Be Unafraid, Be Very Unafraid

Are you afraid of our leaders?

Let me explain something to you.

Let me be clear.

The whole point of the United States of America is for you not to be afraid of your leaders.

If you are afraid of saying the wrong thing, because your leaders might put you in jail, get the IRS after you, or kill you, then there’s something wrong with the United States of America.

And there is something wrong with the United States of America.

There is something wrong, because people are afraid of saying the wrong thing.

I remember once trashing the Central Intelligence Agency at a friend’s house.

I stated casually that the CIA was a bunch of thugs.

My friend jumped suddenly as if I had set off a bomb

Obviously, he was afraid of being close to someone who would say such a thing.

I should have explained to him that if he was afraid, his fear was a greater threat to the United States than I was.

You should not be afraid of the Central intelligence agency.

Will they come after you?

You should not be afraid of our federal government.

Will they kill you?

If you fuck with the power clique’s money they will.

I don’t care.

The greater good is that we do go after our leaders.

The greater good is that we do shame our leaders when they’ve done wrong.

It’s our country

When we become afraid, it’s not our country anymore, and we become vassals to these phony lords who would rule over us.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


The important thing that you should know is that conspiracies do exist.

We are all here because of a conspiracy.

Your mother and father got together in secret and fucked. You are the result of that event.

In addition your United States Justice Department believes in conspiracies, and they have believed in conspiracies for the past 250 years.

For 250 years your United States Justice Department has filed charges of conspiracy against individual Americans.

These charges would include charges such as conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit fraud.

Do you remember the Bernie Madoff affair?

There was a conspiracy laid bare.

Conspiracy detractors will also make light of organizations such as the Bilderbergers and the Trilateral Commission.

Well, these organizations exist.

They have memberships, secretaries, and official headquarters.

They are not figments of the imagination.

Generally these organizations are populated by wealthy, so-called important people who get together to discuss the world and where it should go.

After they get out of these meetings, these whales use their influence, which is vast, to influence the world.

It’s not an illusion. It’s not something that crazy people made up.

These organizations exist.

Here are two links: Bilderberg Group. Trilateral Commission.

Now, whether they do any good or not is another matter.

Whether they ultimately make any difference in the world is another issue.

But to deny that they try to influence the world is flat out wrong.

They do.

I have more of a problem with the people who deny that these people exist than I do with the people who are trying to change the world.

These whales do exist.

Conspiracies do exist.

Finally let’s not forget about the Army Rangers, Green Beret, CIA, Navy Seals, Delta Force, militaries, and national intelligence agencies of every country on the planet.

They all believe in secret missions which are, hello, conspiracies.

Whoops! I forgot about the 147,945 conspiracies successfully pulled off every day of the week in perpetuity.

If everybody over the age of five has a birthday party on their birthday, on any particular day of the week there will be 16,438,356 birthday parties. If 1% of those birthdays are surprise birthday parties and 90% of those surprise birthday parties are pulled off successfully, that will amount to 147,945.2 successful conspiracies pulled off every single day of the week into eternity.

Now, someone needs to tell the main stream media that conspiracies are possible.

Rough Formula: (6 billion/365) * 0.01 * 0.9

Checkmate, puppets.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

What Goes Around

In many respects a country is like a person living in a neighborhood.

Just as a person has to have good relations with other citizens in the neighborhood, so must a country.

If a person misbehaves and hurts other people, payback is sure to follow.

This is called karma.

Others might say that what goes around comes around.

Or, you reap what you sow.

This is good old fashion common sense.

Needless to say, everybody knows that it’s true.

These rules apply to a country as well.

If a country misbehaves and plays tricks on other people and other countries, blowback and retribution is sure to follow.

Never has a principle applied more than to the government of the United States of America.

Our CIA since its inception has played dirty tricks on the citizens of the world.

Retribution and compensation is sure to follow.

In fact, it already has happened.

Our problems with Iran can be traced back to 1953 when Dwight Eisenhower and Allen Dulles launched a mission to overthrow the democratically elected government of Iran.

