disillusionment and bewilderment.  He asked himself the same question.  What can a person do?

His response is probably the best I’ve read.

He said: “This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly, than ever before.”

Conspiracy Theorists

I’m wondering why the Washington Post cares about what really happened to Jamal Khashoggi.

The Saudis say that he was accidentally killed after engaging in fisticuffs with an unspecified Saudi citizen.

Afterwards, they say, he was cut up into pieces and disposed of to disguise what really happened.

Several patsies, er, culprits have been arrested.

What’s wrong with that explanation?

It’s not too far off the mark from the flimsy excuse our elites gave after killing  JFK.

Our corporate leaders didn’t like JFK so they got rid of him.  He was messing with their money.

Mohammed bin Salman didn’t like Khashoggi, so he got rid of him.

What’s the difference?

Isn’t this what governments do?

Isn’t it in the prerogative of any government to make up silly but barely plausible explanations for their assassinations?

We did.

We blamed the Kennedy assassination on one guy.

Isn’t what’s good for the goose good for the gander?

The Washington Post didn’t give and still doesn’t give two fucks about the truth of the Kennedy assassination, so why should they care about Khashoggi?

They need to get with the program and stop being conspiracy theorists.

Why, the idea!

To think that fifteen Saudis could meet at the Saudi Embassy before Khashoggi got there is totally ridiculous.

That would require too much sophistication. 

Somebody would have talked by now.

You can’t keep something like that secret.

What about deathbed confessions?


Hah!  Clearly the Washington Post is engaging in delusional crackpot thinking.