Similar hijinks and their attendant repercussions followed in Guatemala, Indonesia, Vietnam and, many other countries of the world.

The United States through the CIA has obsessively interfered with the politics of every single country on the globe in order to benefit the wealthy elite in the United States and Great Britain.

It is the people of the United States who shoulder the repercussions.

We lost 58,000 soldiers in Vietnam.

Many hundreds of thousands of soldiers were wounded physically and psychologically.

We suffer massive immigration on our southern border because our wealthy elites refused to give the people of Central America a stake in the game.

We lost millions of jobs in manufacturing to Indonesia and Southeast Asia because our elites brutalized those countries in order to create sweatshops.

Our country has become awash in cocaine and heroin courtesy of those Third World countries our elites have subjugated.

This is the price of Empire.

This is what regular people understand:

When you help others you help yourself.

This is what is not taught at Harvard:

When you hurt others you hurt yourself.

Either our leaders don’t get this or they do get this.

If they don’t get this they’re not qualified to lead.

If they do get this but refuse to heed its truth then they’re not qualified to lead.

A country is like a person.

Now imagine what would happen to you if you played tricks on your neighbors.

What would happen to you if you spied on your neighbors, slashed their car tires, and set out poisons in their yard to kill their pets?

You know what would happen. Sooner or later they would figure out that it was you that did it, and then they would get rid of you.

This is the position that our leaders are putting us in.

Increasingly these leaders are educated at Harvard and the Ivy League.

They need to go.

They are either too stupid or too evil to rule.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

A Quivering Lump of Gelatin

When we don’t hold tricksters accountable for their crimes, the tricks have a way of coming back on us.

And so for decades Americans sat back, partied wild, drank grog, and feasted on pheasant while the CIA made lives miserable for others around the globe.

There was scarcely a country that did not feel or does not feel today our leader’s malevolence.

El Salvador, Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, Nicaragua (hey, I’m not even out of our own quadri-sphere) all felt the love that the American CIA had to offfer.

The CIA did it at the behest of Corporate America.

Wall Street titans fatten their wallets on Third World slave labor, and we the citizens get cheaper bananas and sugar.

Let’s not forget about Levis courtesy of the slaves in Haiti.

Our CIA and the thugs they prop up will gladly murder any poor soul who dare asks for more than six dollars a day.

This isn’t the club I signed up for.

I doubt it’s the club my parents and grandparents signed up for.

We thought we were living in a republic.

We thought we were the good guys.

Unfortunately our country has become a runaway train of deceit.

And now those lies and deceptions are coming back upon the people of the United States of America through rampant immigration, drugs and crime.

The connection between CIA activities and these social ills is of course hidden from you by main stream media.

Mindless pseudo-solutions like walls, increased security, and tamperproof visas are offered up.

Causes are never discussed.

Our leadership now lies with impunity not only in our part of the sphere but on the other side of the pond.

We saw this during the Middle East crisis in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria.

We saw this during the pandemic.

And now we see it with Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine.

Our leadership flat out lies.

And it gets away with it.

It gets away with it because Americans are too busy having a good time to bother with the lies that are gradually poisoning American society.

Besides lies feel good. Lies are generally emotion-based and feed into our emotional desire to feel morally superior to others.

We Americans didn’t invent virtue signaling, but surely we have mastered the art.

“Those Russian barbarians are murdering innocent children. I’ll give twenty-five dollars to the relief effort while screaming and yelling for Team America. I’ll fully support the warmongers on CNN and Fox who support Corporate America supplying Stinger missiles to the Ukraine. I promise never to understand that promoting constant warfare abroad benefits Corporate America while robbing ordinary Americans of education, social services, and healthcare. I furthermore agree to never investigate the atrocities that the United States commits against people in Yemen and other countries in the Middle East. I pledge with all my heart to turn off my brain and become a quivering lump of gelatin in an electric field swaying back and forth to the heartbeat of whatever emotional blather is pumped out by main stream media.”

Americans don’t want to know the truth.

They don’t want to know.

They prefer to be entertained.

It’s too difficult to pick up a book and read.

And so they don’t, and our leaders know that.

Because our leaders know that, they don’t bother to change the history books that make a shamble of their lies. They don’t need to waste their time doing that.

Book burnings are so quaint.

Nowadays the government through its fascist collaborators at Facebook and YouTube de-platforms those who dare utter the truth to too large an audience.

And that’s the way it is.

Consequently the joke is on you, the average American.

Your republic slips away right in front of your eyes.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Who Funds QAnon?

Who funds QAnon?

Who funds these crazy right wing movements?

Who funds Proud Boys?

Who funds and keeps these memes like Pepe the Frog going?

The Harvard Cabal through the CIA and its MSM keeps these right wing movements and memes going.

The Harvard Cabal through the CIA and its MSM keeps left wing movements like Antifa going.

It’s to the advantage of the cabal, the Harvard Cabal, to keep this silliness going.

They want Americans to focus on nonsense so that they, the Harvard Cabal, can continue to rape the American public behind the scenes.

The idea behind QAnon was ridiculous from the get-go.

The idea that there was this high level individual in the Trump administration who was revealing secrets was absurd.

That such an individual could continue to reveal secrets without being found out was utterly 10,000% ridiculous.

Nevertheless, the media kept this going.

Who started the QAnon movement?.

No one with a discerning mind could possibly buy into this nonsense.

No, the conspiracy of QAnon was intended for the masses, to keep them distracted, to keep them distracted on nonsense.

In that way, people on the left would have someone or some thing to criticize.

Thus the political sporting match was created and furthered.

Consequently intelligent discussion was put on the back burner while news media clowns wasted their time on QAnon.

What a joke.

What an indictment of our CIA that they would take advantage of innocent, hardworking people this way.

What an indictment of the Harvard Cabal.

Wait a minute now, you say, am I saying that people from Harvard communicated to the CIA to do these specific things?

Not at all.

It doesn’t work that way.

Harvard doesn’t need to say a damn word to the CIA.

The CIA, which works for the Harvard cabal, doesn’t need to be told anything at all. The CIA is smart enough to figure out things all on its own.

The powers that be decided a long time ago to defuse the energy of the American citizenry.

They didn’t want any more Vietnam war protests.

It was the Vietnam war protesters that shut down the Vietnam war and the cash cow war machine that was making Corporate America rich.

Vietnam was intended to be what Afghanistan became many decades later – a war never to be won.

A funny thing happened on the way to the war. The protesters, whose brothers and friends were dying in Vietnam, raised a ruckus and shut the war down.

To ensure that there would be no protests against future wars, it became essential to defuse the energy of the American citizenry.

Just as you would divert a raging river through spillways and dams, you can divert raging public opinion by creating phony constructs and battles.

Can’t you just see those smartass Ivy League consultants advising the powers that be on how to prevent future protests?

This could be accomplished in several ways.

One way would be to present bogus issues for young people to rally around. Thus the movement to take down Civil War Confederate statues.

The other way would be to create bogus groups like Antifa and Proud Boys that would focus rage on false perpetrators.

If you’ll notice, none of these fringe groups goes after Corporate America and its leaders.

That’s the whole point of their existence.

The Harvard Cabal doesn’t need to tell the CIA how to specifically carry outs its dirty tricks.

All they need to do is to communicate through their various think tanks and corporate boardrooms bogus narratives, one being that America is a racist nation and that the symbols of racism must be removed in order for black people and minorities to progress.

The CIA is smart enough to figure out the rest while the Harvard cabal washes its hands, closes the door and walks away feeling spiritually clean.

The CIA, controlled by the Harvard Cabal, is smart enough to conclude that corporate business interests might be furthered along if the people could be divided into groups that battled each other over frivolous inconsequential issues. In this manner, the business people could conduct their affairs without being troubled by unified protest movements.

Do you understand that? The Harvard Cabal doesn’t get its hands dirty. They have the CIA to do their dirty work for them.

In this manner, they can sit back and pretend to be horrified at what is happening to America.

It’s a big joke.

And should a unified movement arise such as Occupy Wall Street, there’s little to worry about.

That movement can easily be shut down by a President who the Harvard Cabal controls.

As a matter of fact, that’s precisely what did happen.

It was the Harvard educated Barack Obama who shut down Occupy Wall Street.

Uh huh, I get it, I see. You can shut down Occupy Wall Street, but you can’t shut down Antifa. You can shut down Occupy Wall Street but you can’t shut down Proud Boys.

You can shut down Occupy Wall Street, but you can’t find nor figure out QAnon.



Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Listen Up, Fools

Hey, motherfuckers in charge, are you listening?

Can you hear me?

Hey, listen up, clearheads.

Mr. CIA agent, are you present?


Do you know why you motherfuckers are going to lose?

It’s not because you’re not smart. You have plenty of biological smarts.

It’s not even because you’re outnumbered.

As you know full well, there’s too many of us, and too few of you.

Sure, you can hold us back with lies for a little while, but in the long run the flooding waters are going to overpower the gates and wipe you off the fucking planet.

And it’ll be a better planet.

You are all going down.

It’s just a matter of time.

But that’s not the real reason you’re going down.

You’re going down because we live in a moral universe. It works like a giant mousetrap, and God is the person who guards it. Naturally, you guys are the rat that is nibbling at the cheese.

It takes time for you to nibble enough cheese to spring the trap. That’s why it always appears to you that your little schemes are working and that no one will be the wiser.

Of course you are never satisfied with taking a little, and so in time the trap gets sprung.

God has been minding the trap the whole time. God sees everything.

God sees that your actions are totally immoral.

Do you have any idea how many people you have hurt?

Look, I’m staying right now at this Marriott Courtyard.

Now, it used to be that a maid would come by and clean the room on a daily basis.

You do remember her, right?

This is the unskilled laborer that you paid minimum wage to.

She needed that little extra cash for her family.

Well, I guess that was too much money for her, right? I guess your greed-mongering businessmen, your Wharton School graduates, figured that they could take advantage of the pandemic and cut housekeeping costs.

What a bonanza for you, right?

I imagine the stock price of your criminal corporation went up when the bottom line was cut.

Jim Cramer and the other CNBC jerk-offs probably got an erection.

Wow! You guys are winners.

You’re like your friends at the New England Patriots who take advantage of the loopholes and the technicalities of the game to gain an unfair advantage.

NFL broadcasters regularly gloss over the Patriots’ videotaping of opponent’s behavior during practice and games, their rummaging through opponent’s trash cans for data, their deflating of the game balls, their communicating tells to players on the field, and who knows what else.

You’re like those NFL quarterbacks who take advantage of the opposing team having too many men on the field in order to quickly hike the ball so as to get a penalty against their opponent.

Misguided NFL broadcasters drooled over Saint Peyton Manning when he pulled this immoral trick time and time again.

You’re like Derek Jeter when he faked getting hit by a ball so as to gain advantage over the Tampa Bay Rays. You remember that incident, don’t you?

His cocksucker buddies at ESPN, who drool over his exploits, rallied behind him and called his cheating maneuver gamesmanship.

You’re like a particular ESPN morning broadcaster from years ago who said that it was okay to go after an opposing player’s injured elbow in a hockey game.

It’s not okay.

Now, listen up, cocksuckers. I’m going to teach you something that they don’t teach you at the Wharton school.

When you play another player, you want to beat that player when he or she is at his best.

When you have to injure someone or cheat in order to win, you are not defeating that player when he is at his best. You have immorally compromised him.

When you win, you want everybody to know that your opponent was in full operating condition. You don’t want any excuses to be made.

When you have to cheat in order to win, what does that say about you?

Not much.

This is why you are going down. Your actions are immoral. You take advantage of your privileged status in order to game the rules in order to weaken other people.

You confuse championships, Super Bowls and lots of money with victory in life.

You were taught wrong.

God sees everything that you do, and God is just waiting, biding time.

God is minding the giant mousetrap that’s going to cook your ass like spam on a griddle.

You’re going down, motherfuckers, just like those worthless rulers before you.

And it’s going to come sooner than you think.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Dark Forces

I think that there are dark forces that run our country.

These are the dark forces that no one likes to talk or think about.

I think these dark forces control our Supreme Court.

I think they have blackmailed justices.

I think they have killed justices.

I believe they killed Antonin Scalia.

I believe they blackmailed Brett Kavanaugh.

And John Roberts. (How else would you explain that Affordable Care Act decision? My gosh, even John Roberts isn’t that dumb.)

I think these dark forces know damn well that Brett Kavanaugh was doing all those things that Christine Blasey Ford said he was doing.

Brett Kavanaugh was possibly so drunk he doesn’t remember the incident.

I think these dark forces have photographs and possibly videos of Brett Kavanaugh engaging in all sorts of raucous behavior.

I think that Brett Kavanaugh had a drinking problem, a cocaine problem, and an impetuous youth problem.

Let’s face it, he was preppy, party boy brat.

Callow youth would best describe him.

I don’t think he was in debt because of baseball tickets. I think he owed drug dealers a lot of money.

I think the dark forces through their lackey Senators brought the Blasey Ford incident up so that they could have him lie under oath, so that they could get rid of him if he stepped out of line.

With that stated, provided he didn’t kill, maim, rape or violate anyone, it doesn’t make a difference to me that Brett Kavanaugh engaged in youthful indiscretions.

We all have skeletons in our closet.

We have all done stupid things in our youth.

We all have flaws.

So does Brett Kavanaugh.

Paradoxically, having those flaws in his character makes him even more qualified to be a Supreme Court justice.

Flawed people tend to have empathy with flawed people – us.

Incorruptible people like Robespierre are the people we have the worry about.

But that’s not the way the CIA-controlled media thinks. And that’s not the way the media’s faithful puppets will think after they are told what to think.

The media knows damn well that the couch potatoes, the cheering crowds for Barabbas, will roast Brett Kavanaugh if they say he must be roasted.

And they will roast him if the powers that be say he must be roasted.

And they will roast him if he steps out of line, if he doesn’t toe the corporate line that Corporate America desires in order to cement its death grip upon the nation.

That’s the reality that we are dealing with in 2021 in our nation.

Was it always this way?


Supreme Court justices are people, and people are flawed.

They make mistakes.

Perhaps if we accepted that reality, and returned to a tolerant Christian base, and didn’t get rid of Supreme Court candidates or even Senators because they were human beings, then it might not be possible for evil organizations like the CIA to blackmail them.

What would the CIA do then?

Kill them all?

Maybe we need to take that risk in order to expose this anti-democratic organization.

It’s either us or them.

What do you think?


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Mike Pompeo and His Misguided American Adventure

Recently it was revealed that the CIA had engaged in discussions with the Trump administration to kidnap and assassinate Julian Assange.


That’s exactly what we expect out of our government.

That’s exactly what the Founding Fathers had intended.

A secret police force along the lines of the Sicherheitdienst in Nazi Germany is just what the doctor ordered.

I know I’ve been waiting for it.

For sure, Mike Pompeo, former CIA director and Harvard graduate at large is clamoring for it.

In fact, Mr. First in his Class at West Point came out just today and stated that the people in our government who released this information about kidnapping and assassinating Assange should be prosecuted.

For what?

Telling the truth?

Exposing criminality?

I thought they taught values at West Point.

Clearly not any that stick. Or maybe Pompeo was too interested in becoming first in his class in order to absorb a moral code.

Clearly Mike Pompeo doesn’t get it. He doesn’t have a clue as to what the American experiment is about.

That’s probably because Harvard Law school where Pompeo graduated didn’t teach him anything.

Our country was founded in order to escape the tyranny of Europe. Its checks, balances and separation of powers was a culmination of experience and thinking that took place over centuries.

It was designed to prevent a tyrant from assassinating people.

A free press is instrumental to that end.

Julian Assange is a hero because he provided that free press.

He did so because the New York Times and the Washington Post, two of the empire’s chief media organs, refused to do so.

Assange’s crime was to reveal the truth about the activities of our criminal elite.

It was Assange and WikiLeaks who revealed the video of the American helicopter personnel gunning down innocent civilians in Iraq in 2008.

He is twice the man that Mike Pompeo is.

Assange could have taken the easy way out in life.

He was clearly smart enough to join the empire, go along with the program and make his 15,000,000 per year – a course of action that Mike Pompeo champed at the bit to do.

But Assange didn’t.

He chose the hard road of sticking up for the aggrieved.

He risked the ire of the empire.

And for his efforts the empire and Mike Pompeo put a target on his back.

It is men of limited insight like Pompeo who are responsible for Assange sitting in a British prison today.

He sits there at the behest of Mike Pompeo and his Ivy League buddies who were embarrassed when Assange told Americans the truth.

We are still not sure what his crime is. The government is telling us that Assange provided computer expertise to help Chelsea Manning pilfer the revealed secrets from government computers.

Yet to date the government has provided no good evidence of that. Nor can it be concluded from conversations with Chelsea Manning that she was some country hick unable to figure out a computer. On the contrary, interviews with Chelsea Manning indicate that she was extremely tech savvy and thus able to access computers without the help of Assange.

Presumably then, given the weakness of the government’s case, Assange’s isolation in an Ecuadorian embassy and his subsequent imprisonment in Belmarsh prison is the punishment. What a neat trick that is. You use the legal process to convict and imprison someone without the actual trial. And you look good in the process.

Hmm, isn’t this why the Constitution was written?

Assange’s sixth amendment right to a speedy trial has been clearly violated.

That it does so falls on the deaf ears of Mike Pompeo.

Mike Pompeo doesn’t get it. It’s not Julian Assange who is a threat to the country; it’s Mike Pompeo.

That we live in a country with a CIA that contemplates kidnapping and assassination is chilling.

It is irrelevant that Assange was not assassinated.

We shouldn’t have to live in a country where assassination is discussed.

And we doubly shouldn’t have to live in a country where an individual can be legally detained forever.

But we do, and that is the crime.

Is this the kind of country we want?

Is this what Thomas Jefferson had in mind?

Is this what James Madison was contemplating?

Jefferson and Madison were practical men, but they were also Christians. Their Constitution which includes the Bill of Rights was rooted in Christianity.

What could be more antithetical to the spirit of the Founding Fathers and Christianity then contemplating the murder of Julian Assange.

Mike Pompeo should be ashamed of himself.

He’s no Christian, and neither are the CIA officers he once led.

Neither are they Americans.

They are the betrayers.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Scare Tactics

Suppose that everything in your life that you’ve heard from or about the government is a giant lie.

I’ve been thinking about that recently even more so since watching various documentaries on the Egyptians.

There is one particular Egyptian pharaoh who is depicted as having a really large set of ears.

His name was Sesostris III.

This was a way of communicating to the people that Pharaoh could hear everything that was being said.

It reminded me of one particular North Korean child who stated that she was brought up to believe that Kim Jong Un could hear her thoughts.

This in turn reminded me of Edward Snowden informing us that the NSA was spying on us and could read all our emails.

Well maybe that’s just not so even though we think it is possible.

Of course, Pharaoh could not hear everything.

Of course, Kim Jong-un cannot read people’s thoughts.

Thats ridiculous, right?

Those facts seem obvious to us, but not so to the people who were programmed from birth.

Maybe we suffer under the same delusion about our government.

Maybe the government can’t read all our emails and text messages.

Maybe that’s a lie.

Maybe Edward Snowden is just another government counterinsurgency mole who was placed deep cover for the purpose of creating fear within society.

Maybe we should reject Edward Snowden and his message.

Maybe we should communicate freely in our emails and our text messages with the confidence that they aren’t being read.

Do you think it’s possible that the government could create a program that could effectively read everyone’s text messages and emails and decipher them accordingly?

How many emails and text messages do you send or receive per day?

In my junk mail alone, I am probably receiving 50 or so emails each day. When you multiply that times 200 million people you arrive at 10,000,000,000 emails per day.

Does it seem realistic that the government’s computers can read and decipher those emails in any meaningful way?

Or is this all-knowing computer algorithm a trick that the government uses in order to minimize communication between people.

I am beginning to think the latter.

Suppose I write the following: I was going to visit the White House over the summer because I had read a book on President Lincoln’s assassination. I wanted desperately to visit the White House and Ford’s Theatre. But I was afraid that if I visited, there might be a terrorist attack or that possibly someone might put a bomb on my jet airplane and either violently kill me or possibly overthrow my lunch tray.

How about if I email a friend the following: Dear Abe: I found a doll on the side of the road that looked like Chuckie who had a sign around his neck that said: I’m going to shoot a lemon meringue pie up Joe Biden’s ass with the butt end of a non-operational Bushmaster?

Would the NSA be able to pick up on these keywords and target me?

Or is the NSA overwhelmed?

We’re going to find out.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

More Pain to Come

George P Bush will soon come to McAllen. He wants to be governor.

I imagine he’ll win.

Republicans and conservatives should reject him.

George P Bush is of course the son of Jeb Bush, the nephew of George Walker Bush, and the grandson of George Herbert Walker Bush, who was the son of Prescott Bush.

Got it?

The Bushes are an old New England family who are supposed to be prestigious. I say “supposed to be prestigious” because to be prestigious you should do good things. I don’t consider warmongering a good thing.

Prescott Bush was a partner in Brown Brothers Harriman (yes, those Harrimans) which is an old banking firm.

Brown Brothers Harriman, along with the rest of Wall Street, was instrumental in helping Hitler came to power in 1930s Germany.

Prescott Bush was an admirer of Adolf Hitler. He was also a good friend of Allen Dulles, a former Director of the CIA, responsible for many dirty tricks around the globe.

Many of your ancestors may have had to come to the United States because of the damage that Allen Dulles caused to their native countries.

Actually, many of the problems that we face in the world today are blowback from the CIA activities of Allen Dulles.

Our difficulties with Iran stem from the fact that Allen Dulles and the CIA overthrew a democratically elected Iranian government in 1953 and installed the Shah of Iran.

The elites wanted all the oil in the world, not half, not three quarters, not ninety-nine percent. They wanted it all.

Naturally the Shah was a brute who oppressed his people. Our leaders wouldn’t have it any other way. They specialize in psychotic nut jobs like Somoza, Noriega, Marcos, Machado, Batista, and the most psychotic of them all, Rafael Trujillo of the Dominican Republic – to name a few.

Our difficulties in Central America and immigration stem from the fact that the CIA has played dirty tricks against the countries of Central America for over one hundred years now in order to suppress labor movements down there. The CIA and our greedy corporate elite love cheap bananas and coffee.

They also love the minerals.

The overthrow of Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala was initiated by the CIA to achieve that domination and destruction.

CAFTA, the sister agreement to NAFTA, initiated and passed under George Bush, 43, cemented the devastation. That’s why the immigrants are coming here.

George Herbert Walker Bush, 41, a corporatist, a money guy from the Northeast, the son of Prescott, the father of 41, would naturally join the “family business” in the 1950s – which apparently is money and power accumulation. That’s why he occultly joined the CIA under the guise of being an oil man (The CIA has heavily infiltrated the petroleum industry).

That’s also why he was made CIA Director back in the 1970s.

The CIA is nothing more than the private army of the wealthy elite. They have their own ships, planes, helicopters, soldiers, and bases. They answer to no one except the wealthy elite.

Indeed they work for the wealthy elite. They are their enforcement arm. Think of them as the SD or SS in Nazi Germany.

Actually that’s exactly what they’re like.

GHWB’s son, George Walker Bush, while not an official member of the CIA, certainly continued Poppy’s dreams and aspirations by initiating wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I would expect nothing less of George P Bush.


Archer Crosley

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